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Puff Puff Pass: Weed Etiquette for the Smoke Circle

Just like any social interaction, there are certain expectations in the smoke circle. These are the essential weed etiquette rules you need to know.

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Smoking weed is a fun way to share time with friends, but like any social engagement, there are a few faux pas to avoid. That’s where weed etiquette comes in. Avoid an embarrassing party foul by following this go-to guide on weed etiquette. It’s like cotillion for potheads.

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29 Golden Rules of Weed Etiquette

If you want a weed circle worthy of That 70s Show, follow these easy rules of weed etiquette for peace, love, and pot politeness.

1. Puff, Puff, Pass

It’s as easy as following the phrase: when passing a joint or blunt around a group, the unspoken rule says that each person gets two puffs before passing to the next person.

When it comes to smoking a bong or bowl, it’s usually just the one hit before moving on since these hits tend to pack more of a punch and burn out the weed more quickly.

Be sure not to skip anyone in the circle.

2. Always Pitch In

It’s a good rule of weed etiquette (and general etiquette alike), to return the favors granted to you.

Don’t just assume your friend is always cool with supplying the weed unless they explicitly say so. Bring your own weed to contribute to the smoke sesh, or offer some cash to help them restock what you smoked.

You could always bring the munchies. Maybe you could even get them a CBD cocktail as a thank you some time.

Even if they turn you down, they’ll know you appreciate their generosity and don’t take them for granted.

Weed can be expensive, especially when it’s being smoked by the whole group. Smokers with good weed etiquette know it’s nice when the group pitches in.

If nothing else, always thank someone who shares their pot with you.

3. Pack It Proper

When packing a bowl or rolling a joint, be sure to skip the seeds and stems. Seeds and stems don’t taste good or provide a good high when burned, plus they can spark and pop.

Get a quality grinder and separate out any undesirables before packing a bowl. This makes for a smoother smoke and more pleasant experience all around.

4. It’s Not a Straw

There’s nothing worse than a slobbery joint.

Skip the spit on a bowl or vape by wiping the mouthpiece before you pass it.

When it comes to a joint or blunt, don’t put your lips around it like it’s a straw. Instead, just place the joint to your lips and inhale to avoid letting it contact the wet parts of your mouth.

5. Keep It Chill

While we’re moving along in this list of weed etiquette tips- let’s take a minute to remember that these are guidelines, not hard and fast rules.

Be polite and considerate and remember that the point is to chill, not to be the weed etiquette police.

If you’re the one sharing weed, let the sharing karma come back to you rather than demanding it, for example.

Weed and gratitude go hand in hand. Always make everyone in your weed circle feel welcome.

6. Always Corner Hit the Bowl

Every stoner knows that the best part of the bowl is the greens. It tastes better and can result in a better high.

Proper weed etiquette is to light the bowl on the corner to maximize the number of fresh green hits.

No one likes the guy who burns up the whole bowl with the flame right in the center. Same goes for greedy first hits.

Many times, the bowl only needs to be lit once or twice. Many hits are wasted by over torching a bowl. Try hitting the bowl first prior to torching it.

7. Roller’s Rights

Speaking of the first hit, it’s the roller’s right to choose. Or packer’s right to pick, if you will.

This means that the roller gets first hit unless they choose to offer it to you.

That being said, it’s courteous for rollers to offer the first hit to guests.

8. Be Careful

Some weed and weed paraphernalia is super expensive. Bongs, for example.

Cheap bongs usually run around $20 and pricey ones cost upwards of $100,000. If this weren’t reason enough, no one wants bong water on them or on their floor. Place the bong in a spot where it’s not likely to get knocked over and take extra caution not to drop it. Don’t ruin a friendship by breaking someone’s bong.

Also, don’t forget that you’re dealing with fire. Don’t be careless. Be mindful of ashes.

9. If You Don’t Know, Ask

There’s a lot of different ways to use marijuana out there.

If you don’t know how to use a particular type of bong, vape, or pipe, always ask the owner. Getting a quick lesson is way better than breaking it or wasting the weed.

Same goes for rolling a joint. Joints are super enjoyable and easy to share, but only when they’re rolled right.

It takes practice to get good a rolling joints, but it’s worth the effort. A well-rolled joint is best both for enjoyment and burning speed.

10. Warn On The Last Hit

Give a heads up on the last hit. It’s just good weed etiquette to warn the person they’re approaching ashy territory.

11. No Pressure

Never peer pressure someone who doesn’t smoke or doesn’t want to.

Everyone knows their own body and what level they want to be on.

They might not be in the mood or might be too high. Either way, respect someone’s choice of putting weed in their system or not.

12. Don’t Get People Sick

Skip the smoke sesh when you’re sick. At the very least warn people and place your hand as a barrier between your mouth and the piece.

Generally, it’s a good idea to protect yourself and your buddies from spreading extra germs by briefly running your lighter flame over the mouthpiece to cleanse it.

13. No Hogging

Don’t bogart the weed. If you’re not puffing, you should be passing.

This is especially true of a joint since it is just wasting weed away the whole time it’s lit.

