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How to Make Weed Brownies

***Video instructions at end of this post.

how to make the best weed brownies

Ingredients Needed:
3.5 Grams of Marijuana
¼ Cup of Water
½ cup of vegetable oil
3 Eggs
Box of Brownie Mix

Cooking Ware Needed:
Mixing Bowl
Frying Pan
Brownie Baking Pan

How to Make the Perfect Marijuana Brownie

When I first tried to make pot brownies, I grounded up an ounce of weed and put it in my brownie mix. Two hours and $400 later, I found out that it doesn’t really work that way. Then I tried cooking the marijuana in butter. I ended up burning the butter, ruining another half ounce of cannabis and making really disgusting brownies. Although a lot of people extract THC in butter, I find that vegetable oil is the easiest way to get it done. Learning how to cook cannabis in oil is only the beginning. There are a few things we need to go over if you want to have a good experience with edibles.


This is where most weed brownies go wrong and is the most important part of the process. People fail to measure. An ounce for a batch of marijuana brownies is WAY too much. When I hear someone doesn’t like cannabis edibles, it’s usually because they got too high. It’s because they didn’t know their dosage. When I first made pot brownies, each serving had over a gram of cannabis in it. I was high for 36 hours. It was not pleasant. You need to know exactly how much you’re taking in. Cannabis is medicine, and you shouldn’t take any medication without knowing the dosage. I have found that .2 grams per serving of high-quality bud is a perfect amount. I make 24 cannabis brownies per pan, so I grind up five grams of cannabis.

Cooking the Oil

Before you start cooking, make sure your place is well ventilated. If you live in an apartment I would put a towel under the door and open the windows; the smell is pretty powerful. I personally love it, but your neighbors might not.

To make cannabis oil, start by grinding the flower. I like to use a coffee grinder. It makes for a smoother tasting end product. It’s OK if there are some stems in there, but try to take out the seeds.

Next, pour the amount of oil that the recipe calls for in a small frying pan, add the marijuana to the oil, and set to a medium-low heat. Cooking it can be tricky; if you don’t cook it long enough it won’t extract the THC and CBDs. If you cook it too long you’ll burn the THC and CBDs right out of it. You’ll know its done when it starts to smell slightly burnt, which should take about 10 minutes. The key is to let it simmer while still mixing it with a rubber spatula. If you notice it smoking too much, turn the heat to low. It’s better to take longer on low heat than to rush it.

Making the Pot Brownies

Once the oil cools, remeasure it. Sometimes it loses some volume during the cooking process so you might have to add a little more. Some people strain out the plant from the oil so you don’t taste it in the finished product. It does make for a better tasting brownie, but you lose about 20% potency. If you’re really worried about it, throw the oil in the blender before adding it to the brownie mix. Once the oil is prepared, make the brownies as the box directs.


Eating cannabis is very different than smoking it. Most users get impatient. They expect to feel the effects of the medication in ten minutes. Don’t smoke before eating the pot brownies. You want to understand how the brownies affect you. You should start to feel it in about 45-60 minutes. Your high won’t peak for about 2 – 2 1/2 hours. The high is full head and body and almost feels like a narcotic. It’s great for aches and pain, or as a sleep aid. The best part about cannabis edibles is that the high lasts for 4-6 hours. Enjoy and stay up!

Step by Step Instructions on How to Make Weed Brownies

1: Add Medical Marijuana to vegetable oil – 2:50

2: Pour Vegetable Oil and Cannabis into blender – 3:08

3: Blend Weed/oil mixture – 4:12

4: Pour oil into frying pan – 4:38

5: Cook at medium heat for 15-20 minutes – 5:14

6: Wait for Marijuana to bubble – 5:30

Pro Tip: Bubble NOT boil – 5:49

7: Turn heat to low as Pot or Cannabis browns – 6:48

8: Turn off heat – 9:58

9: Allow cannabis oil to cool – 10:08

Pro Tip: Check serving size – 10:49

10: Follow brownie recipe – 11:49

Pro Tip: Add cannabis oil last – 12:24

11: Pour cooked marijuana oil back into blender – 13:25

Pro Tip: The smoother the better – 14:05

12: Pour weed oil back into measure cup – 14:21

13: Add cannabis or pot oil to brownie mix – 14:42

14: Mix cannabis oil evenly – 14:55

15: Pour batter into baking pan – 15:23

16: Bake brownies at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes – 17:00

Cannabis Consulting Needs?

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  • M. says:

    Appreciate the information. I’ll be trying my first batch of brownies in the next couple of days. I just started using cannabis for pain management.

  • Jason Barron says:

    Love the site. I too have burned more butter and pot when trying an area I did not know. Your site is an A+ in my books.

  • alexa says:

    if u leave the buds in after u make the oil is there a strong scent of weed

  • alexa says:

    if u leave the buds in after u make the oil is there a strong scent of weed

  • Damon says:

    This recipe goes way too light on the herb. An ounce of bud made into a pound of butter is perfect. It a sufficient amount for two batches of brownies.

