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Arizona Marijuana Application Writers

Now that recreational marijuana is legal in Arizona, everyone wants in on this hot new market. Our Arizona marijuana application writers are here to explain how you can win a license. With that, the application pool for marijuana businesses in Arizona is heavy. Adult-use sales are expected to start in the Spring of this year. Make sure to contact our cannabis consultants in Arizona to help you write a successful marijuana application.

As mentioned above, an adult-use marijuana market is finally established in Arizona. So, those over the age of 21 are able to purchase and possess marijuana products. Adults can have up to an ounce in marijuana products. Additionally, they can grow up to 6 plants for personal use. Now, let’s take a look at how the application process works in Arizona.

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Cannabis Application in Arizona

The Department of Health Services is to adopt rules to implement and regulate marijuana products, marijuana establishments, and marijuana testing facilities.

Requirements for Marijuana Industry in Arizona

The Department of Health Services is responsible for the licensing of marijuana establishments and marijuana testing facilities.

They conduct background checks in order to determine the eligibility for licensing. With that, it is important to have your general information on hand when completing an application. Our Arizona marijuana application writers make sure to verify this information to determine your eligibility before you apply.

With that, there are some specific rules and regulations for marijuana applications and businesses in Arizona. These include that:

  • An application for a marijuana establishment license or marijuana testing facility license does not require the disclosure of the identity of any person who is entitled to a share of less than ten percent of the profits of an applicant that is a publicly-traded corporation.


  • Additionally, the Department can not issue more than one marijuana establishment license for every ten pharmacies that are registered under Section 32-1929.


  • In addition to the information above, the Department can issue a marijuana establishment license to no more than two marijuana establishments per county that contain no registered non-profit medical marijuana dispensaries.

Our Arizona marijuana application writers at Quantum 9 can help walk you through the specific rules that the department makes.

More Required Information for a Marijuana Application in Arizona

Additionally, the Department is in charge of other important rules, such as:

  • Licensing fees and renewal fees. Contact our cannabis consultants at Quantum 9 for more information about how much an application will cost you.
  • The security of marijuana business and marijuana testing facilities in Arizona.
  • In addition to this, the Department makes rules for safe cultivation, processing, and manufacturing of marijuana products
  • Also, the Department has regulations on the tracking, testing, and packaging of marijuana products.
  • They will also watch the strength of marijuana products.

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Early Applicants in Arizona Have an Advantage

The department shall accept applications for marijuana establishment licenses from early applicants from January 19, 2021, until March 9, 2021. Within 60 days the Department will determine whether or not you qualify for a marijuana license in Arizona.

If you are not an early applicant, the Department issues marijuana licenses by random selection. The Department will then publicize the random selection on its website.

How to Qualify as an Early Applicant in Arizona

It is actually not hard to qualify as an early applicant, so if you are eager to start a marijuana business in Arizona you may be able to start now. Talk to our Arizona marijuana application writers if you think you qualify as an early application. As mentioned before, the Department will accept early applications until March 9th.

You can qualify as an early applicant in two ways. An entity seeking to operate a marijuana establishment with fewer than two registered Nonprofit Medical Marijuana Dispensaries qualifies as an early applicant. Currently, these counties include Apache, Cochise, Gila, Graham, Greenlee, La Paz, Santa Cruz, and Yuma Counties. Additionally, a Nonprofit Medical Marijuana Dispensary that is in good standing with the department qualifies as an early applicant.

With that, early applicants need to submit 5 required forms to the health department during this process.

So, if you want a marijuana license in Arizona, make sure to contact our cannabis consultants at Quantum 9 for an easy and effective application process. We include an abundance of services to make sure that your cannabis business dreams come true.


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