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Vape pens are an easy alternative to smoking. It eliminates the smoke and smell that can bother others. In addition, researchers  and marijuana consultants have also found that vaping can sometimes bring about a more intense high. Vessel’s cannabis vape pens are stylish and easy to use.

Above all, knowing how to use the pen is important to make sure it is in good shape.

Vaping Facts

1. Different Temperatures Affect your High

Cannabis plants numerous compounds that react differently to different temperatures.

The boiling points for various cannabinoids are:

  • THC: 314.6°F (THC-A 220°F)
  • CBD: 320°F (CBD-A 240°F)
  • CBN: 365°F
  • CBC: 365°F
  • THCV:428°F

2. There are vape pens for dry herb

Most vape pens accommodate  for oil, but there are tabletop vapes devices for dry herb.  Dry herb is just the regular plant being used. Vessel cannabis vapes are some of the most reliable vapes for oil. marijuana consultants and smokers both recommend them.

3. Finding the Right Vape Oil is Important

Not all vape oils are created equally.

If you live in a legal state the best way is to go to a dispensary. With the rise of the cannabis industry, counterfeits have become common. As a result, the best way to be safe them is to do research on the oil before you purchase it.

Vessel cannabis vapes

How to use Vessel Cannabis Vape

Your vessel cannabis vape will come with the pen, a charger, and a how-to guide. You will need to buy cartridges for the pen. The black cartridge that is included must be removed.

To turn on the device:

  • Press the main button 5 times, until the lights turn on.
  • You can then click the button to cycle through the three voltage settings
    • Lowest Setting: Cyan 2.8 Volts
    • Medium Setting: 3.2 Volts
    • Highest Setting: 3.6 Volts
  • To start vaping, press the power button and inhale until you receive the desired amount of vapor
  • After that, you can turn the vape off by pressing the main button five times.
    • It will turn off automatically if you forget

You can watch an unboxing below.


Cannabis Cartridges

Vessel Vape Cartridges

Vessel cannabis vapes do not come with cartridges. As a result, you will need to buy a cartridge for the vape. The vapes use 510 cartridges. 510 cartridges are the standard cartridges for most vapes. They are between 10.8 mm in diameter and 11.5 mm in diameter.

Vessel cannabis vapes can use other cartridges, however they just might not fit as well.  The cartridges displayed above are ideal when using a vessel vape pen.

Cleaning and Charging Cannabis Vape

Cleaning the vape is one of the most important steps to ensure the productivity of the vape. To clean, make sure the device is off and wipe down any residue with a cotton swab.

The vessel cannabis vape will come with a charger included. The battery in the vape is rechargeable and lasts up to 1 to 2 weeks with moderate use.  To avoid overcharging, only charge the vape when the light is blinking, signaling a low battery.

Should You Buy A Vessel Cannabis Vape?

There are benefits to buying a vessel cannabis vape. Firstly, the vapes can be used discreetly and can result in a more intense high. Secondly, you can control the temperature that you burn the oil. As a result, that allows you to control the chemicals that you burn and inhale. Finally, researchers  and marijuana consultants have reported that people who vape have had an easier time breathing compared to regular cannabis smokers.

Finally, you can see Vessel products here.

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