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Greenwave Dispensary in Lansing Michigan Now Open

Are you a patient in Michigan suffering with an approved medical marijuana condition such as:

Best Lansing Michigan Dispensary

If this is you and you are searching for an alternative form of medication to reduce the endless bottles of prescription medication that come with horrific side effects, then look no further.  Greenwave Dispensary is now open in downtown Lansing Michigan at the cross streets of Cedar and Oakland.


Best Lansing Michigan Dispensary

Why Visit Greenwave Dispensary in Lansing Michigan?

Greenwave Dispensary in Lansing Michigan opened their doors with very clear goals in mind:

  1. Provide all patients with the highest quality grade medical cannabis to properly treat their debilitating condition,
  2. Demonstrate a safe, positive and professional patient experience from the point of check-in through leaving the dispensary by providing dispensary technicians (also known as bud-tenders) that receive consistent training to provide the best and most accurate information,
  3. After successfully helping patients who need it most, taking a portion of the proceeds and give it back to the city of Lansing to help support the community when it needs it most.

Greenwave Dispensary intends on becoming a top dispensary in Lansing Michigan by following through with each goal listed above. The Lansing Dispensary assures the highest quality medicine to their patients by having each harvested batch of medical marijuana tested by a third party laboratory such as Iron Laboratoriesan ISO Certified laboratory using the latest microbiological and analytic equipment to identify pests, microbial, pesticides and cannabinoid strength, before being packaged and put into the showroom inventory for sales.

Below is an example of Greenwave Dispensary’s labeling which will be on all products. This is so patients know the exact THC/CBD profile and the recommended ailments the product works best with on each purchase at their preferred Lansing Michigan Dispensary. This is a mandatory strict testing protocol set by Greenwave Dispensary. It will allow patients to accurately test different strains and potencies to their particular condition and body to ensure finding the best relief.

Lansing Dispensary

Greenwave Dispensary is founded, designed, and operated by experienced medical marijuana business owners who bring a wealth of experience from other successful emerging medicinal marijuana states.

The CEO of Greenwave Dispensary is Michael Mayes, who is also the chief executive officer of Quantum 9, Inc, an industry known International Hemp and Cannabis Consulting Firm. Michael has been in the cannabis industry dating back to 2009 and has taken part in countless medical marijuana businesses. He has amassed a comprehensive and award-winning team engaged globally for public policy best practices through the prioritization of environmental sustainability and patient care which is essential to the Lansing Dispensary team.

The COO of Greenwave Dispensary is Thomas Mayes. Thomas started in the cannabis industry in 2008 as a caregiver. He specializes in water purification and technical instrument maintenance within the healthcare industry. Thomas has assumed the role of as biomedical dialysis engineer for major health systems in Michigan since 2000. Thomas’s vast knowledge in water purification caught the interest of commercial cultivation centers in Colorado. This lead to onsite consulting visits teaching how to provide cannabis the cleanest water possible.

The Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) is John Knapp, who is the CEO of Good Meds Dispensaries in Colorado. Good Meds in Colorado consists of one 90,000sf cultivation center and two medical marijuana dispensaries. John’s dispensary experience is essential in creating the workflows, SOP’s, and best practices to operate the dispensary on a daily basis.

One of the top priorities for Greenwave Dispensary is to establish a knowledgeable staff and team culture that positively affects all patients that come through the door. This starts by providing continuing training to all dispensary employees on topics such as:

  • Dispensary Technician Responsibilities
  • Medical Cannabis Types
  • Medical Conditions/Treatment Options
  • Policies and Procedures
    (Operations, Inventory, and Sales)
  • Patient Care and Education
    (Safety, Medicating, Tolerance)

To help make this possible, Greenwave Dispensary hired Shannon Donnelly. She is an industry leading Dispensary Consultant, who specializes in retail operations, manufacturing infused products, and processing operations. She came onsite to Lansing Michigan to train the entire Greenwave Dispensary staff. The level of excitement grew after Shannon completed her 3-day training course with the dispensary staff as it was evident to the team that Michigan is about to experience the level of service and professionalism that the Colorado medical marijuana industry has been raving about for years.

Giving back to the local community is paramount to Greenwave Dispensary. Primarily due to all 3 owners growing up in the Lansing/East Lansing Michigan area. The Greenwave Team will be doing several tithing initiatives throughout the years of business. Beginning with a donation drive at the Lansing Michigan Dispensary raising awareness for Mike Karl’s non-profit organization the Homeless Angels. This initiative is to raise awareness and help support the growing homeless issue in the Lansing Michigan community. Mike Karl currently houses over 40 families including over 20 children at his Homeless Hotel Shelter in South Lansing. Greenwave Dispensary is accepting small donations such as bottles of shampoo, soaps, and canned goods to donate to the shelter.

For more information about Greenwave Dispensary, please visit or send an email to


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