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Can You Take CBD For Labor Pain?

CBD and labor painDescription: Over the years, doctors use epidurals and pain killers to help combat labor pain. And since CBD is a potent pain killer, it is safe for labor as well. CBD oil for labor pain, yay, or nay?


To begin with, labor pain types are characterized by two kinds of sensations—visceral and somatic pain. Visceral pain is when the pain is present in the abdominal section of the body. For example, appendicitis or gall stones may lead to feeling this kind of pain. Visceral pain causes cutting or burning perceptions in the afflicted area.

Somatic pain, commonly described as a cramping pain, is when you can feel unpleasant sensations on the skin, tissues, muscles, and joints.

Labor occurs in three stages, each accompanied by a more intense painful sensation than the previous stage. Visceral pain occurs in the early stage of one and two, while somatic occurs late on stages one and two. The third stage is during baby delivery. Labor pain begins as tolerable and then advances into intense and unbearable pain.

For labor pain relief medication, doctors use physiological relief, physical relief, inhalation analgesia, opioids, regional analgesia, or complementary solutions. An example of a physiological remedy includes hypnosis. The physical pain relied on medication includes acupuncture, while inhalation analgesia use inhalants to reduce pain perception. Morphine is a common opioid, and regional analgesia is a common epidural. Complementary therapies include underwater births and aromatherapy.

As seen, pain relief in health care is taken seriously when it comes to managing labor pain. The real question is, can CBD be used as an effective pain reliever?

Our cannabis consultants at Quantum 9 know CBD has amazing benefits, now let’s see the benefits of using CBD during labor.

How CBD Can Help During Labor?

CBD and labor pain

CBD oil for labor pain is and continues to be very successful for pain relief. It helps some women with induction during the labor process. Also, CBD oil aids excessive bleeding and instigates lactation by fastening milk production when the baby arrives. Lastly, CBD oil eases other labor pain symptoms like vomiting and nausea.

Within the first stage of labor, the mother feels waves of aches in her lower abdomen and lower back. This is what we described above as somatic pain. This aching is quite similar to cramp pains during monthly menstruation. After a while, these contractions (waves) intensify. CBD use during the first stage can numb the aching, leading to a smoother labor process.

CBD initiates a decreased production of oxytocin-instigated myometrical expansion and contraction of abdominal muscles. So, this lowers contraction pains.

In addition to labor pain, there is evidence that CBD can boost a woman’s fertility. During pregnancy, CBD helps with morning sickness and better sleeping patterns. As you can see, CBD is useful throughout a woman’s pregnancy, all the way from conception to delivery. That means that a CBD dosage from CBD Shelter provides significant help to moms who are trying and expecting.

Our cannabis consultants at Quantum 9 hope to see individuals accept the use of CBD and THC products for pain relief.

CBD Products That Can Help Ease Labor

CBD Shower Bombs

To begin with, CBD bath bombs help with labor induction, pain relief, and relaxation. These bombs are mostly spherical and contain sweet-smelling essential oils for a more calming effect.

In order to use the CBD bomb, you simply drop it into the bath and let it dissolve as it releases its’ benefits. Mothers are advised to soak in the tub for about half an hour for the maximum effect. These CBD shower bombs contain a very low dosage of CBD, posing no danger to both the mother and the baby.

CBD Topical Oils and Creams

These options are best for massaging the mother’s lower back and abdominal area for the most beneficial effects. They usually consist of small dosages of CBD. These creams are also applied directly to the vagina to reduce tearing during natural childbirth.

To find out how CBD oil helps with pain relief, check out this article our cannabis consultants wrote about the science of CBD.

CBD Candles for Aromatherapy

Lastly, lighting up a CBD candle in the same room as the mother in labor helps with pain management. As she inhales the candle’s aroma, she takes in the beneficial CBD vapor, which helps with the pain.

Is CBD For labor Pain Safe?

CBD and labor pain

Mothers in labor are at a very vulnerable state and stage in their lives, so CBD for pain relief needs to be done correctly. So, what strength of CBD oil should mothers use? First, the CBD dosage needs to be low. Secondly, the way you use CBD oil is important. For example, candles, shower bombs, and safely prescribed pills are all safe CBD products. Avoid smoking CBD at all costs.

CBD health benefits are immeasurable even for women in labor, but one thing must be adhered to. The administration of these remedies must be supervised and advised by a doula, midwife, or doctor. Self-diagnosing your treatment is highly discouraged.

A few things that help mothers stay in the safe zone as they fight labor pain while using CBD are:

  •     Getting the product from a trusted seller
  •     Using the product for its intended use
  •     Minimizing exposure
  •     Using small dosages
  •     Never do it alone, have someone by your side.

Take Away

Labor pains are excruciating, so any safe method possible is encouraged. Indeed, there are other remedies, but CBD has the least side effects in comparison to other ways. It is all-natural and is the least invasive method for pain relief. However, mothers who want to give it a try must get a consultation from their obstetrics.

Do you have any questions? Let us know in the comment section below.

Author’s Bio: Rae Hudson is a midwife who uses CBD products like shower bombs, candles, and topical creams for her clients. The results she gets before and after the usage of these products is commendable. And so Rae advocates for their use even in hospitals with the mother’s consent, of course.

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