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6 Important Facts From Your Trusted Hawaiian Marijuana Consultant

1. Hawaii does not Allow Greenhouses:

What? On Page 850-5 and on 850-26 of the Hawaii Administrative Rules Title 11 Department of Health Chapter 850 of the it states the Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Rules and Regulations following: “Enclosed indoor facility” means a permanent stationary structure with a solid floor, rigid exterior walls that encircle the entire structure on all sides, and a roof which protect the entire interior area from exterior view and elements of weather. An enclosed indoor facility excludes a greenhouse or shade house.” The only thing I can think of is that the state is worried about weather issues destroying the facility. The Hawaii Rules and Regulations can be found here.

2. Application Submission can Only be 55 Pages:

In the Application Merit Criteria and Maximum Awarded Points published on December 16 each section from 1-13 total 130 points. Each section has a page number maximum totaling 55 pages. If you are looking for a premium marijuana consulting firm in Hawaii, I would suggest contacting Quantum 9. The merit sheet can be found here.

3. Each License Holder Requires A Narcotics Enforcement Division Certificate:

Chapter 850-22 states “Narcotics enforcement division certificate. (a) Upon award of a licensee shall apply to the department of public safety narcotics enforcement division (NED) and obtain a certificate to possess and handle marijuana and manufactured marijuana products. (b) A dispensary license shall provide proof of the NED certificate to the department within seven days of obtaining the certificate.

4. Dispensary Licenses can’t Wholesale:

On Page 850-26 (e) A Dispensary licensee shall not accept any marijuana or manufactured marijuana products from any other dispensary. This makes sense since there are only three on Honolulu and two in Hawaii. This could be an issue if a Dispensary license doesn’t produce the supply needed to serve their patients. This could also become problematic if a Dispensary licensee produced too much. In a scenario where the Dispensary licensee produces too much, I would suggest making new products like concentrate out of the overage.

5. Dispensaries are Unable to Label any Products Organic:

On Page 850-56 (c) A dispensary licensee shall not label as organic any marijuana or manufactured marijuana product unless permitted by the United States Department of Agriculture in accordance with the Organic Food Production Act. This is huge for applicants that are choosing to label their products as organic. Good luck trying to get the United States Department of Agriculture to certify your products.

6. No Advertising:

On Page 850-56 (c) Advertising and display prohibited. (a) A Dispensary licensee shall not engage in advertising in any media including but not limited to: (1) Broadcast or electronic media: (A) Radio; (B) Television; (C) Internet; and (D) Social media; (2) Print media: (A) Newspaper; (B) Magazine; (C) Billboards; and (D) Placards on public transit vehicles or provided that the dispensary licensee may establish a website that provides only general information on the dispensary licensee’s contact information, its retail dispensary location, and a list of products available for dispensing with a description limited to the information specified in section 11-850-92. Wow, very stringent language as to how dispensary licenses can advertise. At first read, I thought that licensees might not be able to make a website, but after reading on, I realized that the Department of Health was so generous with that ability.

If you are looking for a cannabis consulting firm to aid in your Hawaiian marijuana dispensary submission, please click on the link below and a Hawaii marijuana consultant will contact you.

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