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A medical marijuana program in Ohio is to be fully functioning by early 2021. With that, our cannabis license experts in Ohio expect an upcoming licensing round for the medical market in Ohio. Ohio legalized medical marijuana into law on September 8, 2016. So, in Ohio, qualified patients can possess and use medical marijuana. Additionally, state-licensed businesses can dispense, cultivate, lab test, and process marijuana products. The cannabis licenses that are available in Ohio include cultivation licenses, processor licenses, lab testing licenses, and retail dispensary licenses. Our cannabis application writers in Ohio are here to explain these license types so you can understand cannabis licenses in Ohio and make an educated investment in cannabis businesses in Ohio.

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What Cannabis Licenses Are Available in Ohio?

There are multiple cannabis licenses in Ohio available for 2021. These licenses include:

Cultivation License

There are two types of cannabis cultivator licenses that are available in Ohio. The cultivator licenses include a Level 1 Cultivator License and a Level 2 Cultivator License. A Level 1 allows the cultivator to operate up to 25,000 square footage of space. On the contrary, a Level 2 license allows the cultivator to operate up to 3,000 square footage of space. The license fees vary depending on which license you choose to apply for.

Processor License

Processor licenses in Ohio allow for the business to obtain medical marijuana products from one or more licensed cultivators and process medical marijuana. The ODC is allowed to issue up to 40 cannabis processor licenses in Ohio. Additionally, the application fee is $10,000.

Dispensary License in Ohio

Ohio is to add more medical marijuana dispensaries in the state soon. So, if you are interested in opening a dispensary in Ohio, contact our cannabis consultants at Quantum 9 to help you with your business plan.

Those with a dispensary license in Ohio are able to obtain medical marijuana from one or more processors. Additionally, they are able to sell marijuana products to those with medical marijuana cards within the state. Additionally, this cannabis license states that a dispensary can not be less than 500 feet from a school, church, public library, public playground, or public park. Also, a locality can either deny or approve a dispensary within their county. The application fee for this license is $5,000 and you have to have proof of your assets.

Contact a cannabis license expert in Ohio if you have any additional questions about the licenses available.


Adult-Use Cannabis Program in Ohio

As of now, there is an adult-use initiative for a recreational marijuana program in Ohio. Although it did not make this year’s ballot, it is expected to be on the 2021 ballot. With that, experts claim that there isn’t much political appetite in Ohio’s Statehouse to create a recreational us program within Ohio. That is because the state prohibits the use of a controlled substance. So, once marijuana gets de-scheduled under federal law it is no longer considered a controlled substance.

We hope to see an adult-use cannabis program in Ohio as it will help medical patients pay less for the products that they need.

Lastly, if you want to win a cannabis license in Ohio, make sure to contact our cannabis application writers in Ohio at Quantum 9 for an easy application process.

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