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Cannabis Consulting in New Jersey | Expert Cannabis Application Advisors

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Updated July 2021 | Cannabis Consulting in New Jersey | Adult-use cannabis sales in New Jersey are expected to begin by the end of 2021. New Frontier Data estimates that the New Jersey cannabis market will reach $1 billion in 2023. Thus, New Jersey is bound to become the largest cannabis market on the east coast, that is, until New York starts their Adult-Use sales.

Are you an entrepreneur or investor interested in winning a cannabis license in New Jersey? Would you like to become a cannabis business owner in New Jersey?

If so, now is the time to begin preparing to apply for a cannabis license. Herein, from years of cannabis consulting in New Jersey, we have put together this article to provide you with information and advice that will help you win a license.

Our cannabis consultants in New Jersey are experts at winning cannabis licenses. We have the highest success rate in the industry (90.12%) and have won licenses in 27 US States and 6 countries. Contact us for a head start on your business plan and additional cannabis consulting services in New Jersey.

Current Marijuana Market in New Jersey

Let’s take a look at how the current medical marijuana market in New Jersey is functioning. First, New Jersey has currently only issued 12 vertical medical marijuana business licenses, and only 10 are in operation. With that, according to the Marijuana Business Daily Factbook, the state plans to issue an additional 24 vertical and stand-alone licenses.

Both application and annual licensing fees are $20,000 for vertically integrated businesses, stand-alone cultivators, and stand-alone dispensaries (important to note, these fees are for New Jersey’s Medical Cannabis Licenses. The adult-use cannabis license fees are likely to differ).

There are currently 15 stand-alone dispensaries and 5 stand-alone cultivators. Lastly, only 1.17 percent of the population in New Jersey are registered as medical marijuana patients. Although this percentage is low, it still accounts for around 104,000 individuals within the state. Our cannabis consultants in New Jersey expect sales to skyrocket once the state allows all adults to purchase marijuana in a legal manner.

Take a look at this chart from Marijuana Business Daily about current statistics on New Jersey’s medical marijuana market:

new jersey cannabis consulting firm

Overview of Adult-Use Cannabis Bill in New Jersey

New Jersey’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission will oversee the adult-use cannabis program. Additionally, the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory, Enforcement Assistance, and Marketplace Modernization Act outlines the rules and regulations for adult-use cannabis businesses and consumers.

Our New Jersey Cannabis Consultants suggest familiarizing yourself with the bill, as it will help you understand what a takes to win a license.

Don’t have time to go through the entire bill?

Don’t worry, our New Jersey cannabis consultants are extremely knowledgeable about the bill and will ensure that all of the correct information is on your application. If you want to know more about specific material within the bill, we outline some important sections for you below:

  • Section 3- Definitions
  • Section 18- Regulation of Cannabis
  • Section 20- Class 1 Cannabis Grower License
  • Section 21- Grow Canopies for Licensed Cannabis Growers
  • Section 22- Class 2 Cannabis Processor License
  • Section 23- Class 3 Cannabis Wholesaler License
  • Section 24- Class 4 Cannabis Distributor License
  • Section 25- Class 5 Cannabis Retailer License
  • Section 26- Class 6 Cannabis Delivery License
  • Section 27- Personal Use Cannabis Handlers
  • Section 32- Municipal Regulations or Ordinances
  • Section 33- Marketplace Regulations
  • Section 35-Medical Cannabis Provisions
  • Section 40- Cannabis Regulatory, Enforcement Assistance, and Marketplace Modernization Fund
  • Section 44- Personal Use of Cannabis
  • Section 45- Licensee and Consumer Protections
  • Section 48- Lawful Operation of Cannabis Establishments, Distributors, and Delivery Services
  • Section 49- Contract Enforceability
  • Section 50- Federal and Interstate Relations
  • Section 51- Limitations

Contact one of our cannabis application writers in New Jersey for a breakdown of the bill and licensing process.

Types of Adult-Use Cannabis Licenses in New Jersey

If you’re reading this article, you’re likely an entrepreneur or investor hoping to start a cannabis business in New Jersey. However, you must apply for and win a license for the type of adult-use cannabis business you would like to operate. Each license is unique in that every license type permits you to conduct different activities.

For instance, if you want to grow cannabis then you’ll want to apply for a cultivator or microbusiness license. However, if you want to sell cannabis directly to consumers, then the retail license makes more sense for you.

