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The Joint Master: 10 Impressive Ways to Roll a Joint

There’s more than one way to roll a joint and it’s become a kind of a cross between art and engineering. Read this, and become the next joint master.

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Sometimes there is no better way to kick back and relax than to pull out a nice fresh joint and light up. Life is stressful and whether you are using cannabis for its medicinal purposes, or because you like to unwind in style, a good joint will always get the job done. We hope you enjoy this article and make sure to give us feedback on the 10 Impressive Ways to Roll a Joint.

But what happens when the bag runs dry, and you need to roll a joint or two and build up a fresh supply? Do you know the best way to roll a joint? How to get the most enjoyment out of your weed before you need to restock your supplies?

Gone are the days of simply rolling a fat spliff and that being the end of it. Joint rolling in 2017 is bordering on becoming an art form.

With marijuana laws changing and more and more states recognizing that smoking the green leaf is a good way to unwind, knowing how to roll a joint is going to become a skill that can help you well in different social circles.

Knowing how to roll a great joint will make you a popular cat to have around, and being able to roll a superb joint in a number of ways will have your reputation preceding you wherever you go…within the smoking circle at least.

Ten Impressive Ways to Roll a Joint and Impress Your Friends

It may appear unrealistic to have ten ways to roll a good joint, but with subtle tricks and tweaks to your technique, you will be surprised at the differences.

How to roll a joint

A Classic Joint is a Timeless Piece

A joint should be smooth. It should burn nice and evenly, and give you a hit of pleasure with every toke.

In order to roll the perfect classic joint, you need a small piece of cardboard. This is going to be folded up to form the filter of your joint.

Take your rolling paper and place the filter at one end. Hold this between your thumb and index finger to keep it in place. Pack the rest of the paper with your preferred green bud.

Be careful to pack the bud to the same width as your filter. This will help keep your smoke smooth and even.

Now you are ready to roll the joint. Pinch the two sides of paper together, and roll them up and down against one another.

Once you are ready to finish the joint, you need to fold the ungummed side of the paper over the bud and towards the gummed side. Once this fold is there, you can roll up the paper and seal it with a quick lick over the gummed section of the paper.

The two main tips for a perfect joint come once the roll is finished. First, you need to back down the unfiltered end, to make sure the bud is compact. You then need to the end of a pair of scissors or some other such implement to twist your filter, opening it up a little, so that you can get a better flow of smoke through the spliff.

When you roll a joint like this, you will have a guaranteed fun time in your hands, but what if you want something more, something a little different?

Double Down With a Shotgun Joint

Marijuana Shotgun Joint, Cannabis Shotgun Joint

If you want to show off both your supply of fresh leaf and your rolling skills, then pulling out a shotgun joint will always impress.

Don’t get a shotgun joint confused with shotgun style smoking, which is when you blow back the smoke into someone else’s mouth.

This joint is relatively simple and uses all of the skills covered in the classic joint above.

The only difference is you need to take your rolling paper and reduce the width by about a quarter. Don’t forget to cut away on the ungummed side.

Once you have the two slightly smaller than normal joints rolled and ready to smoke, you need to take a full-sized rolling paper, and wrap it around the two spliffs, essentially sealing them together.\

This will create a double joint which looks very similar to the barrel of a shotgun. Now you are ready to light it up and enjoy twice the amount of fun.

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Rolling the Cone Joint

Another simple and pretty classic joint is the Cone.

This joint is, as it sounds, cone-shaped, meaning it is narrowest at the filter and wider at the tip.

The simplest way to do this is to actually roll the paper first, keeping it tight over the filter and manipulating it with your other hand to give a cone finish.

Once the paper is rolled, let it dry for a few moments and then pour your weed into the paper, gently packing it down as you go to make sure the joint is fully loaded and still gives that nice even smoke. The Raw Cone is the Quantum 9 preferred joint rolling approach. We have included a link to our Amazon e-commerce site below. For our newer joint connoisseur, we have included an Amazon package that we think works well for beginners. Check out the Amazon link here: Raw Cone

Creating a Cross Joint for a Mind Blowing Smoke

Once you have mastered the basics of how to roll a joint, it is time to get a little creative and show off your rolling skills.

A cross joint is exactly what it sounds like. A smoke made from two joints that come together to form a cross.

Roll two classic joints, making sure that one is thinner than the other. Take the thicker joint and cut a hole through it, around two to three centimeters from the filter. Take your thinner joint and make a hole in the very center of it.

Connect the two by moving the thinner joint through the hole in the larger one. Stop when the two holes line up and rotate to ensure they meet to open up a passageway that will give a smooth flow of fun right to your lungs.

