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Do you want a cannabis license in New York? Well, the wait is over as New York finally legalized an adult-use marijuana program in 2021. So don’t wait and contact our cannabis license experts in New York for more information about business opportunities in this new market. Furthermore, our cannabis application writers in New York can help you win a cannabis license in this profitable state. We have the highest success rate in the cannabis consulting industry and are eager to help business entrepreneurs open cannabis businesses.

With that, this proposal will create a system to regulate cannabis within the state. With this proposal, the state will create a new Office of Cannabis Management that oversees the new adult-use program.

Additionally, opportunities for cannabis licenses in New York are available for communities of color who are negatively impacted by the war on drugs. Lastly, according to a report, the New York cannabis market could see up to $3.1 billion in annual sales. Furthermore, $1.1 billion would be generated in New York City alone.

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Adult-Use Cannabis in New York

In addition to the legalization of a cannabis market in New York, this bill also removes criminal penalties for those who possessed 2 ounces or less of cannabis in the past.

Those who are over the age of 21 are able to purchase cannabis products within this program. Growing cannabis in New York will also be a possibility. The proposal also establishes the regulation of quality control and safety in regards to cannabis products. Having excellent business proposals about these regulations is key in winning a cannabis license in New York. So, make sure to contact our cannabis application writers in New York at Quantum 9 for an easy cannabis application process.

Cannabis License News

What Cannabis Licenses Would be Available in New York?

The Office of Cannabis Management issues licenses for producers, distributors, and retailers. With this individuals with licenses are able to sell, package, and grow cannabis in New York. This new proposal also oversees New Yorks’ medical marijuana and hemp industry.  So, if you want a cannabis license in New York, a variety of opportunities are available.

To learn more about the steps you need to take to win a cannabis license in New York, click here.

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Current Medical Cannabis Program in New York

New York currently has a medical marijuana program in place. The Cannabis Regulation and Taxation Act allow for a multitude of medical cannabis licenses. The current license types for the medical marijuana market in New York include:

Producer License

This license type allows you to plant, harvest, dry, cure, grade, trim, and grow cannabis in New York.

Processor License

Next, a processor cannabis license in New York allows the licensee to extract concentrated cannabis, blend, infuse, and manufacturer concentrated cannabis or cannabis products.

Retailer License

A retailer cannabis license allows you to sell cannabis products within a retail setting. Additionally, a retailer can deliver marijuana products to the buyer.

Microbusiness License

This cannabis license allows you to act as a cannabis producer for the cultivation of cannabis, a cannabis processor, a cannabis distributor, and a cannabis retailer.

Laboratory Testing Facility License

Next, this cannabis license in New York allows you to have an independent laboratory that is capable of testing cannabis and cannabis products.

Distributer License

Lastly, a cannabis distributor license allows you to sell cannabis products wholesale.

Our cannabis application writers in New York can help you write a successful application, including a business plan so that you can win a cannabis business license.

Finally, the current medical marijuana program in New York is not known for being the best. For example, many medical marijuana patients complain about high prices and regulation policies. Also, many rural areas in New York still dismiss legal cannabis. This causes many medical marijuana patients to not have access to certain products they may need. Hopefully, an adult-use cannabis program can alleviate some of these problems. Additionally, cannabis licenses in New York can help create more retail dispensaries for wider accessibility.

Recreational Marijuana Licenses in New York

New York also offers a variety of cannabis business licenses for their adult-use program. These licenses include:

  • Cultivator License
  • Retail Dispensary License
  • Processor License
  • Cooperative License
  • Distributor License
  • Microbusiness License
  • Delivery License
  • Nursery License

License Application for Adult-Use Cannabis License in New York

To begin with, any person is eligible to apply for a cannabis license in New York. These licenses allow you to cultivate, process, distribute, deliver, or dispense cannabis and cannabis products. With that, the board requires certain information to be within the application. A cannabis application writer in New York can navigate you through the required information. Some of this information includes:

  • The racial and ethnic diversity of the applicant
  • Ownership and investment information (corporate structure, evidence of good moral character, etc.)
  • Information about the premises to be licensed
  • Financial statements

Additionally, you have to submit the application fee and the department may ask you for additional information based on what license you apply for.

Application Fees

As mentioned above, you have to submit an application fee to apply for a cannabis business license in New York. This fee is non-refundable and is based on the type of cannabis license that you want. This is why it is important to use services from our cannabis application writers in New York, as these fees are hefty and you do not want to lose the application fee.

Additionally, the board assesses current medical license holders with a one-time special licensing fee for adult-use cultivator processor distributor retail dispensary licenses. The board creates an appropriate fee to fund social and economic equity and incubator assistance. Finally, it is important to know that current medical marijuana license holders can not dispense adult-use cannabis from more than three of their medical cannabis dispensing locations.