Below is a video of one of our New Jersey Cannabis License Experts discussing the various types of adult-use marijuana licenses in New Jersey.:

Six classes of licenses will be available for the cannabis market in New Jersey. These include:

Importantly, the commission will ensure at least 25% of the total licenses issued to be issued to microbusinesses. Put differently, you can apply as a microbusiness for any of the license types listed above, and the number of licenses for each class must be 25% issued to Microbusinesses.

What is a cannabis microbusiness in New Jersey?

A microbusiness must meet the following requirements:

  • 100% owned by current New Jersey residents that have resided in New Jersey for at least the past two consecutive years;
  • at least 51% of owners, directors, officers, or employees shall be residents of the municipality, or the bordering municipality, in which the microbusiness is located;
  • Employ no more than 10 employees
  • Operate a cannabis establishment occupying an area no more than 2,500 square feet
  • Possess no more than 1,000 cannabis plants each month
  • In the case of a cannabis processor, acquire and process no more than 1,000 pounds of cannabis in dried form each month;
  • In the case of a cannabis wholesaler, acquire for resale no more than 1,000 pounds of cannabis in dried form, or the equivalent amount in any other form, or any combination thereof, each month; and
  • In the case of a cannabis retailer, acquire for retail sale no more than 1,000 pounds of cannabis in dried form, or the equivalent amount in any other form, or any combination thereof, each month.
  • No owner, director, officer, or other person with a financial interest who also has decision making authority for the microbusiness shall hold any financial interest in any other licensed cannabis establishment, distributor, or delivery service, whether or not a microbusiness;
  • No owner, director, officer, or other person with a financial interest who also has decision making authority for a licensed cannabis establishment, distributor, or delivery service, whether or not a microbusiness, shall hold any financial interest in a microbusiness; and
  • The microbusiness shall not sell or transfer the license issued to it.

Contact our New Jersey cannabis consultants to find what marijuana business license works best for your goals.

Once you’ve decided on a license, the next step is to learn the adult-use license application process in New Jersey. Afterward, our cannabis consulting team in New Jersey will provide the step-by-step guide for winning an adult-use cannabis license in New Jersey.

Application Process for New Jersey Cannabis Licenses

To begin, applicants must first apply for a Conditional License. Upon issuance of the conditional license, the licensee has 120 days to apply for an annual license (which is basically the official license that must be renewed annually).

Scoring Process for Cannabis Applications in New Jersey

Each cannabis application in New Jersey will be scored and reviewed based upon a point scale. The New Jersey Cannabis Commission determines the number of points, point categories, and the system of point distribution by regulation. From then, the commission ranks the applicants based on the number of points they received.

The commission has the authority to adjust the point system or utilize a separate point system.

Lastly, if two or more applicants have the same number of points, those applicants shall be grouped together. If there are more eligible participants in this group than the remaining number of licenses available, the commission will utilize a public lottery to determine which applicants win a license.

Criteria that the Commission Grades

Now you know that the commission grades are based on a point system, but what exactly do they grade?

First, the commission will analyze the applicants operating plan, excluding safety and security criteria. The criteria differ based on what cannabis business license you choose to apply for.

Required Criteria for Cannabis Grower License in New Jersey

  • Quality control and quality assurance plan
  • State-authorized cultivation of personal use cannabis
  • Conventional horticulture or agriculture, familiarity with good agricultural practices, any relevant certifications or degrees
  • Recall plans
  • Packaging and labeling plans
  • Inventory control and tracking plans
  • Analytical chemistry and testing of personal use cannabis
  • Water management practices
  • Odor mitigation practices
  • Onsite and offsite recordkeeping
  • Strain variety and plant genetics
  • Pest control and disease management practices
  • Water disposal plans
  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations

Utilize our cannabis consulting services in New Jersey to make sure you have all of the correct information in order to grow cannabis.

Required Criteria for Cannabis Processor License in New Jersey

If you want a cannabis processor license in New Jersey, you need to make sure to include additional information within your application, such as:

  • State-authorized manufacture, production, and creation of cannabis products using appropriate extraction methods
  • A list of product formulations or products proposed to be manufactured with estimated cannabinoid profiles
  • Intended use and sourcing of all non-cannabis ingredients used within the manufacture, production, and creation of cannabis products

However, you do not need plans that are specific to the cultivation of cannabis in New Jersey.

