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Fake Pee and You: Will You Pass the Test?

Even with 30 states (and counting) legalizing weed, you can still get hit with a drug test. What if you use fake pee? Keep reading for a stream of golden info!

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Do you use cannabis for medical or recreational reasons? Are you in the need for fake pee? Read on, we provide a bunch of links to producst we trust.

If you’re a regular or occasional user, there’s a whole host of places that could potentially drug test you, from government agencies to your employer.

Even in states like Colorado where marijuana is legal and yearly sales of the substance top $1 billion, testing still happens.

Whether you’re applying for a job or getting a routine drug test for work, it’s best to be prepared.

Fake pee can help you beat a drug test. It’s a good alternative to getting “clean” pee from someone else, especially at short notice.

If you don’t want to quit smoking but still want to get a job. Or you use medical marijuana to treat a condition, but it’s still illegal in your state, you may need fake pee at some point.

So will using fake pee for a drug test work? Keep reading to find out.

What Is Fake Pee and How Does It Work?

Fake pee is basically synthetic urine.

It’s been in use since the 1800s when a scientist discovered how to make urea, a key component of urine.

This substance is used as one of the ways to fool drug tests.

There are lots of reasons you might need fake pee. THC is notorious for staying in your system. This means even if you haven’t smoked in months, you can still get a positive result.

A test actually looks for the byproduct of THC in your system. Urine tests can detect it five to eight days after you smoke or ingest cannabis in any other way. The reason THC takes so long to leave your system is because it is stored in fat.

Synthetic urine is a safer option as it cuts out the worry of a positive result, even if you haven’t been smoking right before your test.

If you are looking for options on how to fake a drug test, there are a few ways you can go about it.

You can try to detox. This means you take a product, such as a drink or a pill, then wait for a while. Hopefully, all traces of marijuana are then flushed out of your system.

Fake Pee Weeee

These are known to be ineffective, however.

Another way to get around a test is to ask an open-minded friend for “clean” urine. Hey, what are friends for anyway?

If you want to go the fake pee route, here’s how it works.

The liquid is usually sold in a set. This can include an empty container, an apparatus to fix it to your body, and instructions on how to use the kit.

When prepared, the product looks like real urine. It is usually brought into a test in a concealed manner, such as in a pocket, handbag, or on specially designed belts.

All products come with a way to test the temperature so it’s just around body temp when you hand it back to the person administering your test.

In addition to pre-prepared versions, synthetic urine also comes in powder form, which requires mixing.

Most of the time, you prepare it at home and carry it in with you. Don’t be nervous, you’re probably not the only one who’s faking it!

Fake Pee and You: Will You Pass the Test?Where Can You Get Fake Pee?

The most common place that most people pick up their fake pee is in smoke shops or the link we provide above.

Convenient right?

Online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon also sell it, priced from $15 to $40. A good one can be had for around $30.

If you’re nervous about your test, it’s probably best not to buy the cheapest version just to save money.

To avoid the legal implications of its use, a lot of brands label the product as a novelty item.

According to the packaging, it’s often sold as a “prank” item to be used for tricking a friend.

Don’t take the disclaimers too seriously, as if it’s being sold in a smoke shop, it’s likely that everyone knows the real reason it’s being used.

Fake Pee Brands

You absolutely want to make sure the brand you choose for your test is a trusted one.

There are some manufacturers who have been making synthetic urine for years. They take care to match the liquid to urine almost exactly, reducing the chance of a lab detecting that it’s fake.

Urine has its own set of specific characteristics. Some of the things that a synthetic version of urine should match include pH, specific gravity, and uric acid.

Some popular brands of synthetic urine include UPass, Monkey Whizz, and Quick Fix.

UPass is widely available and cheap but has a less than stellar reputation.

Monkey Whizz has good feedback from users and is said to smell and look like real urine.

However, some say that the heat pad can be unreliable.

Quick Fix is also well respected and contains creatine, another component of urine. This brand is microwaved at home and then tacked to a heat pad to maintain its temperature until you have to provide the sample.

The one negative thing about this is that you should check before handing it over that the heat pad hasn’t heated it too much.

Clear Choice’s Sub Solutions overall has the best reputation of all the brands. It does have to be mixed with lukewarm water, however, as opposed to coming pre-prepared.

For lab tests, this is a clear winner as the most trusted brand, according to reviews.

The heat activator in the box heats the liquid to a precise 98 degrees, the temperature of the human body. To the naked eye (and nose) it also looks and smells like real urine.

