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Best Vape Pens

Dr. Dabber Vaporizers

Are you searching for a portable device to dab with?  If so check out Dr. Dabbers product line, they fit almost every consumer’s needs.  Created by vape enthusiasts – for vape enthusiasts, Dr. Dabber’s mission from the start has been to create high-quality wax vape pens at affordable prices, while supporting the growing cannabis community.

This vaporizer is solely for smoking wax/oils.

Dr. Dabber Vaporizers

PAX Vaporizer

PAX vaporizers deliver an enjoyable and simple vaping session.  PAX vapes are built with some of the highest quality parts specifically for durability, portability, and what can be most important to some discretion. The Pax vape combines simple yet innovative controls, with a clean, palatable vapor production to deliver the ultimate dry herb vaping experience. The original PAX vape, PAX 2, and most recently, PAX 3 comprise the line of portable vaporizers at PAX Labs.


Take a look at PAX’s Vaporizer Products:

PAX Vaporizers


If you are still interested in a Vape Pen but these aren’t for you, fear not.  Here are a bunch more to for you to choose from:

Vape Pen


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