  • frosty says:

    does the bud need to be dry or does it matter?

  • Thaddeus Buttmunch, MD says:

    My elderly relative has shingles, PHN and Divertiuclitis. An ounce per batch makes him spacey, but improves his nausea and appetite immensely.

  • Anita Gozukara says:

    y daughter Stage IV breast cancer and MS has just been cured with the cannabis oil gotten from,cannabis oil is great and to hell with the government and their policy, we have a medication that is hundred percent assured to cure your cancer and any other ailment and you would not need to spend so much money on chemo, radiation or surgeries that wouldn’t work.Where to purchase, contact Phoenix Tears on: My family is now a brand new one, so stop worry and go get your medication and set the family free of the deadly disease that hold no respect to humans harmony.Thanks to all that stood by my family member who stood by me Anita Gozukara from California city, so i recommend Phoenix Tears to all patient.

  • RickyRecon says:

    I too use this method. I started makin my own edibles to treat my PTSD and my chronic pain, and used them to kick the pain pills I had been on for almost 3.5 years! Any ways I’ve been reading a lot about people cooking it on low for several hours. I just take scissors to the bud till its like a powder almost. Heat the oil on medium (4-5 on my stove) so that everything is moving around in the pan but not frying. Stir with a whisk till the oil turns black then strain and bake. MY QUESTION is have you done the slow cook and what were the results? I’m sure OT works but I’m scared to alter the process for fear it wouldn’t work somehow

    • Jengi says:

      I’ve cooked it on low for 45 minutes and had them come out pretty awesome, however, I’ve tried to duplicate what I did and had them come out not as strong and kind of disappointing so I think it depends on how finely ground you do it.

  • Shawn says:

    Tonight I made butter oil watever you want to call it I used an ounce of dank and 1.5 sticks of butter. What should my dosage b? I’m kind of lost on this one my tolerance is extremely high as far as smoking goes I smoke an 8th 2 a quarter a day.

  • Hazard2Myself says:

    Great read! I have a question Im hoping someone can answer for me. What if you already have the oil (purchased locally) and cant get any buzz whatsoever from it? I trust the person I got it from but how do I know for sure if im using the right dosage? I use the dosage of oil that the brownie box asks for (2/3 cup) oil. Im cooking them for 29 mins at 350 degrees. The oil is dark green and very oily. I’ve tried putting it in my coffee and everything but no buzz :( Plz help

  • JuiceMan says:

    THC and CBD are both actually activated at various temperatures. To get the medicinal benefit you need the THC and sometimes the BUZZ is what a patient wants. Lots of other cannabinoids other than just CBD. Start using a thermometer and your results will be more accurate. Great article otherwise.

  • Ambiani Allen says:

    I make these all the time. I add the amount of butter or oil called for in the recipe to some water in a small pot (the weed should be floating about an inch or two from the bottom of the pan). Let it “low simmer” for about three hours. I keep the temp at about 180-200 degrees. I then strain it using a cheesecloth or fine strainer. You will be left with the oil and water mixture which should be dark green or brown in color. Put it in the freezer. When ready to bake, the oil will be on top and the water frozen on the bottom. Just skim it off. 7oz of good bud ($400/ounce) per one stick of butter is perfect. Cut into 16 pieces if using an 8×8 or 8×9 pan. You have to be careful because if you over boil it, you kill the THC. And under boiling will not draw it out.

  • Help4medicinaluse says:

    I am taking your typical opioid medications from pain management. Have been off now for over 20 yrs. now increased too much so, that I’m really hating it. Smoked in HS, and threw up every time. I’m 48 and ny will b signing bill soon for medical.. Only no smoking, edibles n oil only. I am a smoker, but hate smoking mj. I’m stopping the meds (pills) and will be accepted to medical due to my health. I have been smoking here n there n u guessed it, I’m STILL throwing up. Could i be allergic to mj?? I only had 1 strain (don’t know what kind) over 10 yrs ago. That was the ONLY time that everywhere i hurt in my body went numb (pain relief) and I loved being pain free. Any other time, i threw up, or it knocked me out or i got paranoid n HAD to go to sleep. Each time was after only 4 small hits at most. Usually 2 n I’m done for. I need to b able to function. With the pills, I’m so used to them, i don’t get high. I just st get pain relief which is what i REALLY WANT. I could never drive or do daily chores while smoking. What should i do!? I really hate the pills. They are eating my stomach after all these years.
    Any suggestions would b appreciated. Thank you. I’m new to this as far as the medical side of mj.

  • Henne says:

    Perhaps I am a novice, but I think this is withdrawals??


      no, I should’ve clarified. I’m not going through withdrawals from opioids. I had gotten through going off of them with no problem and unfortunately I’ve had to go back to using them. It was because when I smoke the marijuana that’s when I throw up. Not from withdrawals. I actually kept forcing myself to smoke and the nausea and the vomiting ended up going away. But this time it’s just what ever I get, it’s not the medicinal kind. I get no pain relief from it.

