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The possibility of having a cannabis business in Illinois might grow due to recent changes by lawmakers. Now is your time to contact our Illinois cannabis application writers so you can win a license.

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If you want a cannabis business license in Illinois or missed the first round of the application process, now is the time to consider the application process. Our Illinois cannabis application writers at Quantum 9 are eager about the Illinois cannabis industry in 2021. With that, Illinois lawmakers plan to create a whopping 75 new cannabis store licenses. This gives poor and minority applicants another chance at entering the extremely profitable cannabis industry in Illinois.

First, this law doubles the number of new retail licenses that were created last year. This is a huge opportunity for business entrepreneurs as Illinois surpassed more than $1 billion in legal cannabis sales in 2020. Additionally, the cannabis market is recession and pandemic proof.

Social Equity in Illinois Cannabis Businesses

These new licenses that might be available in Illinois are to aid the social equity issue within the state. In spring 2020, 21 out of 75 cannabis applicants in Illinois qualified for a lottery as they all had perfect scores. As a result, many individuals were upset as the scoring was said to be inconsistent and unfair. The social equity part of the application was corrupt so the department has done a lot to make adjustments.

To find out if you are eligible for participation in the Illinois Adult-Use Social Equity Program, check out this map to see if you or an applicant resides in a disproportionately impacted area.

For example, the new round of licensing lets applicants’ qualify as long as they achieve a certain score, rather than a perfect score. Also, with the previous licensing round, only applicants with majority ownership by a military veteran got the bonus points to receive a perfect score. Ultimately, this disqualified any applicant without veteran ownership. Thankfully, a new round of licensing does not require applicants to pay additional fees. This will hopefully create a more diverse group within cannabis businesses in Illinois. Talk to our Illinois cannabis application writers about new license opportunities in Illinois.

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What Cannabis Licenses are Available in Illinois for 2021?

So, what license types are available for the next application round? Well, Illinois created 75 new cannabis store licenses. This will double the number of new retail licenses created last year. So, if you want to apply for a retail cannabis dispensary, our Illinois application writers can help you save time and land you a license.

Although 75 additional licenses are solely for retail cannabis dispensaries, you still have the opportunity to rewrite applications for other license types.

Cannabis Applications in Illinois

There are multiple cannabis licenses available in Illinois, however, the application pool is not open for all of the licenses.

For example, a cultivation center in Illinois allows you to cultivate cannabis products. Additionally, you are able to process cannabis plants and prepare them for sale.  As of now, the department is not authorized to license any additional adult-use cultivation centers until July 1, 2021. The application for 2020 licenses for Craft Growers, Infusers, Transporters, and Community College Cannabis Vocational Program has closed. With that, by December 21, 2021, the Department shall issue up to 60 cannabis craft grower licenses and 60 cannabis infuser licenses. Granted, there still may be a delay, and the dates are not official.

Update: Unfortunately, the Bill to create an additional 75 retail licenses in Illinois died in Springfield.

Although the 2nd chance for cannabis licenses in Illinois did not go as planned, the state still needs to reevaluate the cannabis application process. Talk to our Illinois cannabis application writers for more information on when you can start the application process.


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