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Bermuda Cannabis Consultant

Bermuda cannabis consultant

Bermuda is in the process of making a plan for a legal adult-use cannabis market within the country. If this bill is approved by the House and the governor, the Cannabis Licensing Authority will regulate the cannabis industry in Bermuda. Additionally, Bermuda’s new bill creates a two-tier system for cultivation licenses. This includes one for personal use and one for commercial purposes. Contact a Bermuda cannabis consultant or click here for more information on license types.

Application Process for a Cannabis License in Bermuda

A cannabis consultant in Bermuda can help you write a successful cannabis application. However, in order to qualify for a cannabis license in Bermuda, you have to submit this information:

Application Fee

Every cannabis application in Bermuda requires a $250 application fee. In addition to this fee, annual license fees vary depending on the license type. For example, the annual license fee for a Cannabis Retail Shop License is $10,000. However, the annual license fee for a Tier 1 Cultivation License is $500. More information on license fees can be found in Section 24 of the Cannabis Licensing Act 2020.

A Completed Application

Also, you must submit a completed application form with any information the authority may require. This includes background information, your capital, and a variety of business plans. There is more information about this part of the application in subsection 2 of Section 24. Contact a Bermuda cannabis consultant for more information on application writing.

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Proof of Eligibility

In order to apply for a cannabis license in Bermuda, the applicant must be at least 21 years of age. Additionally, the applicant must have Bermudian status and be incorporated, registered, or formed under the laws of Bermuda.

Information about Employees of Applicant

This information includes a current police criminal record check, proof of age, and a photograph of the employee that is certified by a notary public as a true likeness.


Additionally, the administration requires evidence upon granting a license. This includes evidence that the applicant actually owns the premises of the desired location. Along with this, the cannabis application in Bermuda requires a written agreement with the owner of those premises to use the premises for the desired activity. The administration also wants a plan for the land within the location. A cannabis consultant in Bermuda can help you layout this information.

Lastly, if the applicant is a company, a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation and a Certification of Compliance is necessary. This has to prove that the com.pany is in good standing.

Cannabis Consultant in Bermuda

Lastly, utilizing a cannabis consultant in Bermuda makes the application process efficient and stress-free. For more information on how a cannabis consultant can help you win the cannabis business of your dreams, click here.



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