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ISO 9001 certification cannabis consultant for cannabis businesses – adding value and credibility to your brand.

Are you interested in adding value to your business by improving your operation and management systems? Do you want to be known as a safe and reliable cannabis consultant business that consistently meets customer requirements while continuously improving?

ISO certification cannabis

Our cannabis consulting can garner your business this reputation through an ISO 9001 certification.

The ISO 9001 Quality Management System standard is an internationally recognized certification that shows your brand is committed to improving the internal activities of your business to consistently meet customer requirements.

It helps to establish a Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure that your business offers high quality and consistent products and services.

In fact, over 1 million organizations in over 75 countries are certified to ISO 9001 management standards. Businesses who adhere to ISO 9001 quality management standards will benefit in the following ways:

  • Adding value to your business by showing your dedication to improving operations.
  • Increased engagements from other companies through enhanced brand perception.
  • Demonstrates credibility.

For cannabis businesses, obtaining an ISO 9001 certification will make your organization stick out in this rapidly growing industry.

It will improve you’re operational and management efficiency while building your credibility.

For instance, the internal benefits of ISO 9001 accreditation include:

  • Improved operations;
  • Emphasis on effective leadership;
  • Reduced costs; and
  • Waste elimination.

Due to the emphasis placed on safe and reliable cannabis products for consumers, we are confident that the ISO 9001 certification will provide your cannabis business with a competitive advantage.

Why should cannabis businesses work with an ISO 9001 certification consultant?

In addition to the guidance you will receive from our team, the other benefits of working with our ISO consultants include:

  • Reduced costs of implementation. We tailor your custom-fit management system to save you time and money. Our streamlined process will help your organization remain focused and lean throughout the process.
  • Ongoing support – Our consultants will manage the ongoing compliance of your QMS to guarantee your system remains consistent while continuously adapting to the evolving industry.

ISO certification process with Quantum 9

First, our expert ISO consultants will visit the site of your business. During our onsite inspection, we will observe management and the operations throughout the organization.

We will also do a deep analysis of the standard operating procedures (SOPs) while focusing on areas of improvement. Thereafter, our consultants will draft updated standard operating procedures to ensure your workflow meets ISO standards.

In addition to updated SOPs, we will also provide your business with a process improvement document that will list detailed steps to improve the efficiency of your operations.

For example, our ISO certification consultants will provide detailed steps to identify and eliminate wasteful activities such as:

  • Overproduction;
  • Excess inventory;
  • Idle capacity;
  • Non-value added processes; and
  • Unnecessary motion and handling.

As an added benefit, Quantum 9 guarantees ongoing support long after you become ISO 9001 certified.

Our consultants will provide ongoing support to ensure your business maintains effective operational and management systems. Additionally, we will continue to monitor your processes and provide an updated process improvement document to meet the evolving landscape of your business.

Please reach out to a Quantum 9 consultant today, so that we can get your business ISO 9001 certified. We guarantee that our cannabis consulting team will improve the efficiency of your business in no time.

Julio C. Soriagalvarro, MS, MBA

About Julio C. Soriagalvarro, MS, MBA

Julio is a natural product chemist turned consultant who combines expertise in the life sciences and business to provide consulting services across the cannabis industry. He specializes in helping entrepreneurs win licenses to start cannabis businesses in both medical and adult-use markets. As part of Quantum 9, they've helped clients obtain licenses and become cannabis business owners in 27 US States and 6 countries. He received an MBA from Indiana University, focusing on finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship; a M.S. in Natural Product Chemistry and Drug Discovery from the University of Illinois; and a B.S. in Biology from James Madison University.

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