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Maryland Marijuana Investment Opportunities – How to successfully invest in the Cannabis Industry  

Maryland Marijuana Investment Opportunities

Invest in Cannabis Investment Consultant

Are you an angel investor, venture capitalist, or entrepreneur interested in investing in cannabis in the state of Maryland?  If so now is the time to seriously start organizing your business plans to be fully prepared when the dispensary and cultivation license application process begins.  It’s true, the rules and regulations have not been officially released yet, but there have been several drafts posted indicating what the state will be requiring.

Even though each state publishes their own version of rules and regulations, we have found several similarities within all approved states that are operational today.  This is why it is incredibly important to engage a company like Quantum 9 who has specific experience in the cannabis industry working alongside clients and their clients’ state legislation not just during the license application process, but well after the license has been granted.

Here are a few general tips that everyone should already have in place before submitting their applications:

  • Source key members of the team (security, quality assurance, growers)
  • Business Plan Writing
  • Technical Documentation
  • Security Protocols
  • Quality Assurance Protocols
  • Sanitation Protocols
  • Patient Record Keeping
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Good Production/Manufacturing Practices
  • Application Packaging and Submission
  • Regulatory Compliance Guidance
  • Facility Design
  • Schematics Designs

In Maryland, the preliminary amount of licenses that are being granted are 15 cultivation and 94 dispensary, which means the majority of applications will be denied considering 374 licenses combined were approved in Nevada.  This is more of a reason to partner with an experienced firm in the cannabis space to be sure your marijuana license application has the absolute best chance at being approved.

Quantum 9 literally has the best of the best consultants on their team.  Below are a few key members of Quantum 9 to give a better inside look at why they are the firm to use when investing in the cannabis industry.

Need Last Minute Dispensary Help?

Are you stressing to complete your Maryland Medical Cannabis Dispensary Application and want some last minute help from a top Maryland Cannabis Consulting Firm? Contact Quantum 9 for last-minute assistance on your Maryland Dispensary Application submission for assistance on questions 8-184. It’s not too late to strengthen your submission, but don’t delay and call your Maryland Dispensary Cannabis Consultants today.

Ed Rosenthal – Master Level Gardner III/Most Published and Recognized Cannabis Author

Michael Mayes – Quantum 9 CEO

Quantum 9 – Media Coverage

About Quantum9

Quantum 9, Inc. is a Chicago, IL-based cannabis consulting firm. We specialize in getting high net worth individuals and private equity cannabis business licenses to cultivate, manufacture and dispense marijuana. We have over 50 marijuana consultants that work for the company, and we have practiced in 12 countries. Our areas of expertise include permit acquisition, team building, employee training planning, and process planning. We help clients fully maximize the potential of any cannabis cultivation, processing, and dispensary business.


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