Sometimes weed will make you chatty and forgetful, but do your best to not forget about the pot you’re holding that would probably enhance your story for everyone else.

14. Never Blow Smoke at Someone

Getting a face full of smoke is super unpleasant. Always direct your exhale away from people for proper weed etiquette.

15. Clear Your Smoke

Never pass someone a chamber or pipe full of stale smoke. It tastes awful and can cause a super unpleasant coughing fit.

Either clear the smoke by hitting it or gently blowing it through the carburetor. Obviously, don’t blow through the mouthpiece or you’ll waste all the weed.

16. Stick With One Direction

Follow the group established direction when passing. Many say left is best, sometimes it’s just about who was paying attention.

Just pick a direction and stick with it to keep things fair and easy to remember.

17. House Rules

Be respectful of the rules of the location where you’re smoking. Never smoke inside a person’s home without their clear permission.

Follow the house rules when you light up and be considerate of ventilation, noise levels, fire alarms, etc.

18. Always Have Water

When you’re hosting or providing munchies, always think of water. Cottonmouth can totally ruin the fun, and a coughing fit can leave you miserable.

Having water while smoking is weed etiquette for the group but also just good etiquette for your body.

19. Be Prepared to Share

Weed is a very sharable substance. If you bring your weed in public or to a party, assume you’re inviting it to be shared.

Sharing will often buy you a share in the future.

Not sharing just comes off kind of rude, especially if you’re denying someone who has shared with you in the past.

20. Remember That Strains Affect People Differently

Different types of weed have different effects on different people.

Your body makes up, how much you smoke, your stress levels, and how much you ate that day all change the experience you get from certain strains.

Plus, they way one strain makes you feel may have a totally different impact on someone else.

More and more people are learning about the different types of weed, and aficionados are becoming more common.

It’s always good to know the name of your weed, if it’s an indica, sativa, or hybrid, and any other notable characteristics so people know what they’re getting into.

It’s a lot like telling someone the ABV percentage of their beer, plus if it’s a creamy stout or super hoppy double IPA. Not everyone will know the difference, but it’ll help people navigate their preferences.

21. Disclose the Dosage

When it comes to marijuana edibles, always make it super clear how much a person is ingesting. Edibles can really knock you off your feet and into the twilight zone if you eat too much.

Be sure to disclose when an edible contains THC, and if possible, how much.

And if you are too high from edibles, just drink water, use deep breaths and your friends to reassure your safety, and do your best to relax and enjoy the ride.

22. Clean Your Smoking Tools

You should clean your pipe, bong, ashtray, etc.

Ash smells gross and affects the flavor of your weed.

You can clean your bowl easily with basic household items.

Some people prefer boiling it with water and white vinegar for about 15 minutes, but that can stink up your kitchen.

Try soaking your bowl in alcohol and salt for about 2 hours for a less smelly alternative.

23. Always Fix a Run

Sometimes when smoking a joint, one side burns faster than the other side.

If you notice this, it’s good weed etiquette to fix it immediately before the joint is wasted or someone gets burnt.

You can fix this wasteful issue by moistening up the side that is running to help it burn slower. Also, face the slower burning side up (since smoke rises) to help balance out the burn speeds.

24. Don’t Assume Smokers are Cool With Tobacco

Just because someone likes smoking weed doesn’t mean they like smoking tobacco. Just like informing someone about edible strength, never surprise someone with a spliff (tobacco weed blended joint).

Same goes for smoking location. Tobacco smoke stench is stronger than weed smoke stench, so even if someone authorizes weed smoking in their home, they may not be down with cigarettes.

Be courteous and considerate if you smoke tobacco.

25. Never Pocket Someone Else’s Lighter

Lighters are so easily lost yet so crucial to weed smoking.

Pocketing someone else’s lighter on purpose is totally unacceptable and a clear violation of weed etiquette.

That said, it can be easy to slip a lighter into your pocket on accident. Just be careful.

26. Ash Before You Pass

It’s polite and can avoid dropping ash on someone’s clothes, shoes, or floor.

If you provide the weed and or house, it’s good weed etiquette to provide somewhere to safely ash it.

An ashtray is best, but an empty can or other improvised nonflammable item will work in a pinch.

27. Clear When Cashed

If they supply is clearly done on your turn, dump out the ash to be polite. If it’s not your weed, don’t assume it’s cool to repack without asking.

The person who supplied the weed decides if they want to pack another bowl or roll another joint.

28. Lend a Hand

Somebody thirsty? Lend them your drink.

Someone annihilated by too big a hit? Too high?

Take care of them, it’s happened to all of us.

29. Don’t Be a Mooch

Even if you bring munchies every time or always offer cash, don’t make your friend into your unwilling supplier.

Weed isn’t free and a trip to the dispensary adds an errand to the day.

Follow weed etiquette by always remembering that sharing should be considered a favor.

Let’s get real for a second, if you can’t get your own weed, you probably shouldn’t be smoking it.

Now You Know!

When it comes to weed etiquette, these 29 unspoken rules will help us remember that sharing is caring.

The bottom line is: be grateful, considerate, and don’t be a jerk.

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