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Illinois begins accepting patient applications for the Medical Cannabis Pilot Program on Sept. 1. Our medical marijuana consultants are diligently studying the program.

The applications tout a $100 fee. But with add-ons including fingerprinting, doctor’s visits and miscellaneous expenses like postage and gas, the true costs will add up quickly. Take a look at a breakdown of potential application costs:

Application Requirement:Cost:
A signed and completed application form$0 online; $1 for paper printouts
Proof of residency, identity, age (requires three documents)$1 for photocopies if without a scanner
Photograph of the qualifying patient (passport-type photo)$12 if without a camera/photographer
Physician written certification or appropriate documentationfor veterans receiving medical care at a U.S. Departmentof Veterans Affairs facility; your physician must mail in this form.Varies; $0-$50+, depending on co-pay
Designated caregiver information, if applicable$0
Copy of the fingerprint consent formVaries; $40-$90; more for mobile services
Excluded offense waiver, if applicableTBD – Waiver has yet to post to website
Selection of medical cannabis dispensary or zone$0
Application fee$100
SubtotalMinimum $140; Up to $254+


Subsequent Costs of Application Requirements:           Cost:
Doctor’s Visits to Establish ‘Bona Fide’ RelationshipVaries; $0-$300+ depending on number of visits
Gas for Doctor’s Visits/Photocopies/Fingerprinting$15
Application AssistanceVaries; up to $50
Postage, if sending by certified mail$4.51-$6.48 (electronic vs. paper confirmation)


TOTAL                                                              $155-$625.47+  

This does not include the yearly recurring application fee ($50 for qualified patients; $25 for caregivers). Nor a replacement card fee of $25 should you need a new one. This includes changing information (such as address or name) on the card. Additionally, caregivers are subject to the same costs as outlined above, but with an application fee of only $25.

As you can see, the cost can vary widely per person. But the $100 fee for an application isn’t even the minimum cost an applicant will spend to become a licensed medical marijuana patient in the state of Illinois. Qualifying patients whose last name begins with the letters A through L may apply from September 2, 2014 through October 31, 2014. Qualifying patients whose last name begins with the letters M through Z may apply from November 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014. Rolling applications for all will begin in 2015.

Please reach out to speak with our medical marijuana consultants to learn more about the program.


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