Does Fake Pee Work?

Most of the time, yes, it does!

There are a few factors to consider, however.

These include the privacy of your testing area.

Observed tests are mandatory for some situations. Such as in probation cases, cases involving child protection services and for some Department of Transportation tests.

Some probation tests require observation too. You’ll have to ask around and find out if yours usually does.

Temperature is a huge giveaway that can invalidate your test right away. You want to make sure the synthetic urine is heated. Microwave at home and then use the included hand warmer or keep it close to the skin to retain heat.

Can your fake pee pass the sniff test? Most good ones do smell like real pee due to the presence of urea.

Urea is a natural byproduct of real urine. However, the synthetic version, made of synthetic ammonia and carbon dioxide, smells the same.

The fake urine should also have a pH that is between 4.8 and 8.

Real urine foams as well, and some very observant lab techs use a shake test, testing to see if bubbles form. This isn’t a scientific test, so if it doesn’t bubble up they can’t necessarily claim your sample is fake.

So When Doesn’t It Work?

The main thing to do with your fake pee is to make sure it is used correctly and it is of good quality. Before you even walk out of the store where you buy it, check that it isn’t an old package.

As mentioned above, the temperature is an indicator for testers that you could be trying to fake out the test.

A human body cannot produce urine under 90 degrees, or above 100 degrees. Too hot or too cold of a sample is a cause for automatic rejection.

Thankfully, fake pee kits have thermometers to get the liquid to just the right warmth.

You should know though that even if you’ve taken all reasonable precautions, some testing centers require you to empty your pockets and you can’t take anything into the bathroom stall.

If you’re a woman, they could also take away your purse while you’re being tested.

The Get Around

A good way to get around this by strapping the bottle or container to your leg or waist until you reach the privacy of the toilet.

If you are being observed while you do your business, it’s going to be very hard to avoid being detected. It’s not impossible, however.

Some brands come in belt form, and you could feasibly conceal the belt if you face away from the observer.

Fake pee also cannot pass very advanced methods of detection. A truly futuristic tester, Marker Test Diagnostics, sells the UR Code.

This is a “urine detector” which when after you drink it should be detectable in your urine. If it’s not there when your sample is tested, the tester can know that you tried to fake them out.

The more sophisticated the test, the more likely it is that your fake pee won’t work. For example, compared to other methods you are more likely to beat a dipstick test, as this is not that accurate.

Synthetic urine also doesn’t work if the test involves a mouth swab, for obvious reasons. But you can still hope for the best with a mouth swab test as they are not always accurate.

You also might not be able to fake a drug test if the method used is hair testing. This method can detect cannabis use even further back than a urine test.  

Is Fake Pee Legal or Illegal?

The legality of using fake pee to fake a drug test depends on your location.

A lot of places haven’t yet caught up with the fact that people are using these substances to fool tests.

New Hampshire has passed a law that declares both the sale and use of synthetic urine and urine additives to be illegal.

The penalty is a fine, but of course, depending on the purpose of your test an ineffective product could mean you lose your job or break the terms of your parole.

Synthetic urine is illegal in Colorado but some people are hard at work trying to change that.

In Texas the substance’s possession and sale are illegal, but that hasn’t stopped it from openly being sold. And labs there say they can’t detect the urine with their tests.

While there may not be a specific law against fake pee in your state, there are broad laws dealing with fraud at drug screening tests. If you feel like you may be discovered with the substance on you, it’s best to walk out and take the test another day.

The Future of Testing and Fake Pee

As the use of synthetic urine spreads, it is possible more places will start to use hair tests.

Follicle shampoos supposedly help with this but are not 100 percent reliable. As stated above, hair tests are able to detect your use of cannabis much further back in time as well.

Oral swabs are another method. They can be both good and bad:

Bad because a hiring manager can make you take it in front of them on the spot.

Good because many a test has proved inaccurate, with regular smokers beating the system by rinsing out their mouths beforehand with hydrogen peroxide or another substance.

Blood tests are an option, but these are invasive and probably won’t become widely used anytime soon.

If you are concerned with the legality and know you might need to fake a drug test at some point, you’ll want to keep up with the law in your state.

You can also check to find out which states are heading toward or have already legalized cannabis.

The Final Word

One thing for certain is that with advances in the production of synthetic urine, modern products will evolve to beat the more sophisticated methods of detection labs come up with.

We are experienced cannabis consultants. For help with any cannabis-related issues, contact us today.


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