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Cannabis License Expert in Virginia: Social Equity

cannabis consulting in Virginia

The governor of Virginia recently came out with a bill that would legalize an adult-use marijuana market in Virginia. Currently, Virginia has a medical marijuana market that launched in October 2020. The adult-use cannabis legalization plan is very promising. Now is the time to utilize a Virginia license cannabis expert so you can win a license when the time comes.

The bill, summarized in this article, allows adults over the age of 21 to purchase and possess up to an ounce of cannabis. Additionally, individuals are able to cultivate up to four plants for their own personal use. Additionally, within the proposed legislation there will be a 21 percent tax on marijuana sales. Localities can add an additional 3 percent tax on retailers.

If the initiative is successful, adult-use cannabis sales in Virginia are to begin by 2024. This measure is well thought-out and is expected to receive support from lawmakers.

Important Priorities from a Cannabis License Expert in Virginia

The measure for an adult-use cannabis market in Virginia is full of detail. This measure has a high focus on social equity which is extremely important for a fair cannabis market in the United States. Here are some of the top priorities from the bill:

Social equity, racial equity, and economic equity.

  • Marijuana prohibition is historically based on discrimination. With that, criminalization laws often harm minority communities. Virginia’s legislation will focus on undoing these harms. With that, they will include a fund and process for expunging marijuana-related offenses. Additionally, they will promote diverse participation within cannabis licenses. Lastly, funds will be reinvested in communities harmed by prohibition. For more information on social equity within cannabis applications, utilize Quantum 9’s cannabis consulting services in Virginia.

Cannabis License Expert in Virginia

Public health.

  • Next, public health is a priority within this legislation. With that, the bill will include substance abuse prevention efforts in schools and communities. Additionally, the administration is to establish a framework to prevent harm from the legislation.

Protections for young people.

  • Also, the protection of young people is a priority within this legislation. This includes age limits, mandatory ID checks, and education campaigns.

Virginia Indoor Clean Air Act

  • Additionally, the legislation is to be aligned with the Virginia Indoor Clean Air Act. This prohibits indoor tobacco use. Contact Quantum 9 for cannabis consulting services in Virginia to help create an environmental plan for this part of the application. For instance, we can help you select and purchase equipment that will scrub the exchanged air in your facility. We have some of the best cannabis application writers in the world, and for this reason, we encourage you to reach out to learn how we can help you win a license.

Data collection

  • Lastly, the legislation is to make sure that Virginia collects appropriate and ongoing information on safety, health, and equity.

Cannabis License Expert in Virginia: Social Equity

social equity in virginia

As stated above, social equity is a top priority for the cannabis industry in Virginia. Social equity is becoming more and more important for marijuana markets across the nation. Because of that, the social equity part of a cannabis application in Virginia is incredibly important in order for you to win a license.

So, cannabis consulting services in Virginia are an essential part in order for you to get the cannabis license that you want. Let’s take a look at some of the important takeaways from the Social Equity Licensing Program and Equitable Business Development.

Avoid Unfair Cannabis Application Requirements

The department is to avoid setting application requirements that have a disparate impact on applicants that come from historically damaged communities

Benefits for SWaM and Veterans

Secondly, the department is to conduct an analysis of potential barriers for SWaM and veteran-owned businesses that have an interest in the cannabis industry. Additionally, the department is to recommend strategies that will mitigate any potential barriers.

Ask a Virginia Cannabis License Expert if you Qualify for Loan assistance

Thirdly, the department is to dedicate low or no-interest loans for any qualified applicants. This shall be administered by a community finance organization.

Contact a Virginia Cannabis License Expert about Waiving application fees

Fourthly, the cannabis social equity program in Virginia can waive or reduce costs that associate with application fees and licensing fees. This is for those who qualify for social equity. Again, our Cannabis License Experts in Virginia expert can help you assess if you qualify for fee waivers.

Cannabis Equitable Business Support Team

Lastly, the Cannabis Equitable Support Team is to provide outreach and technical assistance within the administrative process in underrepresented communities.

In addition to the expansive social equity program in Virginia, the state focuses on the expungement of marijuana-related defenses. With that, expungement is automatic for any misdemeanors related to marijuana convictions. This also includes marijuana paraphernalia. As for felonies related to marijuana, the expungement will be petition-based.

Cannabis License Expert in Virginia

Cannabis Licenses Available in Virginia

So, what cannabis licenses are available in Virginia?  The legislation includes 5 license types: cultivation, processing, distribution/wholesale, and retail/testing.

With that, a business that wants to control every phase in production within a vertically-integrated model can do so. However, these companies have extra requirements. This includes submitting an approval for diversity, equity, and inclusion plan. If you have any questions about your business plan for a cannabis business in Virginia, contact our cannabis business consultants at Quantum 9.

All in all, an adult-use cannabis market in Virginia is very promising. The legislature focuses on social equity and this should help minority communities have a chance within the cannabis industry. This is important for the state of Virginia as Black people within this state are 3.5 times more likely to be arrested for drug-related offenses. The legalization of marijuana in Virginia will be a huge win for this state.

Finally, for more information on cannabis businesses, or if you want to acquire your own cannabis business, please reach out to our cannabis consulting firm in Virginia.

Cannabis License Expert in Virginia

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