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Cannabis Delivery License Consultant: Application Writers

As more and more states legalize cannabis markets, innovation for cannabis businesses increases. The pandemic has accustomed us to easy delivery methods, and we might see the same trend for cannabis delivery in the future. Many cannabis dispensaries tend to be far away from consumers due to strict zoning laws. Currently, marijuana delivery services are available with no restrictions, such as California or Michigan,  for those over the age of 21. However, we may see delivery available in states such as Illinois and New York in the near future. All of these marijuana markets have high cannabis sales, and we can expect cannabis delivery licenses to provide business opportunities. Our cannabis delivery license consultants at Quantum 9 explain where and how you can get your hands on this license type.

cannabis delivery license consultantWhat Can I do with a Cannabis Delivery License?

As mentioned above, cannabis delivery service is now legal in multiple adult-use marijuana states. With that, you are able to deliver marijuana from a dispensary to the customer, or between licensed marijuana establishments. So, a licensed cannabis dispensary can deliver marijuana products to residences within that state. However, you have to have written approval from the state commission or regulatory board before you can start your cannabis delivery service. There are also limitations on the number of cannabis products you are able to carry at once.

Cannabis Delivery Vehicles

There are also specific rules and regulations for cannabis delivery vehicles. The vehicles you use for marijuana deliveries have to comply with all state laws. Your cannabis security plan needs to be strong in order for you to qualify for this license type. Talk to our cannabis delivery license consultants for additional assistance on this plan.

Since cannabis is highly regulated, the vehicle needs to be capable of locking cannabis items while in the vehicle. Additionally, you need an alarm system within the vehicle. In regards to safety, in order to maintain the condition of cannabis within the vehicle, temperature control is essential. Security requirements shall vary based on what state you are in.

Raising Capital for a Cannabis Delivery License

A cannabis delivery license is perfect for business entrepreneurs who have lower starting capital. It is much less expensive than opening a cannabis dispensary, so if you have a starting capital of less than $100,000, this business is perfect for you.

Another benefit of this license type is that you do not have to lease a storefront which tends to be expensive. Instead, you just need a space that can hold your product.

If you need additional assistance with raising capital or building a team for your cannabis delivery license, utilize the services from our cannabis consulting firm.

cannabis delivery license consultingLet’s take a look at how different states conduct cannabis delivery.

Cannabis Delivery License Consultant in California

A cannabis delivery license in California is similar to obtaining a cannabis retailer license. However, when you have a cannabis delivery license in California, you contract with cannabis cultivators, cannabis product manufacturers to produce the marijuana that you want to sell and deliver. This is unless you decide to cultivate or manufacture the marijuana yourself.

The demand for delivery in California is so high that some cannabis dispensaries have closed their doors to the public and strictly deliver cannabis because the profit is higher. However, you do not need an established retail dispensary in order to start a cannabis delivery service. For example, you are able to apply for a non-storefront retailer license, and with this license type, you can strictly just deliver cannabis.

Delivery applications, such as Eaze, allow dispensaries to utilize their app services for an easy transition into the cannabis delivery business.

Application Fees for Cannabis Delivery License in California

In order to apply for this license type, you have to pay a $1,000 non-refundable application fee. Additionally, if you are approved for a cannabis delivery license you have to pay a licensing fee that is based on your projected annual gross revenue. So, the more revenue projected, the higher the licensing fee.

Application and Inventory Requirements

Within your cannabis business application, you have to include the following information upon approval:

  • Security procedures form
  • Delivery procedure form
  • Inventory procedure form
  • Transportation procedure form
  • Evidence of compliance with local requirements
  • Business formation documentation
  • Evidence that you have the legal rights to use the desired location

Additionally, there are inventory requirements for delivery licenses in California. If you have a non-storefront retailer license, you have to keep track of inventory for every sale and delivery that is made. You must list details, such as:

  • Cannabis product type
  • The brand of cannabis
  • Retail value of the cannabis product
  • Track and trace identifier
  • Product weight, volume, and any other measurements

Contact our cannabis delivery license consultants for more information on licensing fees for cannabis delivery services in California.

Cannabis Delivery License in Michigan

Another state that allows cannabis delivery includes Michigan. Although a recreational market is legal in Michigan, licensed deliverers can only deliver marijuana to medical marijuana patients. So, if you want a cannabis delivery license in Michigan, you have to apply for a medical marijuana provisioning center license.

Since Michigan only allows delivery for medical marijuana patients, medical marijuana provisioning centers have to verify with the state monitoring system that the patient holds a valid medical marijuana card. All inventory must be logged into a specific system.

Application Fees for Cannabis Delivery License in Michigan

First, the initial application fee for this license type is $6,000. With that, there is also a regulatory assessment fee, which is $44,000 for this license.

For more information about a cannabis license in Michigan, talk to our cannabis consultants.

Additionally, Colorado offers cannabis delivery licenses. If you want to know how to deliver cannabis in Colorado, speak with one of our cannabis consultants.

Illinois also offers cannabis transporter licenses which allow for marijuana delivery as well.

Conclusion from our Marijuana Delivery License Consulting Firm

All in all, we can expect cannabis delivery to be a popular business venture for many cannabis entrepreneurs. More and more states offer cannabis delivery licenses, so make sure to keep up with this post for the latest updates.

Lastly, if you are not sure whether or not your state offers this license type, contact our cannabis delivery license consultants.

cannabis consulting firm for delivery licenses

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