Getting Creative with a Triple Braid Joint

If you want to really know how to roll a joint, then you need to master the triple braid. Not only will it hit you with a weed-infused threesome, but it will show off your creative skills also.

What you need is actually three extra long joints.

To make an extra long joint, you just use two papers stuck together end to end. Essentially a double joint.

Roll three classics in this fashion, then you are ready to go.

Layer the three joints to form a triangle at the filters, and wrap a little tape around the lined up the triangle around the filters. This is to hold the joints together while you work your magic.

What you do is fold the joints ever each other, from left to right, as if you were braiding someone’s hair. Repeat this until the three joints are intertwined. Twist the tops to keep it all locked together and you are fully loaded and ready to party.

The Tulip Joint Changes Things Up

To roll a tulip joint you need three rolling papers. Stick two together along the long side, to form a square. Fold this in half and seal along the gummed side to create a pouch.

This forms the head of the flower.

Pack it with your favorite weed and loosely twist it together. Then you need to roll a classic joint and insert that into the twisted end of your pouch. With some string tie the two together, connecting the head and the stem of the joint.

Trim it up with a pair of scissors to remove excess paper and bindings, and you have yourself a tulip joint.

When you roll a joint like this, the final product is about how much effort you want to invest in the look of it. The more time you take, the better your final product will be.

Advanced Joint Rolling With a Plumber’s Joint

To roll a joint that delivers the ultimate experience is everybody’s goal, and the plumber’s joint may come close to achieving this state of perfection.

This is a classic joint with a slight twist that will require the use of some props.

Namely, a bamboo skewer. Take the skewer, and wrap a rolling paper around it. Being sure you wrap the paper inside out. Once that is dried, remove any excess paper and wrap your filter around one end of the paper. Keeping the bamboo stick in place the whole time.

Now, start to roll a joint, but before you bring it all together, place the bamboo skewer on the weed running through the joint. Finish your roll, pack the weed down and then pull out the skewer. What you will be left with is a perfectly rolled joint with a hollow center.

This will help you achieve the best possible burn and help you take big hits with ease.

The Windmill Joint Takes a Step Towards Art

If you really want to get serious about having a good time, you take knowing how to roll a joint and make it into a piece of art.

For the windmill, you will need a piece of card, that you roll into a conical shape, and tape together. You can cut the gum strip off some rolling papers and use them if you need to, to act as the tape.

Then you need to use some more card to roll two long tube shapes. Cut a hole through the middle of these tubes and four holes into the wide end of your cone.

Connect the two long tubes through the cone ensuring that all the holes line up. This is important because this is where the hit is going to come from.

Take six rolling papers and connect them to form a large rectangular paper, and wrap this around the wide end of the cone. Twist the papers to seal everything together and you are ready to add the weed.

Roll four joints. These can be classics or cones; whatever you feel most appropriate. Slide these into the four tubes you created, to finish the windmill look, and you are ready to smoke.

Light all four or just rotate the joint lighting each one, in turn, the fun is never-ending when you start smoking windmills.

A Pinner Joint is Perfect for When you are Running Low

If you are running low on bud, and want to make it last as long as you possibly can, then a pinner joint is the best choice for you.

When you roll a pinner joint what you do is essentially roll a classic joint, but you put less weed in there and roll the paper as tight as you can.

This thin joint still packs a punch and will have you feeling great, but will save you on weed and let you stretch your supply that little bit longer.

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The Steamer Joint is a Fun Way to Get High

Different joints have different names depending on which circles you run in and where you live. The steamer joint is one such smoke that has several different names around the world. Named because the three funnel joints look like the chimney stacks on an old steamer ship.

Easy to roll and fun to smoke, all you need is three joints, rolled anyway you would like, be it classic, cones or even plumber joints.

You then need to roll along empty joint with some card. This acts as the main smoking funnel. Cut three holes towards the end of this funnel and insert your three joints into them. Light up and smoke away, because it is smooth sailing from here on out.

The World of Joint Rolling Has No Real Limits

Ultimately, if you know how to roll a joint, you will always be the fun guy at the party. With this basic skill, the only thing holding you back is your imagination.

There are people out there who have taken knowing how to roll a joint and made it into an art form, creating entire, fully smokeable sculptures.

So what’s stopping you? Grab your bud and a pack of papers today and let your imagination run wild.

It doesn’t matter if you want to become a licensed supplier, producer or just looking to get some quality weed for you and your friends, we have the services that can help you. Get in touch today and let’s see what we can do for you.

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