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Marijuana Microbusiness License in New York

Now that marijuana is legal in New York, its’ time to familiarize yourself with available cannabis business licenses. Fortunately, New York offers a substantial amount of cannabis business license opportunities. This gives cannabis business entrepreneurs the opportunity to choose what license type is the best fit for them. With that, a marijuana microbusiness license in New York is the perfect business venture for small business entrepreneurs. Read along as our cannabis business consultants in New York explain exactly what you can do with this license type.

marijuana microbusiness license in new york

What is a Marijuana Microbusiness License?

To begin with, a microbusiness is a licensee that may act as a cannabis producer for the cultivation of cannabis, a cannabis processor, a cannabis distributor, and a cannabis retailer. Additionally, the licensee must comply with all requirements imposed by the adult-use cannabis bill in New York on licensed producers, processors, distributors, and retailers to the extent the licensee engages in these activities.

A marijuana microbusiness license in New York allows for limited cultivation, processing, distribution, delivery, and dispensing of your own adult-use cannabis and cannabis products.

So, if you want a smaller-scale marijuana business, this license type may be perfect for you. Talk to our cannabis consultants in New York to learn more about the specifics of a marijuana microbusiness license.

cannabis consulting firm in new yorkRemember, a microbusiness licensee can not hold any direct or indirect interest in any other license. Additionally, the licensee can only distribute its own cannabis and cannabis products.

Lastly, the size, scope, and eligibility criteria of a micro business are determined in regulation by the board in consultation with the executive director and the chief equity officer. The granting of microbusiness licenses shall promote social and economic equity applicants.

Conclusion | Cannabis Consultants in New York

Lastly, it is never too early to start on your cannabis business application in New York. Also, the state offers additional license opportunities that might work better for your needs. Make sure to talk to our cannabis consultants at Quantum 9 about your business plan.

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