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Five Elements of a great Cannabis Letter of Recommendation

Here are five elements of a rock star Cannabis Letter of Recommendation to add to your cannabis submission to obtain a license to cultivate, process or dispense cannabis. Provided by the expert cannabis consulting team at Quantum 9.

Cannabis Letter of Recommendation

Who should you get letters of recommendation from you ask? 

Here is a quick list of who are the ideal people are to get cannabis letters of recommendation. The Mayor, City Planning, Fire Chief, Police Chief, Head of the Local Hospital, Head of the Medical Group you have a joint venture with, Senators, House of Representative Members, the Governor, and the President of the United States of America. Ok, the last one might be a stretch but keep in mind that if you shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars, and also you miss 100%  of the shots you never take. In our experience, most elected officials have zero time to write a cannabis letter of recommendation from scratch, so we typically prepare a draft.

Why do I need cannabis letters of recommendations?

Germany Letter of Rec

Germany Letter of Rec

During the application process, the grading department needs elements that make your cannabis application stand out over other applicants. A good way of doing this is by getting elected officials to recommend your company over others. If the local official does not want to write you a specific cannabis letter of recommendation, we suggest that you get the elected official just to write and sign a document that states that they approve of medical or adult-use cannabis within their region or territory. The inclusion of a signed letter can act as a support tool even if they are not directly recommending your company if there are only a handful of companies with that letter than it serves as a cannabis letter of recommendation without calling your company name out. Basically, it does the same thing.

Five Elements of a great Cannabis Letter of Recommendation 

1. Exclusivity

When writing a solid cannabis letter of recommendation you want your letter to be the only one that is written for an applicant. First of all, if the person that is writing the letter also intends to write others then add elements that state that the person recommends you over all other applicants. For example, use language like “above all other applicants” or “after reviewing other plans, we feel the applicant is the best suited or most qualified.”

2. Approved location

Within the cannabis letter of recommendation make sure that the person states that the location is within an approved zone. Likewise, when you get letters of recommendation from elected officials always make sure that they indicate the facility is compliant with the local zoning rules and regulations. Hence, make sure that the facility complies with all local ordinances.

3. Letterhead

The document must be on the letterhead of the location. So, if not send over a draft that has the local municipal seal. It is always a nice touch to try to go above and beyond when sending over a draft letter of recommendation.

4. Operations

It is a nice touch to include that the person giving the letter of recommendation has reviewed some of your operational documents. For example, your security protocol or your plans for access to public transportation are good operational approval components. A good call our and approval will go a long way.

5. Community Leaders

Within the draft make sure that you always include the verification of other community leaders. Above all, make sure that the person that is writing the letter of recommendation also indicates that other leaders approve the applicant.

Here are other great resources during the application process.

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