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Coming across the term recreational marijuana might elicit the thought of being high among most of us. The fact of the matter is that people tend to associate its use and the psychoactive abilities marijuana possesses. Thus, the time has come for us acquaint ourselves to the benefits that arise out of its consumption. Where on one side the recreational marijuana has the ability to provide you with a good time, the regular use of it can practically enhance your life. This article intends to throw light on the ways marijuana can help you lead a greater life.

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Recreational Marijuana Provides Relaxation

Performance, high workload, relationship problems, day-to-day hurdles posing difficulty for you? Although it is comprehensible how these all can take a toll on you, you need to relieve yourself. Who doesn’t seek a way to refresh themselves after a hard day at work or on a weekend? Well, if you are one of those who has been looking to calm their nerves, recreational marijuana is the answer. It has the capability to improve the mood of the smoker drastically by reducing the accumulated stress in the mind. This is exactly the reason why studies link marijuana with the treatment of ailments such as anxiety and depression.

Marijuana consists of two major compounds, which are CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). The former among these works wonders for the improvement of mental health, due to its ability to provide relaxation to the nervous system of the body. Moreover, CBD reacts with the receptors of the brain similar to how dopamine and serotonin does. This enables the marijuana smoker to manage their mood positively. Besides, its consumption also prepares the ground for the release of the happy hormones in the body, called endorphins.

THC is also not far behind in promoting the cause. It enables the mind to drive away negative emotions and embrace a positive attitude in the long run. Thus, all these factors together shall play a vital role in helping you unwind.

Recreational Marijuana Improves the Quality of Sleep

Even though we might not realize the importance of sleep, it should be on our priority list for the sake of the health of mind and body both. You must have come across instances when your performance at work takes a hit, a feeling of grogginess follows, after a night of insufficient sleep. A study proves how sleep deprivation can negatively affect cognitive and physical performance when it comes to any task. About 50 million US citizens experience sleep disorder symptoms according to the American Sleep Association and more than 30% of the population have suffered through the menace of insomnia at a point in their lives. This calls for us to take steps to bring about an overhaul in our sleeping pattern for the greater good.

Marijuana Helps with Sleep

Recreational Marijuana Enhances Athletic Performance

There have been many athletes who have experienced an improvement in their athleticism on the consumption of recreational marijuana. The popular names among these include Avery Collins Nick Diaz, Clifford Drusinsky, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Contrary to the popular belief that marijuana shall slow you down, even a small amount of consumption can trigger the production of endocannabinoids in the body. This facilitates in giving you a runner’s high while working out by minimizing your distractions around you and increasing your stamina.

A study conducted by the University of Bordeaux in France found out substantial evidence that a dose of marijuana induces the growth of pregnenolone in the body. This compound acts as a supplement for the body to fight against fatigue and drastically increase the energy levels. These benefits accrue to the consumption of marijuana before one goes on to do the athletic activity.

When it comes to the uses that arise after performing the workout, marijuana instills the body with the capability to fight muscle soreness due to the presence of CBD in it. Since your muscles might go through wear and tear after exercise, smoking marijuana can bring about relaxation in the body comprehensively. Its anti-inflammatory properties further aid in attaining a whole lot of composure after a vigorous session at the gym or on the field.

CBD originates from the cannabis sativa plant. You can have a look at the various kinds of Sativa strains for boosting the athletic performance.

Recreational Marijuana Provides Relief from Pain

Going through agony and pain can be a distressing experience for anybody. Its sources can be from a variety of origins, which includes diseases, ailments, exercises, and an injury. Besides these, the stiffness and cramps due to the age-related issues are all too common among people starting from the age of 40s. This is where the role of recreational marijuana can bring about a lot of relief. Those who consume it experience an analgesic effect on their bodies, which helps in subsiding the pain and bring about relief

Marijuana reduces pain

The patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, who had painful contractions every now and then, responded positively to smoking marijuana over a period of time. This research was conducted on about 30 people and was found that the THC in marijuana binds to the receptors present in the muscles and the nerves and reduces the incidence of pain and spasms. Another cause of excruciating pain, like that in the muscles in the diaphragm, can also be healed through the prescribed use of marijuana.

In case you are looking for flavors, the grapefruit haze shall give you a wonderful time and at the same time work effectively in reducing your pain of any kind.

Recreational Marijuana Prevents Cancer from Spreading

As we all are aware, cancer is a deadly disease that is characterized by the abnormal growth of cells in a particular part of the body, having the capability to spread to other parts. The most common types of cancer among men are prostate, colorectal, and lung, contributing 42% of all the cases in men according to research. For women, breast cancer and lung cancer account for the most number of cases, which hovers around 30% of all cases.

However, the good news is that marijuana has a compound called CBD in it, which can not only prevent the spreading of cancer cells but can also kill them. This is substantiated by a study that says that cannabinoids act as a therapeutic agent in the tackling of the disease. It basically works by subsiding a gene named Id-1, which is responsible for the advancement of cancer cells. Thus, marijuana can prove to be quite effective in the management of this problem.

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These reasons collectively apprise us of the fact that marijuana consumption can definitely improve the quality of our lives manifold. If you are wondering how to lay your hands on it, contact the Leafly locations near you. However, it is also imperative to take care of the level of consumption you do. Having a word with your doctor about its prescribed use shall help you a lot in that case and aid you in getting umpteen benefits.

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