In addition, the board also has the authority to charge licenses a biennial license fee. This fee is based on the amount of cannabis you want to cultivate, process, distribute, and/or dispense by the licensee.

Lastly, the board can waive or reduce fees for social equity applicants.

How to Score High on a Cannabis License Application in New York

The board looks for specific information on applications to determine whether or not they are good candidates for a cannabis license in New York. Our cannabis application writers in New York at Quantum 9 can help you score high and make sure you have favorable information.

Favorable information includes the following criteria:

  • The applicant is a social and economic equity applicant
  • You present that you can maintain effective control against the illegal diversion or inversion of cannabis
  • You comply with all applicable state laws and regulations
  • The applicant and officers present that they can properly carry out activities such as social and economic equity, and incubator program
  • Also, it is a major plus if you have the right to use sufficient land, buildings, and equipment to carry out necessary activities. Our cannabis application writers in New York can help you illustrate this within your business plan.
  • You have a plan to benefit communities and people disproportionally impacted by previous strict cannabis laws
  • It is also important that the board knows you understand a cannabis license in New York is a privilege and not a right. As you can see, social equity is an incredibly important part of the new cannabis market in New York
  • The applicant is of good moral character
  • With that, it is a major benefit if you are in a labor peace agreement with a bona-fide labor organization that represents the employees within the application.
  • Also, if you already have a medical marijuana dispensary in New York and have a good standing with the board.
  • Lastly, presenting a proper location, effective operational plan, a sustainable environmental plan, and other necessary production plans are important to the board. These plans need to be thorough in the description. With that, our cannabis license experts in New York at Quantum 9 write these plans consistently. Contact us to write the entire plan for you.

Location and Record-Keeping of Cannabis Businesses in New York

In order to qualify for a cannabis license in New York, you have to notify the proposed municipality about your adult-use dispensary license or on-site consumption license. With that, the notification needs to be made to the clerk of the village, town, or city. This is a requirement for an application and there is also a time limit on this. Make sure you talk to your political officials early so that you are in good standing. Additionally, talk to our cannabis consultants in New York about this task.

Also, the board requires each licensee to maintain security, tracking, record-keeping, surveillance systems, etc. at every stage of your cannabis business. With that, the board may require you to have a seed-to-sale tracking system. Our cannabis license experts in New York make sure that this is all included within your plan.

Adult-Use Cultivators Can Not Have Interest in Retail Dispensaries

Additionally, adult-use cultivators, processors, or distributors are not to be interested in retail dispensaries. So, if you are authorized to cultivate, process, or distribute cannabis you can not:

  • Have a direct or indirect interest in any premises that want to sell cannabis at retail. This includes on-site consumption or any cannabis business that sells or delivers cannabis products at retail.
  • Make a loan to any person engaged in the manufacture or sale of cannabis products at wholesale or retail.
  • Also, make a gift or render a service of any kind to any person licensed which can influence the licensee to purchase the product of a cultivator or processor, or distributor
  • Have a contract with any retail, on-site consumption, or delivery licensee where the licensee agrees to confine their cannabis sales

Again, talk to our cannabis application writers in New York so that you don’t have conflicting interests.

What if I Already Have a Medical Marijuana Cannabis License in New York?

So, you are a current medical marijuana license holder and want to enter the adult-use cannabis industry. The good news is that the board created procedures that make it easy to do so.

First, a current medical marijuana cultivator processor distributor retail dispensary license holder has the same authorization and conditions as adult-use cultivators, processors, distributors, and retail dispensary licenses.

However, as mentioned above, the location of adult-use dispensaries is limited to only three of the organization’s medical dispensaries’ locations.

Lastly, a person with a registered organization adult-use business license in New York can not also hold another retail dispensary license or have a direct or indirect interest in a separate retail license.

For more information about this section of the proposal, contact our cannabis application writers in New York.

Final Take on an Adult-Use Cannabis Market in New York

All in all, the initiative for an adult-use cannabis market is exciting and our consultants are eager to help business entrepreneurs enter the industry. The governor of New York stated on January 11th, 2021 that “we will legalize adult-use cannabis recreational cannabis, joining 15 states that have already done so.” Additionally, he added that this initiative will “raise revenue and end failed prohibition of this product that has left so many communities of color over-policed and over-incarcerated.” We are happy to announce that he fulfilled his promises.

Take a closer look at the bill here.

Our cannabis license experts in New York can help you win this license that you want. We help you save time and create an easy application process. For more information on cannabis business consulting, contact our cannabis application writers in New York at Quantum 9.

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