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Bob Marley Cannabis Brand

Bob Marley’s family has teamed up with Seattle-based Privateer Holdings to launch a new cannabis brand- Marley Natural. For years the Marley family have sold products including rolling papers, audio equipment, and even coffee. Marley Natural will be their first venture into marijuana products. The company aims at releasing a series of products- infused lotions, vaporizers, and accessories. In addition to seeds and strains inspired by the reggae singer’s favorite Jamaican strains.


The highly publicized announcement has created buzz for the growing cannabis movement on a global scale. Bob Marley was a legalization activist during his career, and his enormous posthumous popularity has continued to spread awareness. Quantum 9 CEO Michael Mayes was quoted in the Harold Tribune, “Bob Marley has been such a figure in marijuana legalization for fifty years, this deal really has the weight that is needed in the cannabis industry.”

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