illinois mmjFor those interested in taking a leadership role in the future of Illinois’ Medical Cannabis Pilot Program, the state is now accepting applications for the Medical Cannabis Advisory Board. We encourage you to reach out to speak with one of our medical marijuana consultants to learn more.

The board will be responsible for reviewing petitions received from Illinois residents. For the addition of debilitating medical conditions to the current approved conditions list. The group will conduct a public hearing for reviewing petitions. They will review previously accepted conditions. They will also recommend the approval or denial of each petitioner’s request within 60 days of a public hearing. Our medical marijuana consulting firm are experts when it comes to the policies surrounding medical cannabis programs.

There are 15 member positions available on the board, including: one medical cannabis patient advocate or designated caregiver; two nurses or nurse practitioners who work with medical cannabis patients; three registered qualifying patients (to include one veteran); and nine healthcare practitioners with current professional licensure in their fields (one per field).

Members should have no affiliation, serve on the board of or have a business relationship with a registered cultivation center or registered medical cannabis dispensary.

The members will hold a four-year term until a successor is appointed, with the potential to hold multiple terms.

To apply, visit the Boards and Commissions Detail for the Medical Cannabis Advisory Board and click ‘Apply’ at the bottom of the page.

To speak with a medical marijuana consultant, please click here.



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