Required Criteria for Cannabis Retailer License in New Jersey

Additionally, if you want a cannabis retailer license in New Jersey, you need to submit this additional information:

  • State-authorized sales of cannabis items to consumers
  • Point-of-sale software or system plan
  • Personal use cannabis product evaluation procedures
  • Routes of administration, strains, varieties, and cannabinoid profiles of personal use of cannabis

Preferred Applicant’s (Bonus Points) for a New Jersey Cannabis Application

First, in ranking the applications, the commission will give priority to the following:

  • First, applicants that include a significantly involved person who has resided in New Jersey for at least 5 years.
  • Secondly, applicants that are party to a collective bargaining agreement with a labor organization that currently represents or is actively seeking to represent cannabis workers in New Jersey or another state
  • Thirdly, applicants that affirm they will use their best efforts to utilize building trades labor organizations in the construction of facilities associated with the licensed cannabis business in New Jersey
  • Fourthly, applicants that submit an attestation affirming they have a project labor agreement, which is a form of pre-hire collective bargaining agreement covering terms and conditions of a specific project. This includes labor issues and worker grievances associated with any construction or retrofit of facilities.
  • Fifthly, the commission gives special consideration to applicants that enter into agreements with an institution of higher education to create an integrated curriculum involving growing, processing, wholesaling, distributing, and retail sales of personal use cannabis and cannabis items.
  • Sixthly, the commission prioritizes applications on the basis of Impact Zones (explained below).

The commission will also give special consideration to any applicant that has an agreement with an institution of higher education to create an integrated curriculum involving cannabis business operations.

Make sure to utilize our cannabis consulting services in New Jersey for assistance in scoring high on a New Jersey marijuana business license application.

What is an Impact Zone?

Impact Zones include zones for which past criminal enterprises contributed to higher concentrations of law enforcement activity, unemployment, and poverty within parts of or throughout these zones.

Additionally, an Impact Zone is any municipality that:

  • Has a population of 120,000 or more;
  • Ranks in the top 40% of municipalities in the State for marijuana;
  • Has a crime index total of 825 or higher; or
  • Additionally, has a local average annual unemployment rate that ranks in the top 15% of all municipalities in the State.

In ranking New Jersey cannabis license applications in respect to impact zones, the commission will prioritize:

  • Applicants that intend to locate their business in an impact zone
  • Applicants who are current residents of impact zones and have resided there for 3+ consecutive years (the commission will award 25% of the total licenses to these individuals).
  • Applicants who present a plant to employ 25% of employees who reside in impact zones

For more information about social equity and Impact Zones make sure to contact our New Jersey cannabis consultants at Quantum 9.

Preferred Applicants for Adult-use Retail Licenses  in New Jersey

Since New Jersey prioritizes social and economic equity within the state, at least 25 percent of total licenses awarded for Class 4 Marijuana Retailer license will be awarded to those who meet the following criteria (the higher tiers are given more priority):

  • 1. Tier 1- at least 51 percent of the equity associated with the ownership of the dispensary belongs to an individual who lives in an impact zone
  • 2. Tier 2- at least 20 percent of the equity associated with the ownership of the dispensary belongs to individuals who live in an impact zone
  • 3. Tier 3- this tier incubates a Tier 1 or Tier 2 business by providing free lease space financial support or other support identified by the division

Lastly, of the 25 percent of the licenses awarded, the division will ensure that at least 75 percent of those licenses are awarded to applications that seek to establish a dispensary in an Impact Zone.

Cannabis License Application Narrative Writing in New Jersey

A major aspect of your application that determines your ability to win a cannabis license in New Jersey is your narratives written for your application.

For instance, the commission will analyze and score you on your safety and security plans, environmental plans, a description of the location, a community impact, social responsibility, and research statement, a business and financial plan, and summaries of the applicant’s business experience.

Below, our New Jersey Cannabis Consultants outline the various plans and their requirements.

Do you have the resources to write these narratives for the various parts of the New Jersey marijuana business license application? Feel free to reach out to our New Jersey Cannabis Consulting firm to learn how our expert cannabis application writers can help you.

Operating Plan in New Jersey

For those wondering how to start a cannabis business in New Jersey, well, you’re going to want to know how to operate that specific business that you intend to start. Within the Operating Plan, this is where you show your expertise and knowledge of the cannabis industry and the operations of the proposed business type.

