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If you want a marijuana business in Illinois, a marijuana transporter license may be the perfect opportunity for you. The cannabis industry in Illinois is booming, and the demand is staying high. Our cannabis consulting firm explains the application process and regulations for this license type.

marijuana transporter license in illinois

According to the Marijuana Business Daily Factbook 2021, medical and adult-use sales exceeded $1 billion in 2020. Also, the state is expected to have an exponential increase in licensing opportunities this year. Now is the perfect time to get a head start on your application so that you can win a cannabis business license in Illinois.

What is a Marijuana Transporter in Illinois?

A marijuana transporter license in Illinois allows you to transport marijuana and marijuana-infused products to other marijuana businesses in Illinois. Cannabis businesses in Illinois need to utilize cannabis transporters in order to receive and send out products in an efficient manner. So, as more cannabis businesses open, the demand for marijuana transporters rises. With that, these license types have the potential to be extremely profitable.

So, if you want to win a marijuana transporter license in Illinois, make sure to read along.

Application Process for a Marijuana Transporter License in Illinois

Licensing Fees

In order to have a transporter business in Illinois, you have to apply through the department. The application fee for this license type is $5,000. However, if you qualify as a social equity applicant the application fee is only $2,000. If you win a cannabis transporter license, you then have to pay a $10,000 license fee, this fee is cut in half if you are a social equity applicant. Talk to our cannabis application writers about whether or not you qualify as a social equity applicant in Illinois.

Scoring System for Cannabis Applications in Illinois

The department grades applications using a point system. Each part of your application can receive a certain amount of points. It is your responsibility to show you are a compliant applicant. This is why it is important to work with expert cannabis application writers, as they are experienced in winning licenses. The higher the score, the more likely you are to win a cannabis license.

As mentioned above, the application uses a point system. So, each section of the application has a maximum amount of points it can earn. Here are some examples of exhibits and how many points are available for each section for a marijuana transporter license application in Illinois:

  • Business Plan (180 points)
  • Suitability of Employee Training Plan (160 points)
  • Security and Recordkeeping Plan (200 points)
  • Labor and Employment Plan (20 points)
  • Environmental Plan (20 points)
  • Diversity Plan (100 points)

Additionally, you can earn extra points if you meet extra qualifications within your application. For example, if you have a social equity applicant within your application, you can win an additional 200 points. Or, if you have a veteran within your application, you can win an additional 20 points.

Applicants are able to qualify for social equity status if they live in a disproportionately impacted area. To find out if you are eligible for participation in the Illinois Adult-Use Social Equity Program, click on this map.

Since you are applying for a transporter license, you also need plans for loading, transporting, and unloading.

Feel free to take a closer look at the application here.

Lastly, if you are unfamiliar with any of these plans, do not worry. Our cannabis consultants in Illinois at Quantum 9 are experts in all of the exhibits. Utilize our services for an easy and successful application process.

Additional Rules for a Transporter License in Illinois

Transportation vehicles in Illinois can not indicate that they are carrying marijuana products. Additionally, the vehicle has to have a locked and enclosed storage compartment. This compartment needs to be secured to the vehicle, as it is the only place where cannabis products can be stored.

Our consulting firm recommends getting an early start on this application, so talk to us about any additional questions you may have.

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