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Today’s regulation has to do with sanitation protocol and the ability of the Department of Public Health to enter facilities for the purpose of inspections. Facilities planning to produce cannabis-infused products will find that it is imperative to establish and maintain a comprehensive sanitation protocol.

Illinois Register, Department of Agriculture


Section 1000.405 Production Areas − Infused or Processed Products

b) The Department of Public Health may at all times enter every building, room,

basement, enclosure, or premises occupied or used or suspected of being

occupied or used for the production, preparation, manufacture for sale, storage,

sale, distribution or transportation of medical cannabis-infused products, to

inspect the premises and all utensils, fixtures, furniture, and machinery used for

the preparation of these products.

*Please note that all rules and regulations have not been officially published and are subject to change. For the latest proposed rules and regulations, please visit the state of Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program website.


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