For instance, you’re going to want to display your familiarity with New Jersey Cannabis regulations and how you intend to comply with them during your operations. In addition, you must display your expertise in:

  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance
  • Recall plans
  • Compliant packaging and labeling
  • Inventory control
  • Seed-to-sale tracking
  • Recordkeeping
  • Analytical Testing of cannabis and products
  • water management (cultivation specific)
  • odor mitigation
  • waste disposal

Moreover, a retailer requires additional expertise in product types, modes of administration, and effects.

Business and Financial Plan in New Jersey

After you’ve put together a cannabis Operating Plan, you’ll want to focus on creating a business and financial plan. The business plan should be short and to the point. Put differently, New Jersey is seeking an executive summary of your business plan.

Of particular importance, is a summary of your background operating in the cannabis industry or other highly regulated industries. The state wants evidence that you are capable of operating a compliant cannabis business.

Perhaps more important for the license application is proof of capital and financing to fund the proposed New Jersey Cannabis Business. You must demonstrate your financial ability to implement the business plan. For instance, proof of funds can be demonstrated through:

  • bank statements
  • business financial statements
  • net worth statements
  • debt and equity finance statements

Moreover, if you’ve previously operated a cannabis business, you must describe your experience complying with banking associated with your cannabis business.  This can be demonstrated, for example, by providing letters from your bank or credit union describing your compliant banking history.

Safety and Security Plan in New Jersey

First, a Safety and Security Plan is important for states to award you with a license. We recommend collaborating with a licensed security vendor when drafting a plan. More specifically, states will score your narrative higher if you work with a local minority-owned security vendor.

Once you’ve identified a security vendor, your narrative must include a description of your:

  • Licensed security personnel,
  • Alarm and video surveillance system,
  • Access and visitor management
  • Facility designs including locations of security cameras and alarms,
  • Diversion prevention plan
  • Emergency management plan
  • Sanitation practices

Besides the security you intend to implement, you must also describe how you plan to screen employees for criminal backgrounds.

Environmental Impact Plan in New Jersey

It’s 2021, and to no surprise, environmental responsibility is an important aspect for the proposed business. Thus, our New Jersey Cannabis Consultants highly recommend you pay particular attention to this section.

Besides your concerns on how to start a cannabis business in New Jersey, you should also be focused on how your business will implement sustainable practices. You must display your plan to mitigate the environmental impact and carbon footprint of your business.

For example, how will you minimize the resource needs of your cannabis business? Also, can you incentivize your employees to help reduce your environmental impact?

Equally as important and often overlooked,  discuss your plans to minimize your odor, light, and noise pollution.

Applicant Business Experience Requirements

In regards to the applicants business experience, the applicant must include information about:

  • First, the applicants experience operating businesses in highly regulated industries
  • Secondly, the applicants experience in operating cannabis establishments or medical marijuana establishments and relayed person use or medical cannabis production and dispensation entities. You can also include experience in operating  cannabis distributors or delivery services under New Jersey law or any other state laws
  • Thirdly, the applicants’ ability to comply with and mitigate the effects of 26 U.S.C. s.280E on cannabis businesses. You also need to include evidence that the applicant is not in arrears with respect to any tax obligation to the State.

Tips for winning an adult-use cannabis business license in New Jersey

To begin with, since legalization is still new so there isn’t too much information on cannabis license acquisition in New Jersey. With that, there are still some important steps to take for you to get your foot in the door within this market. It is important to know these steps if you want to know how to sell or grow marijuana in New Jersey.

A license is required to operate a cannabis business in New Jersey.  However, the license application process is extremely competitive, with thousands of applications submitted and less than a hundred awarded.

From writing the business plan to recruiting an experienced team, navigating the process of starting a New Jersey Cannabis Business can be daunting.  More than likely, you are preoccupied with other matters that prevent you from committing your full attention to winning a license to operate a cannabis business in New Jersey.

Thus, when individuals ask how to start a cannabis business in New Jersey?

We highly recommend engaging experts in license acquisition to assist with the competitive license application. For this reason, contacting our New Jersey cannabis consultants will give you a leg up o the competition, as our consultants can provide you with the expertise needed to put together a winning competitive application.

Step 1: Learn the New Jersey Cannabis Rules and Application Process

The first step you should take when applying for a license is to learn the rules of the State and the local municipality that would like to locate your business. New Jersey will place a heavy emphasis on whether you are able to comply with the State’s regulation. This must be demonstrated clearly in your application. Put differently, your Application should reflect your knowledge of and plans for complying with New Jersey Cannabis Laws.

