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Keeping our Children Safe

By September 25, 2013August 3rd, 2020No Comments

Why seed to sale software security matters to Illinois when it comes to our kids.

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As medical cannabis rolls out in Illinois and as the national conversation moves towards legalizing and taxing Cannabis parents have a lot of questions. Many in Illinois do not even know that medical cannabis will be sold in Illinois next year, let alone what safety regulations have been enacted to keep this medicine out of the hands of our kids.

The State of Illinois took the time to understand the value of a cannabis plant monitoring system from seed to sale with software monitoring systems and enacted it into the new law. Each of the 22 cultivation centers that are opening in Illinois next year will be required to follow this practice. The reason this happened speaks to the fact that the medical cannabis industry understands the need to secure a product and engage the community to come up with the proper solutions to keep that product in the hands of the qualifying patients that need them. There are safeguards in the software that will monitor a plant from the time it is put in the soil till it gets into the hands of the patients that need it.

It is important that in these changing times parents fully understand the laws surrounding medical cannabis in Illinois to prepare and educate their children. The state of Illinois has taken the first steps by requiring seed to sale compliance, a direction the federal government approves in order to help keep our kids safe. As a parent,  I think every day about what I need to do to educate my child and keep her safe from harm. Understanding medical cannabis, the history of the plant and the laws surrounding it, the new medical law in Illinois will be essential to integrating cannabis into our communities.

Take time to read and understand the safeguards in the new law. Take time to engage other parents and seek out educational information on cannabis and how other states have worked to keep their communities responsible and safe. Statistically states that have regulated monitored medical Cannabis have an average of 7% reduction in use, abuse and arrests. Medical cannabis is here, and recreational is coming. It is our responsibility as parents to understand the safeguards in place and utilize them to protect our communities and benefit from the physical and financial effects of regulated Cannabis.

Quantum 9, provides a cannabis plant monitoring system that will be the Illinois standard for compliance.


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