International Cannabis Consulting
Cannabis Consulting
February 15, 2019

International Cannabis Consulting Update

Europe International Cannabis Consulting  Source: Information provided by Prohibition Partners International Cannabis Weekly Issue 83 Quantum…
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marijuana for chronic pain
Marijuana Use
February 8, 2019

Marijuana for Chronic Pain: Everything You Need to Know

The verdict is in, and the medicinal value of using marijuana is undeniable. There's a…
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Cannabis Letters of Recommendation
Cannabis Consulting
January 19, 2019

Five Elements of a great Cannabis Letter of Recommendation

Five Elements of a great Cannabis Letter of Recommendation Here are five elements of a…
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the truth about CBD oil
December 19, 2018

The Truth About CBD Oil: Everything You Want to Know

CBD (short for cannabidiol) products -- especially CBD oils -- are all the rage these…
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smoking pot
November 15, 2018

Does Smoking Pot Really Kill Brain Cells?

In the 1970s, the "anti-drug war" caused all kinds of conflicting information to be published…
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edible weed
November 8, 2018

10 Best Edible Weed Products You Can Buy Online

With the rising popularity of cannabis, edible weed products are all the rage. From weed-infused…
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