Also, you will want to look over the application process and requirements. Do you meet the capital requirements? Do you have the resources and know-how to complete every section of the Application? Some applications may require you to write business plans with several hundred pages. If you are unfamiliar with this process or have concerns, reach out to our New Jersey cannabis consulting firm to learn how we can help you put together a winning cannabis application.

Step 2: Choose the New Jersey Cannabis License you want to Apply for

Secondly, you are going to want to choose which cannabis license in New Jersey you would like to apply for. Each marijuana license will give you permission to conduct a different set of activities.

After you’ve decided on the type of cannabis business that you are interested in and most qualified for, the next step is to start putting together a team to obtain the license. When putting together a team, you should consider a team that qualifies for Social Equity Status. What is social equity status? Our New Jersey Cannabis Consultants explain social equity below.

Step 3: Engage a New Jersey Cannabis License Consultant

At this point, we recommend engaging a New Jersey Cannabis Consultant. You will want to work with a marijuana business consultant that is familiar with New Jersey rules and regulations, and has experience in application writing and winning licenses.

Luckily, our New Jersey Cannabis Consulting Firm consists of the best cannabis application writers in the world. We helped our clients win New Jersey medical marijuana business licenses, and we’re prepared to do the same for adult-use licenses.

Our cannabis business consultants will manage your license application from start to finish. We’ll also provide executive coaching and guidance on all aspects involved in winning a cannabis license.

Reach out today to learn more about cannabis consulting in New Jersey and how we can help you become a cannabis business owner in New Jersey.

Step 4: Build your Team of Cannabis Experts in New Jersey

After you have chosen the type of license you intend to apply for and engaged consultant, the next step is to build a team. The team that you list on your application is extremely important. The state of New Jersey will grade your application based on your team’s previous experience in cannabis and related fields. In other words, your team should reflect your ability to operate a New Jersey Cannabis Business that is compliant, responsible, and safe.

Equally important to your team’s experience, is their ability to qualify as a social equity applicant (see below for definition of social equity in New Jersey).  The State of New Jersey places a priority on Applicants that qualify for Social Equity Status. Put differently, it is nearly impossible to win a license if you are not applying as a Social Equity Applicant.

Also, having a diverse team is important for receiving a higher score.

Would you like assistance building a team for your cannabis application in New Jersey?

Fortunately, our marijuana consulting firm in New Jersey offers talent acquisition and executive recruiting services. We can help you find the right team so that you can receive the highest score on your cannabis license application. Reach out today to speak with one of our cannabis license advisors in New Jersey.

Step 5: Raise Capital

Now you’re ready to raise capital to fund the license acquisition and start-up costs for your cannabis business. Depending on the type of cannabis license you are applying for, the amount of capital needed to cover start-up costs will vary.

Based on previous experience, Retail operations typically require less start-up capital when compared to cannabis cultivation operations. You’ll need capital to cover legal fees, facility buildout, equipment purchases, overhead, security equipment, inventory, and more.

Are you familiar with the amount of capital needed to start a cannabis business? If not, please feel free to contact our team for cannabis consulting services in New Jersey. We can provide you with estimates on the start-up capital needed for your cannabis business tailored for your goals.

Step 6: Identifying a Location (address or municipality)

Besides writing a narrative for the application, you must also identify a location that you intend to operate your cannabis business. Since the final rules are not published yet, we do not know if New Jersey will require to secure real estate or simply identify a municipality for your adult-use cannabis license application. Thus, we do not recommend purchasing property or signing leases until the final rules are published.

However, there are some general tips that we can provide based on our past experience submitted in dozens of cannabis license applications rounds.

When choosing your location, think about the advantages and disadvantages of that particular location. Is the location suitable? Consider the surrounding areas and determine whether a cannabis business is appropriate. Specifically, make sure it is not near a school or church.

Once a location is chosen, you submit a floor plan of the facility with your application. You can either choose an existing building or build construct a building. In either case, you will need zoning approval from the local municipality.

Step 7: Start Garnering Local Support

Additionally, it helps to have proof of local support for the proposed business. Can you identify someone in the governing body that you can get to write a letter of recommendation? Frequently, our clients will engage lobbyists to help in obtaining local support from governing bodies.

