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The state is issuing an additional 75 Illinois Cannabis Retail Licenses! This is fantastic news, especially for the 937 businesses that submitted an application. Would you like some help in improving your application? Learn how our cannabis consultants can help you increase your chances of winning a license.

Originally, the state was supposed to award 75 Illinois Cannabis Retail Licenses in 2020. However, given that 21 of the 936 applicants tied and were going to receive the 75 available licenses, many applicants filed lawsuits and protested the state’s decision. As a result, no applicants have received a license and the state has now announced it will issue an additional 75 Illinois Cannabis Retail Licenses (for a total of 150).

That’s a shame since the applicants, many of whom are social equity applicants, have missed out on the $669 million worth of adult-use cannabis sales in 2020.

Illinois Cannabis Retail Licenses

Since applicants can make corrections to their applications, a second chance to win an Illinois Cannabis Retail License is underway. If you haven’t addressed any deficiencies from your application, we highly recommend that you do that now. If you would like to increase your chances of winning a license, speak with one of our Illinois Cannabis Consultants to learn how we can help.

Making Corrections to your Illinois Cannabis Retail License Application

For starters, review the scores that your application received. Have you requested feedback from the state on areas of the application where you fell short? If not, we recommend that you contact the state immediately. Alternatively, allow Quantum 9 to contact the State for you and request your scores. Once we’ve determined areas of your application that need improvement, we can improve these portions for you.

Once you’ve determined areas of your application that need improvement, you should rewrite that portion of your application. If you’re missing documents that show proof of residency or social equity status, then engage our cannabis consultants to determine what documents qualify.

To find out if you or an applicant are eligible for the Illinois Adult-Use Social Equity Program, click on this map.

Overall, the short time frame and an unexpected announcement are untimely for most. For this reason, you should contact our Illinois cannabis consultants to learn how we can help you improve your application.

Conclusion for Illinois Cannabis Retail License Applicants

Let us help you become a cannabis dispensary owner in Illinois. Whether assisting with your business, operating, or security plan, our cannabis consultants have the resources to help you win a license. Schedule a call today to learn more about our services


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Julio C. Soriagalvarro, MS, MBA

About Julio C. Soriagalvarro, MS, MBA

Julio is a natural product chemist turned consultant who combines expertise in the life sciences and business to provide consulting services across the cannabis industry. He specializes in helping entrepreneurs win licenses to start cannabis businesses in both medical and adult-use markets. As part of Quantum 9, they've helped clients obtain licenses and become cannabis business owners in 27 US States and 6 countries. He received an MBA from Indiana University, focusing on finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship; a M.S. in Natural Product Chemistry and Drug Discovery from the University of Illinois; and a B.S. in Biology from James Madison University.

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