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Do you want to win a cannabis license in Bermuda? Well, now may be the time to apply for this upcoming adult-use cannabis market. That’s right, Bermuda is in the process of laying down the legal groundwork for their regulated adult-use and the medical cannabis industry. Our cannabis consultants in Bermuda at Quantum 9 are eager about this new market. For more information on cannabis consulting in Bermuda, make sure to contact our expert cannabis consultants.

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What Cannabis Licenses Are Available in Bermuda?

To begin with, anyone who applies for a cannabis license in Bermuda must be 21 years of age or older and have Bermudian status.  Additionally, this person must be registered under the laws of Bermuda. With that, these cannabis licenses will be available for Bermuda:

  • Tier 1 Cultivation License

To begin with, this license allows you to grow, harvest, dry, trim, or cure cannabis for personal use.

  • Tier 2 Cultivation License

Next, a Tier 2 license allows you to grow, harvest, dry, trim, or cure cannabis for commercial use.

  • Cannabis Retail Shop License

A cannabis retail license shop in Bermuda allows the operation of a cannabis retail shop for the sale or consumption of cannabis.

  • Import License

Additionally, an import license allows you to import cannabis and medicinal cannabis from any country in which it is lawful to do so.

  • Tier 1 Manufacturing License

A Tier 1 Manufacturing License allows for activities relating to the processing of edible cannabis.

  • Tier 2 Manufacturing License

Additionally, a Tier 2 manufacturing allows for the manufacturing of cannabis products or medicinal cannabis products.

  • Export License

An export cannabis license in Bermuda allows you to export locally cultivated cannabis to a country in which it is lawful to do so.

  • Research License

A research license for the conduct of scientific research relating to the development of medicinal cannabis.

  • Transport License

Finally, this license allows for the transport of cannabis or medicinal cannabis in Bermuda.

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Additional Cannabis Licenses in Bermuda

In addition to these licenses, you can also apply for a cannabis event license. A cannabis event is a temporary private or public event. Lastly, within this event, you are allowed to profit from the sale of cannabis products and can only invite guests that are over 21.

In order to obtain this license you have to:

  • Specify the period within which cannabis may be supplied.
  • Additionally, you have to specify the description of the location of the event at which cannabis may be supplied.

What are the Application Fees?

The general application fee for a cannabis license is $250. With that, a variety of annual applications exist for different application types.  For example, the annual application fee for a tier 1 cultivation license is $500 while the annual application fee for a cannabis retail shop license is $10,000.

Win a Cannabis License in Bermuda

All in all, this cannabis market is an exciting addition to Bermuda as it will bring in a lot of revenue for the country. Finally, for more information on cannabis licenses in Bermuda, make sure to contact Quantum 9 for your cannabis consulting needs.

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