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The Arizona Department of Health Services will accept applications for Marijuana Establishment Licenses from early applicants from January 19 to March 9, 2021. A Marijuana Establishment License in Arizona allows you to sell cannabis products to those over the age of 21. If you qualify as an early applicant for the Arizona cannabis industry, it is urgent that you start your retail cannabis license application in Arizona.

If you do not qualify as an early applicant you still have a chance in obtaining a retail cannabis license within Arizona after early applications are issued. With that, the department can not issue more than one Marijuana Establishment License for every 10 registered pharmacies in Arizona.

cannabis retail license in arizona

Retail Cannabis License in Arizona

A marijuana establishment license in Arizona allows you to do more than just operate a dispensary within the state. With a marijuana establishment license, you can sell, cultivate, and manufacture marijuana. With that, each license only allows you to operate one establishment. So, what exactly can you do with this license?

Arizona Retail Dispensary License

With a marijuana establishment license in Arizona, you can have a single retail location. Within this retail space, you are able to sell, cultivate, and manufacture marijuana at the same time. This license is unique as you are able to control multiple sectors of marijuana production. So, you can own a dispensary and cultivate/manufacture the products for that dispensary.

Off-site Locations

Additionally, with a marijuana establishment license, you can have a single off-site cultivation location where you can cultivate, process, and manufacture marijuana products. With this kind of license, marijuana products can not be transferred or sold to customers within the location. However, you can not have a retail cannabis license in Arizona.

You can also have an off-site location at which the licensee can manufacture, package, and store marijuana products. With this location, you also can not transfer and sell products to consumers.

So, if you want a retail cannabis license in Arizona you need to have a marijuana establishment license for a single retail location.

For more information on how you can get a cannabis business license, contact our cannabis consultants in Arizona.

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