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8 Interesting Benefits of Consuming Pot Brownies

Are you thinking about trying some pot brownies? Don’t miss out on these 8 interesting benefits of consuming delicious pot brownies. Click here for more.

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Eating pot brownies isn’t just for a giggling group of teens playing hacky sack in the park anymore.

As the legalization of marijuana use sweeps the nation, more people are becoming interested in the use of edibles. And the benefits may surprise you.

Beyond just making you laugh and get the munchies, pot brownies have so much more to offer.

Read on to learn eight interesting benefits of consuming pot brownies.

1. Medicinal Purposes

The positive medicinal effects of marijuana have long been known to humankind.

In fact, edible weed was used for medicinal purposes as early as 2737 B.C. by Chinese Emperor Shen Neng in the form of a tea to treat malaria, rheumatism, gout, and memory problems.

Here are a few examples of the medical benefits we are aware of in marijuana use today:

Helps to Control Seizures

We all know that weed relaxes us, but the medical benefit of this is highly beneficial to some- like those with epilepsy.

Weed helps to calm seizures and all manners of muscle spasms by keeping our brains relaxed.

Anti-Cancer Benefits

There are a plethora of studies which show that the compounds in marijuana can stop cancer from spreading through the body.

For example, in studies involving mice, cannabinoids were shown to slow down a gene called Id-1, which in turn will stop breast cancer cells from becoming invasive.

Keeps Anxiety at Bay

Many pot users have reported that cannabis has helped cure them of anxiety, whether it be a side-effect of another illness or a problem of its own.

Be careful with this one, though, as weed can cause paranoia and anxiety if too much is ingested! Make sure that you start slow.

A Safe Way to Manage Pain

These days, if you’re experiencing short-term or chronic pain for any reason, a hospital is more than likely to prescribe you dangerous and addictive painkillers. These painkillers can, in turn, lead to a lifelong addiction to narcotics.

Ingesting marijuana is a safe alternative to help relieve pain without taking any dangerous pills.

2. Discretion

There’s nothing worse than being caught in a cloud of smoke by some nay-sayers, or knowing that everyone on the train can smell the marijuana in your backpack.

Although thirty states have legalized the broad use of marijuana, and another seven states have legalized it for recreational use, there are still many people who disagree with others smoking or ingesting pot.

Eating pot brownies is the perfect solution to keep your marijuana use discreet, and available to you at any time. The old granny next to you on the train will just think that you’re enjoying an innocent treat during your ride!

Pot Brownies

3. A Longer Lasting High

Ingesting pot gives you a much longer high than smoking does.

This means that especially if you’re using weed for medicinal purposes, or to help you sleep, you won’t have to dose as often as you would if smoking.

So, how long will it last exactly? Well, that depends on a couple different factors.

How hydrated you are and when you’ve last eaten will definitely affect how quickly and intensely the effects of pot brownies will hit you. Generally speaking though, the effects will last from three to twelve hours.

4. Better for Your Body

Although smoking pot will still deliver helpful THC to your system, it will also deliver the harmful effects of inhaling smoke to your lungs.

Eating pot brownies eliminate this harmful smoke and just leaves you with all the benefits. This is also useful for those who cannot inhale smoke due to medical issues, but still, want to experience the effects of THC.

5. They Save You Money

Pipes, bongs, pens, cleaning agents… the costs of smoking can really add up!

Choosing to bake edibles instead will save you on all of those costs. All you need is the pot and some simple ingredients which you probably already have in your kitchen.

And to make them last, you can freeze any unused weed brownies to thaw and enjoy at a later date!

6. They Reduce Weed Waste

And speaking of saving money, let’s talk about weed waste.

You know, all the little parts of the bud that get stuck on the stem, fall between your couch cushions, and never get smoked? Or the weed that isn’t quite up to snuff for smoking, so it just gets tossed?

Well, baking pot brownies is a great way to eliminate this waste- because all types of weed can be used in them.

7. Consuming Pot Brownies Gives You a Different Kind of High

Because your body processes the THC in edibles differently than it processes THC when you smoke, you’ll experience a totally different kind of high when you eat pot brownies.

Edibles will give you a high that you can feel evenly distributed throughout your entire body, rather than just a head high. It will also be a smoother comedown that won’t leave you feeling tired and groggy.

medical pot brownies8. They’re Delicious

Last but not least, let’s not forget that weed brownies are, well, brownies!

And you can make them however you like. Adding some cheesecake swirls, nuts, or fruit won’t affect anything but the great taste. Get creative and choose what you like. The sky’s the limit!

Not dissimilar to putting a dog’s medication in a piece of cheese, ingesting pot in brownies will help you to have your medicine and enjoy it too!

So, Get Baking!

Now that you know these interesting benefits of eating weed brownies, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re looking to reap medicinal benefits, you’re just trying to relax, or you’re curious to feel a different type of high, you won’t be disappointed.

Just remember to experiment starting with a low dose at first so that you can feel out your limits. If you want some more after an hour or two, you can always add to your dose!

Wondering what strain of weed to put in your brownies? Check out some information on the differences between Indica and Sativa here.

Are you a someone that learns visually instead of by reading?

We have you covered below:

Step by Step Instructions on How to Make Weed Brownies

Step 1: Add Medical Marijuana to vegetable oil – 2:50

Step 2: Pour Vegetable Oil and Cannabis into blender – 3:08

Step 3: Blend Weed/oil mixture – 4:12

Step 4: Pour oil into frying pan – 4:38

Step 5: Cook at medium heat for 15-20 minutes – 5:14

Step 6: Wait for Marijuana to bubble – 5:30

Pro Tip: Bubble NOT boil – 5:49

Step 7: Turn heat to low as Pot or Cannabis browns – 6:48

Step 8: Turn off heat – 9:58

Step 9: Allow cannabis oil to cool – 10:08

Pro Tip: Check serving size – 10:49

Step 10: Follow brownie recipe – 11:49

Pro Tip: Add cannabis oil last – 12:24

Step 11: Pour cooked marijuana oil back into blender – 13:25

Pro Tip: The smoother the better – 14:05

Step 12: Pour weed oil back into measure cup – 14:21

Step 13: Add cannabis or pot oil to brownie mix – 14:42

Step 14: Mix cannabis oil evenly – 14:55

Step 15: Pour batter into baking pan – 15:23

Step 16: Bake brownies at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes – 17:00


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