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Cannabis Processor License in New Jersey

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New Jersey is in the process of establishing a recreational market within its state. Now, business entrepreneurs have the opportunity to obtain cannabis licenses so that they can operate cannabis businesses. With that, New Jersey offers a plethora of cannabis business licenses that you can apply for. Our cannabis consulting services in New Jersey provide resources and an expert consulting team to help you apply and win a license. Within this article, we explain what you can do with a cannabis processor license in New Jersey.

What is a Cannabis Processor?

A cannabis processor is any person or entity that processes cannabis items in New Jersey. They can purchase, manufacture, prepare, and package cannabis items. Additionally, they are able to sell and transport these items to other processors, wholesalers, and retailers. With that, a cannabis processor license in New Jersey does not allow you to sell cannabis to consumers. In order to become a cannabis processor, you need a Class 2 Cannabis Processor license. If you want to sell cannabis to consumers you need a retailer license.

Class 2 Cannabis Processor License in New Jersey

As mentioned above, in order to be a cannabis processor you have to have a Class 2 Cannabis Processor license. 35 percent of these licenses are conditional and at least 25 percent of processor licenses are for cannabis microbusinesses. Additionally, the commission will evaluate consumer demand and provide additional licenses if necessary.

How to Apply for a Cannabis Processor License

In order to apply for a cannabis processor license, you have to meet a certain amount of requirements. Some of these requirements include:

  • A background check for the persons involved within the application
  • Must have at least one significantly involved person who has resided within New Jersey for at least 2 years
  • Additional criminal history background checks and fingerprints from persons listed within the application

The commission also creates certain rules for cannabis processors in New Jersey have to follow. For example, the commission shall:

  • Establish application, licensure, and renewal of licensure fees for cannabis processors
  • Require cannabis produced by cannabis processors to be tested in accordance with the correct regulations for cannabis testing
  • Require a cannabis processor to meet any public health and safety standards, industry best practices, and all applicable regulations that are established by the commission

The commission in New Jersey creates additional requirements for a cannabis processor license in New Jersey. Lastly, the bill for the rules and regulations for cannabis licenses in New Jersey is found here.

Contact our cannabis consultants at Quantum 9 for more information about cannabis processor licenses or any other license you have an interest in.

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