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Do you want a license to grow cannabis in New Jersey? Well, now is the time to work with a cannabis consultant in New Jersey and win a license. In order to grow cannabis in New Jersey, you have to have a specific license to do so. A Class 1 Cannabis Grower License allows you to grow cannabis within the state. Let’s take a look at the application process for this license type.

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Class 1 Cannabis Grower License

As mentioned above, in order to grow cannabis in New Jersey, you have to have a Class 1 Cannabis Grower License. The commission is responsible for issuing licenses. With that, the commission will also determine the maximum number of licenses that shall be available for this license type. Within the new adult-use cannabis bill, it states that at least 35 percent of these licenses are to be conditional licenses and 25 percent of these licenses are designated for microbusinesses.

How to Grow Cannabis in New Jersey?

So, in order to hold this license type, you have to apply for the license. This process can be lengthy and attention to detail is incredibly important to win in this competitive market. Make sure to work with reliable cannabis consultants in New Jersey for an easy application process.

So, in order to even qualify to grow cannabis in New Jersey, you have to make sure you have the basics to qualify. This includes that you have to have at least one significantly involved person who has resided within New Jersey for at least 2 years. Also, all applicants must undergo a criminal history check.

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If you would like in-depth details on how to start a cannabis business in New Jersey, our cannabis consulting team in Jersey wrote this article.

Rules and Regulations for Cannabis Growers

In addition to background checks and New Jersey citizenship, the commission also creates specific rules and regulations for cannabis growers in New Jersey. This commission will:

  • Establish application fees for licensure, renewals, etc.
  • Require cannabis produced by cannabis growers to be tested in accordance with rules within the legislature.
  • Most importantly, in order to grow cannabis in New Jersey, you have to have an outstanding business plan. So, the commission requires a cannabis grower to meet public health and safety standards, and industry best practices. And specifically for a cannabis grower license in New Jersey, there are rules for the production of cannabis. This includes the propagation of immature cannabis plants and seeds of the cannabis plant.
  • In addition, the commission regulates the number of immature cannabis plants that can be possessed by a cannabis grower license. They also regulate the size of the grow canopy a cannabis grower uses to grow immature cannabis plants. This includes the weight or size of shipments of immature cannabis plants.

Grow Canopies for Licensed Cannabis Growers

In addition to the information above, the commission adopts rules and regulations that restrict the size of mature cannabis plant grow canopies at the location where the license is issued.

With that, the commission adopts rules and regulations and considers whether to:

  • Limit the size of mature cannabis plant grow canopies for outdoor and indoor locations. This is to make sure that the same amount of cannabis leaves and cannabis flowers grow within the same canopy size, whether in an indoor or outdoor facility.
  • Also, they are to adopt a tiered system where the permitted size of a cannabis growers’ mature cannabis plant grow canopy increases at the time of renewal of the license.
  • The commission will also take into consideration market demands for cannabis items. So, the more people that consume cannabis products in New Jersey, the more cannabis grow licenses available.

Grow Cannabis at Home

Lastly, if you are not in the business to sell cannabis, you can still grow cannabis from your own home. This is big news for marijuana laws in New Jersey. The bill legalizes the possession of six or fewer marijuana plants. In the past, even though New Jersey has a medical marijuana program if you grow five plants or less you can get a $25,000 fine and three to 5 years in prison.

Lastly, the New Jersey cannabis market is huge and the demand for cannabis is high. If you want to grow cannabis in New Jersey, contact our cannabis consultants at Quantum 9 for help with your application.



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