  • Jessica says:

    Use a slow cooker.

    Use 1 lb of butter to 1 oz of marijuana.

    Grind up in a spice grinder until the size of sage.

    Place a slow cooker plastic bag into slow cooker, add all the ingredients. Turn slow cooker to warm (not lot, but warm.) Let it sit for 12 hours to 16 hours. Run through cheesecloth and then place into containers.

    Found that treating the dried marijuana like I’m rehydrating herbs creates intense levels through minor amounts. (1 cookie made from dough the size of a quarter will work perfectly.)

  • sam says:

    I’m pretty new at this whole process, and I’m comparing recipes so I was wondering if some vets could help me out.This recipe asks for ten minutes to extract, and the other recipe asks for 2 hours both (both ask for low heat). the last time I made brownies I went for 1 hour and 30 minutes and they didn’t turn out well. what do you guys think I should do?

    • Kevin Mahoney says:

      When you are using vegetable oil you are able to use the direct heat of the pan. Use an 8″ sauce pan with a lid and bring it to a simmer. Take the lid off to stir it every couple of minutes. This shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. You will know when it’s ready when the oil starts to turn brown. It smells like it may be burning. Then let it cool to room temperature.

      If you want 25% more potent product you can blend the oil with the cannabis still in it and put everything in brownie mix. You can barely taste it and it makes a much more potent.

  • Lee says:

    I have read so much on what others have done. I have followed the recipe that Spencer posted. 5 to 7 grams of good bud, I ground it into flour,I used 1/3 cup oil,heated to a low low simmer,added the ground bud,simmered for 30 mins,added to brownie mix,cooked per directions on box,let cool,cut into squares and eat.1 hour later it was on..Total mind and Body high. This was the first time i tried it and it was good.If there is another way I should be doing this my ears are open.
    Great Post.Thanks

  • Wade Joel says:

    Cannabis brownies look good. I couldn’t even tell that they were different than regular brownies from just looking at them. I did not know that cooking cannabis in vegetable oil were the way to go, I might have to try that sometime.

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  • Helen says:

    I’ve been making these for several months; love the quick decarb method. I use an ounce of flowers ground in the coffee grinder for each batch; use Ghirardelli brownie mix and coconut oil. The recipe calls for 1/3 cup oil, so I use a little more to compensate for the added bulk. Heat the oil gently then throw in the ground flowers. I use the lowest setting on my range top for about 10-15 minutes. Cool it off and then make the brownies as directed on the box. Line the pan with parchment paper so it doesn’t stick. It makes about 48 doses in a 8×11 pan…enough to last me about a month. I tried a 30 minute decarb in the oven once before doing the above procedure, but it didn’t make them any stronger. Thanks for a great recipe!

  • Carlo Mabe says:

    Hi just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same results.

    • Kevin Mahoney says:

      Thank you for the heads up, we just migrated to a new site and still have some updates on some of the older blog posts. Its a never-ending work in progress but we are getting it done slowly but surely. Thank you for letting us know, we are finding things each day haha.

  • KenethVHay says:

    Nice blog here! Also your site loads up extremely fast!
    What host are you currently using? Can One buy your
    affiliate hyperlink to your host? If only my site loaded up as fast as yours lol

  • AbramBSinkey says:

    Hi there! I was able to have sworn I’ve gone to this website before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s
    a new comer to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely glad I came across it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

  • cornie says:

    Does it matter if you use vegetable oil or canola oil?

  • Pam says:

    I’m looking for the best low carb sugar free method of delivery for medical marijuana as I am diabetic, have pulmonary fibrosis, MS, etc. and am on a low carb diet. My dispensary doesn’t always carry sugar free chocolate bars. Am I right that Rick Simpson oil squeezed onto a home made cookie ( low carb, no sugar) would be the best? Thanks!

  • Heather says:

    Your story about accidentally overdoing the dosage really shows how important it is to know your stuff before you begin! Sounds like you really made a great batch after a little trial and error, thanks for sharing!

  • James Jordan says:

    Awesome tips! Rice krispies are awesome too and my wife loves it!

  • Stephanie says:

    My Daddy has terminal cancer and his Dr and I have finally convinced him to try this.
    Many questions:
    1)You’re getting 24 brownies from a standard box of brownie mix? I usually cut into 9 brownies (for actual non-THC brownies) Are you using a 8×8 or 9×9 pan, or other?
    2) You state 3 eggs, the box says 2 eggs…is there actually a difference… which do I follow?
    Please no smart ass replies… I’m a beginner at cooking (not smoking!), and I’m doing this to help relieve my Dad’s pain.
    Thanks for your help!

  • Thank you for sharing such a delicious recipe, looks like I will be quite busy this weekend.

  • Chas Moyer says:


    Love the cannabis content on your site!

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