Cubs winning the World Series!!!

For those of you that have not yet heard the Chicago Cubs won the World Series last night to end the 108-year drought. It was incredible to watch hell freeze over right in front of my eyes. Being a native Chicagoan the feeling in the air is amazing. I thought I would share some of my insight from the Cubs winning last night.

  1. Never give up. The Cubs have been kicked in the teeth for 108 years straight and never gave up. It only takes one good year to be the best. If you are young entrepreneur not all of your ideas are going to be home runs, pun intended. The important part is never to give up on your dream or idea.
  2. Stay humble. The Cubs had a commanding lead going into the eighth inning. The game seemed like it was pretty much over. You can see the look on the Cubs player faces that this game was pretty much wrapped up. Three runs later in the bottom of the eight and the entire momentum of the game shifted. When you get cocky while winning the swing the other way hurts much more. Stay humble in everything you do; you never know when the momentum is going to swing the other way. No one likes people that brag and champions are always humble.
  3. Take a break. Some call it tears from God; some call it rain but either way the Cubs were awarded a huge break to end the giant momentum swing at the top of the 10th. Although the rain delay was short-lived, it allowed the Cubs to recharge their battery and get their heads in the right place. The delay evened the playing field, pun intended. All the Cubs needed to do was to reset their heads and play a game as if it were 0-0 again. We all need these types of breaks, during the day and during tumultuous times at work. It is good to clear your mind; almost everything works again if you unplug it and plug it back in. Unplugging works for us too, we need to reset sometimes to get back in the game; the puns are endless.
  4. Patience is a virtue. The Cubs had waited 108 years before they tasted victory. The sweet wouldn’t be so sweet without the sour. Our sour asses have been beaten down for 108 years; our Kool-Aid tasted mighty sour, until last night. Cubs fans around the world were crying like grown-ass babies. The fans, however, have always been this way even when the team was losing… for over a hundred years. “This is the year the Cubs will win the World Series” No one could have predicted this, especially Cubs fans.

Give yourself a couple of days to soak it all in. Make babies and blame it on the Cubs. Drink too much this weekend, and most of all remember this feeling. It is victory, we all share in this win because last night the underdog won. We did it. We made history.

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