CBD Vape Juice: The Top 8 of 2017

Are you looking for the best CBD vape juice? Well, you came to the right place.

CBD Vape Juice or Vaping CBD oil can be confusing for first-time users. There are a lot of options on the market and not all CBD juices are created the same.

Hemp oil is easier and safer to consume. Vaping isn’t harsh on your lungs, which is why it’s increasing in popularity. In 2017, lots of great CBD products were released.

These products are convenient to use and are packed with medicinal benefits.

Here are the 8 best CBD vape juice releases from 2017. Read these recommendations and vape your way into 2018.

cbd vape juice

1. CBDfx

CBDfx makes great CBD oil additives. Their sources their CBD vape juice from organic hemp plants. The plants are grown at their plant in Europe before being shipped to their lab in California, where the CBD is extracted from the hemp.

This manufacturer offers many uses for their oil additives. You can apply the juice to your vaping device, mix the juice with your favorite e-liquid, or you can even apply the juice topically.

In 2017, CBDfx created products designed for more experienced CBD users. This includes their 300mg CBD Vape Oil Additive. It provides an abundance of health benefits with a robust flavor.

2. CBD Drip

CBD Drip is known for being the Official Vape Additive. With this kind of authority, you know they released amazing products in 2017. Their Rix Mix line is one of the most popular.

Rix Mix is perfect for those with health complications such as pain.

CBD Drip products help manage health issues and they generally make you feel happier. Their products can be used alone with a vape pen or mixed with other e-juices.

CBD Drip products are also perfect for those who want to become healthier.

3. Koi CBD

Koi CBD is one of the unique CBD juice brands on the market.

This manufacturer mixes delicious flavor with CBD juice. Combined with propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), Koi CBD juice is perfect for those who want to combine flavored e-liquids with the healing benefits of CBD.

It’s recommended you use Koi CBD oil as an e-liquid. This CBD juice is not recommended for use as a tincture or to be taken orally. Their products have a strong taste.

Because of their strong flavor, it’s best to determine which PG/VG levels work for you before buying.

4. Hemp Bombs CBD Oil

Hemp Bombs makes quality CBD oil at a low price. A bottle of juice usually costs around $15. Most CBD products are more expensive, with prices ranging from $50 to even $250.

With the low price and reputable quality, Hemp Bombs CBD juice is perfect for all CBD users. This brand is great for new users; you receive a great product at a low price, and you can become used to CBD juice.

Hemp Bombs CBD juice contains only 200mg of CBD. This small amount is perfect for new users, but experienced users may want a more potent CBD juice.

Hemp Bombs makes their CBD juice with great flavors such as a cookie, watermelon, strawberry milk, and a glazed donut.

5. Zero CBD Oil

The ‘zero’ from Zero CBD Oil comes from the fact that there is no THC in this oil.

CBD is known as the marijuana ingredient that contains the healthy stuff without the ‘high.’ Some CBD oils may contain THC; usually only as low as 0.3% or less, but it may interfere with those who can’t have any THC.

This is why Zero is great for those who are new to vaping CBD juice.

The product only comes in 5 mL bottles. This is perfect for those who don’t need a lot of CBD juice but may be a turn off for those who vape frequently. Zero also makes unique and delicious flavors, such as butterscotch.

6. Pure Kana

There’s a reason why Pure Kana is one of the authorities of CBD juice. It’s extracted from full spectrum hemp. The quality is good enough to aid those with serious illnesses and diseases.

Pure Kana offers various sizes and CBD potency. This is perfect for the new CBD users — start with something small such as 300mg, and graduate to a stronger product such as 1,000mg.

Pure Kana offers flavors, but nothing as strong as the other CBD juices mentioned. Their flavors are mild and simple, such as mint, and are used to mask the hemp flavor.

7. Green Roads

If you’re an experienced CBD user, Green Roads is your answer. This product uses pure CBD for maximum potency. It’s created by a licensed pharmacist, so it’s perfect for those who use CBD as an alternative to medication.

Green Roads has different formulas based on different strains of marijuana such as sour diesel. With maximum potency CBD, keep in mind you may experience side effects such as fatigue.

But this CBD is useful for those who suffer from pain or insomnia.

8. CBD Essence

This is another CBD authority brand.

They have been in business for five years and all of their products are laboratory tested. They use organic hemp that can be vaped or used as a tincture. This makes CBD Essence one of the best products on the market.

The two main ingredients are hemp and cannabis. Each is grown locally and not imported. CBD Essense is more expensive than other vape juices but is also better quality than most CBD juices.

Time to Buy CBD Vape Juice

More people are discovering the benefits of CBD vape juice. There are more ways to consume CBD juice and users enjoy using the safe method of vaping. Some juices can be used alone and or with your favorite e-liquid.

CBD juice is a convenient way to consume CBD. CBD offers tremendous health benefits that should be enjoyed by everyone. So get to vaping CBD in 2018!

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