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10 Marijuana Strains and the Conditions They Treat

As the marijuana industry grows, the number of marijuana strains has skyrocketed. We’ll help break it down into common strains and what they’re used for.

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With 30 states now giving patients access to medical marijuana, it’s time that the stigma against it comes to an end. Although public opinion is beginning to change about this drug, we feel that there is not enough conversation about how much marijuana is able to help in our daily lives. All of the different marijuana strains can bring about different effects and benefits to their users. With so many to choose from, there’s a certain strain out there for everyone.

A History of Medical Marijuana Strains

Medical marijuana is cultivated by its producers in order to have its users get a specific kind of effect. While one strain might make you more drowsy, another might help bring you that calming feeling without the drowsiness that goes with it.

For medical purposes, often these marijuana strains are grown to have higher cannabinoid content with a lesser psychoactive effect. In other words, they’re grown to try and bring out the best benefits possible while keeping away the kind of “high” that marijuana is so known for.

Marijuana strains are typically made out of pure Cannabis Indica, pure Cannabis Sativa, or a hybrid mix of the two.

Cannabis Indica has greater THC content than CBD. This means it has great sedative properties than Sativa. It gives the user a more soothing and calming experience, which can help to relax or fight against pain.

Cannabis Sativa, on the other hand, has more CBD than THC. This gives it a more cerebral high, meaning that the user will feel far more euphoric or uplifted during use.

The hybrid marijuana strains use a mix of these two in order to get a more mixed variety of effects.

The names given to the different strains are generally chosen by the producer, but they often have a basis in either the taste, smell, or appearance of the strain. This can help remind you of the particular strain you find helps you best.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana strains can affect each person in a different way. What helps one person may not be the solution for another. However, there are general and accepted benefits of using medical marijuana that is changing lives of people everywhere.

Regulates appetite

Marijuana is well known for giving its users the “munchies” and this is especially beneficial for cancer patients who are not able to keep a healthy appetite during treatment. It can also benefit anyone who has trouble due to other illnesses, or perhaps anorexia and bulimia.

Suppresses nausea

This is also incredibly beneficial for cancer patients and another kind of patient who might have to take in a kind of medicine that doesn’t react well with their bodies. This is why certain marijuana strains are often used to help those going through chemotherapy.

Helps against epileptic seizures

It has been proven that medical marijuana can help prevent epileptic seizures. The regular relaxation that marijuana gives its users can fight against the incredibly strong muscle spasms that plague those with epilepsy.

Helps against anxiety

The calming effects of certain marijuana strains can help those who have crippling anxiety. Instead of relying on potentially harmful medication to fight against those mental fears, they can instead turn towards medical marijuana as a different alternative.

Helps with pain suppression

The cannabinoids found in marijuana can help fight against pain. An added bonus is that, when used alongside other kinds of pain medication, particular marijuana strains work with the medication to increase the effects. This makes the two medications mesh together to create a stronger relief than they would have been on their own.

Slows progression of Alzheimer’s Disease

There are certain studies going on that are showing promising results regarding the use of marijuana and Alzheimer’s disease. The study says that THC could help to slow the formation of the harmful plaques that grow inside the brain that eventually develops into Alzheimer’s.

Best Marijuana Strains for Medical Purposes

Before we begin, we must reiterate the fact that each of these strains can have a different effect from person to person. Take a small dose at a time and wait a couple of hours before consuming again in order to know how the particular strain will affect you.

Always make sure to get into contact with your doctor or a professional marijuana consultant before consumption.

Blue Dream marijuana strain

Blue Dream

Blue Dream was created in Northern California. It was originally created by taking a strain called DJ Short’s Blueberry and crossing it with another strain called Silver Haze.

This Blue Dream strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that has a dense and popcorn-like appearance. The buds are in both purple and blue colors with some orange hairs.

It has a spicy and musky smell to it and its flavors are both minty and slightly spicy. Some people say it has a tropical-like style to it, making it easy on the palate compared to other types of marijuana strains.

The Sativa effects will hit you very quickly after you begin smoking this particular marijuana strain as it is very potent. The Sativa will help you in feeling calmer and at focus with the world.

Then, an hour or so after the effects have truly begun to


work in your body, you’ll feel the hint of the Indica effects. It will help relax you completely.

It is a great choice for anyone who has never tried marijuana before as it eases you into its different effective stages. It’s also good for daytime use as it doesn’t give you any drowsy feelings to keep you from functioning properly.

This is a good strain for anyone dealing with depression, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, and pain.

OG Kush marijuana strainsOG Kush

OG Kush was created in Los Angeles by taking the Hindu Kush and Chemdawg and crossing them together.

It is an Indica-dominant strain that has a very multi-green color to it. It has an earthy pine smell to it and is very smooth when smoked.

This strain has one of the highest THC contents around and can really pick up a person after a hard day’s work. It’s not generally recommended for those wishing to relax, however, as it can increase your heart rate and keep you away instead.

This strain is great for combating against anxiety or stress, as well as anyone with ADD or ADHD, or stress disorders such as PTSD.

