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arizona social equity application

Arizona Social Equity License Application

Now that Arizona has a legal adult-use marijuana program, it is important to take a look at the application process for the various cannabis licenses that are available. As for most cannabis business applications, the social equity aspect of a license can make or break your chance of landing a cannabis business. Our cannabis business consultants at Quantum 9 explain the Arizona social equity license application. This gives you a better understanding of what information is essential for this part of the application process. As always, every part of a cannabis application is extremely important. With that, contact our cannabis consultants in Arizona so that you can get the cannabis license that you want.

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Arizona Social Equity Application Information

The Department grading the cannabis licenses will issue 26 Marijuana Establishment licenses to applicants who qualify under the Social Equity Ownership Program.

This Social Equity Program promotes the ownership and operation of cannabis businesses by those who are disproportionately impacted by previous marijuana laws. Additionally, The Department shall accept applications for these 26 licenses within six months of adopting the final rules for this program. As of now, Arizona does not have a set date for this. Also, 10 percent of taxes from the cannabis program in Arizona goes to the Justice Reinvestment Fund.

Cannabis Licenses in Arizona

Although most adult-use cannabis licenses in Arizona go to existing medical marijuana operators, about a dozen licenses are available in underserved rural counties.  These dozen counties currently have limited cannabis retail dispensaries. The Arizona social equity part of the application becomes important to win this limited amount of licenses. For more information on the application process, contact our cannabis consultants in Arizona.

When Can I Apply for a Cannabis License in Arizona?

The adult-use marijuana program in Arizona can start as early as March 20, 2021. Also, The Arizona health department issued the first draft of the rules and regulations for an adult-use marijuana program in the middle of December 2020. That can be found here.

Within these rules, the application requires a $25,000 application fee for retail and testing operations for cannabis businesses. Finally, the state is to begin accepting adult-use marijuana applications in Arizona on January 19th, 2021. An applicant must electronically submit their application to the Department, between January 19, 2021, and March 9, 2021. With that, The Department issues licenses within 60 days.

arizona social equity license application

What Information Do I Need for the Cannabis Application in Arizona?

Although the social equity part of an Arizona cannabis application is important to win a license, other information is required. In order to even qualify for a cannabis business in Arizona, you need the following information:

Information on the Cannabis Business and Applicant

This includes information such as the legal name of the proposed marijuana establishment, the address, county, etc. Additionally, you need to provide information on the applicant. This includes the name of the entity applying, the type of business organization, and so on. Also, The Department requires certain attestations to know that you comply with the rules.

Within this section, you can include information that can aid with the social equity aspect of the cannabis application in Arizona. Remember location and certain personnel within your application are an important part of social equity.


This includes ownership and the physical address of the proposed marijuana establishment in Arizona. Also, you need permission from the owner of the physical address of the proposed marijuana establishment that has a signature and notarization within 60 days before that application.

With that, other information is also necessary and the information above is just a snippet of what is essential. Remember, the documentation is a requirement, but the social equity part of an Arizona cannabis application is what can land you a license.

A Statement Signed and Dated by a Representative of the Local Jurisdiction

For this, you need to verify local zoning restrictions. Additionally, you have to include the legal name of the marijuana establishment or identify at least one principal officer or board member within the establishment.

More of this information can be found in section R9-18-303 within the draft from the Arizona Health Department.

Final Take on Arizona Social Equity Application

As the application pool for adult-use cannabis businesses in Arizona is about to begin, consider what you need for this application. Remember, the social equity aspect within a cannabis application in Arizona can make or break your chance of winning. For an easy cannabis application process in Arizona, contact our cannabis business consultants.

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