Our New Jersey Cannabis Consultants advise that those who want a cannabis license in New Jersey should talk with local governments and listen to their concerns.  Some communities do not want cannabis businesses within their town. So, talking to these government officials may persuade them to allow these businesses.

All in all, the acceptance of cannabis in more towns leads to more opportunities for cannabis businesses in New Jersey. You’ll also want to check with organizations in the community at you intend to operate. For instance, getting the approval of the neighbors of your proposed facility can lend strength to your application.

Make sure to utilize our cannabis consulting services in New Jersey to find out how to reach officials in the town of your interest and gain local support.

Step 8: Write your cannabis license application in New Jersey

Finally, you will want to write a competitive cannabis license application. We briefly outlined above the various types of narratives that you will have to write during your cannabis license application.

You will want to describe your plans and procedures for operating a safe and effective cannabis business. For instance, in your security plan, you’ll want to outline the equipment, vendor, and practices you will use to ensure your facility is secure and capable of preventing theft and diversion.

Have you written a cannabis license application before? The narratives require technical expertise and can easily run into the hundreds, or even thousands, in page count. Save time and money by allowing our New Jersey Cannabis Application Writers to write your narratives for you. We will make sure you receive the highest scores on all sections so that you can win a license and start your cannabis business.

Additional Information regarding Cannabis License Consulting In New Jersey

Can Anyone Apply for a Cannabis License in New Jersey?

So, can anyone apply for a cannabis license in New Jersey?

Yes and no. As stated before, New Jersey still does not have official rules for applications. With that, it is important to talk to a cannabis consultant in New Jersey so you can know when the best time to apply is.

cannabis consulting new jersey

When will New Jersey Cannabis Licenses be Available?

State legislatures in New Jersey are working on a bill that explains how they will distribute cannabis licenses in New Jersey.

Existing medical marijuana dispensaries within New Jersey will be able to sell recreational marijuana once the bill is passed. This is good news for the people of New Jersey because recreational marijuana will be available pretty quickly.

As for new recreational dispensaries in New Jersey, it will take longer for those stores to officially open. But, that does give time to aspiring cannabis business owners to work with cannabis consultants so that they can obtain a license.

As of now, the commission is said to adopt rules for a recreational market within 6 months after the bill is signed into law. The commission will accept and process cannabis applications in New Jersey around a month after the rules are set.

Cannabis Licensing & Application Fees in New Jersey

Again, the application fees for the recreational cannabis market in New Jersey are still unknown. We can assume that they will be less than those of the medical marijuana licenses in New Jersey.

However, the act does state that microbusinesses will pay half of the fees issued for non-microbusiness licenses.

Location Limitations

You need a separate license for each location at which you intend to operate your cannabis establishment.

Tax Rates

As of now, the exact tax rates for cannabis are not clear. New Jersey’s current sales tax is at 6.625 percent. So, this will apply to cannabis sales within the state.

Additionally, this measure allows local towns to create additional taxes on cannabis products. So, towns can levy taxes up to 2 percent.

Expungeble Crimes with Adult-Use Cannabis Bill in New Jersey

Now, New Jersey state legislatures are working on modifying marijuana laws within the state. The bill that they are working on will decriminalize possession of marijuana up to 6 ounces.

Additionally, this bill provides information about expunged crimes in regard to marijuana use. Individuals may be expunged for various marijuana and hashish offenses. This includes reducing the legal consequences of certain offenses or providing a clean slate.

With that, many entrepreneurs are eager to enter this market. Some even claim that this market might be the largest in the United States, besides California.

Now, is the time to invest in this incredibly hot market. Our New Jersey cannabis consultants are here to help you win a cannabis license in New Jersey.

Additional Resources from our Cannabis License Consultants in New Jersey

Here are some additional resources to help with applying for and winning a New Jersey Adult-use Cannabis License:

Conclusion | Cannabis Consulting in New Jersey

Finally, although 7 new states (Arizona, Montana, South Dakota, Mississippi, New York, Connecticut, and Virginia) all legalized some sort of marijuana legalization within the last year, New Jersey is the state to look out for. This market is described as untapped and the population in New Jersey is massive. Start preparing now to increase your odds of winning a New Jersey Cannabis License.

If you are still curious about more information on how to sell or grow marijuana in New Jersey, make sure to contact our cannabis consulting team. If you want to know more about cannabis consulting in New Jersey click here.

cannabis consulting in new jersey

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