Green Crack marijuana strainsGreen Crack

Green Crack comes from Georgia and is a hybrid between the marijuana strains Skunk #1 and Sweet Leaf Indica.

This strain has strong Sativa effects and has a medium-green color blend that is mixed with blue and orange hairs. It has a fruity and tangy kind of smell which gives it the nickname Mango. It has a sweet flavor to go with its smell.

This strain is known for being very alluring in that the smoke itself tastes good so it keeps the user wanting to smoke more. Therefore, it shouldn’t be used for anyone who is new to marijuana use.

The effects give you an uplifting kind of feeling, almost making you feel energetic and unable to sit still. However, larger doses can make you feel very detached and separated from pain and problems alike.

It is a good daytime choice for people suffering from fatigue, stress, or depression.

Girl Scout Cookies

This strain comes from California and is a mix between OG, Durban Poison, and Cherry Pie.

It has a green and orange color and is said to have a sweet and earthy aroma, with a sweet taste.

This strain will give its user a euphoric high and will help your body to fully relax with a lot of cerebral activity.

Not too much is known about the strain itself as its original makers keep their information close to themselves. But if you are able to get a hold of some of this strain, it has a lot of great benefits.

It can help those dealing with chronic pain, nausea and appetite loss. It has also been used for those with insomnia and PTSD.

Grand Daddy Purple

This strain comes from California and has gone by other names such as Grape Ape, Purple Erkel, and Granddaddy Grape ape.

As this bud matures, it gains that purple color that grants it its name. There is a grape kind of aroma to the plant that also aids in giving it that memorable name that helps it stick out more than other marijuana strains. The grape and berry flavor lingers in the mouth to help for better consumption.

This strain will give you a more alert and active buzz than most other Indica-dominant strains. It has been used to help cancer patients and those going through chemotherapy. It also helps against muscle spasms, insomnia, pain, and stress.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer

Jack Herer was created by mixing together Secret Haze and Red Skunk.

This plant has a frosted look to it due to the small hairs that grow around the buds and leaves. Some of those hairs grow to a more red color, especially around the buds themselves.

This strain has a spicy and pine-like smell to it, which is carried through in the flavor. It has been described as being “skunky” at times as well.

Jack Herer is well known for the blissful high that it gives its users, while still retaining a clear head.

This marijuana strain helps with stress, anxiety, and other mood disorders. It can also help against pain suppression and nausea.

AK-47 marijuana strains


This strain has been around a long time, since the 1990s. It is a Sativa-dominant blend that has been widely revered for its hard-hitting effects that give it its name.

This plant is also well known for its stench. Sour and earthy, it is not the most pleasant of plants to keep in your home. Though a lot of its users will use certain fans and filters to help keep the smell under control.

It has powerful effects when compared to other marijuana strains of a similar type, but it doesn’t completely take over, but it will last for a long time. You’ll remain active when using this strain, but you still feel its effects.

This strain helps a lot with bipolar disorder and other mental disorders. It can also help against insomnia, anxiety, appetite regulation, and pain regulation.

Northern Lights marijuana strainsNorthern Lights

This is a pure Indica strain that has a lot of resin in its buds. Originally coming from Holland, it has been known about since 1985.

This strain has a sweet and spicy aroma. Its buds have a crystal-like coating that gives them a rather special look.

The effects of this strain can be felt through the entire body, and you will feel relaxed and calm, while still retaining a euphoric high.

This strain works well with those who have trouble sleeping due to pain or stress. It is also known as a strong helper against poor appetite and nausea.

Sour Diesel marijuana strainsSour Diesel

This strain, sometimes called Sour D, has an incredibly strong aroma that could potentially even be detected inside of a bag or a pocket. It has a sea green color and the odor is very pungent.

It is said to give the user a lot of uplifting pleasure and can even give the user a sense of spirituality. This kind of uplifting feeling makes it a good choice for a day-to-day kind of relief as opposed to other marijuana strains that will induce a drowsy feeling.

Sour Diesel is greatly beneficial for anyone dealing with chronic depression or stress.

Blue Cheese

This is a cross between Blueberry and UK Cheese. Blue Cheese originally came from the UK but is enjoyed all over the world at this time.

It is known to give the user an easy-going kind of buzz that is immensely enjoyable and can make it a great choice for novices and people who are uncertain about marijuana use in general.

Blue Cheese has a mix of greens and oranges and is widely known for its unique flavor. It has a sweet and floral kind of taste to it that some believe to remind them of chocolate.

The kind of effect you get from this strain is slow going. It takes a while to hit, but once it does, it can give the user a sense of mental peace and relaxation. It could also induce a drowsy feeling allowing the user to sleep better.

Due to this, it is a great choice for those suffering from insomnia, pain, and stress. It also does well against muscle spasms and anxiety disorders.

A Final Word

As always, make sure to get a hold of a doctor or consultant before consuming any of these marijuana strains for the first time. It’s always better to know more about the drug before you begin with it.

If you have any questions at all, we’re here to help you!

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