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The Arkansas Supreme Court Disqualifies Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act “Issue 7”

The Arkansas Supreme Court has 86ed an Arkansas medical marijuana ballot initiative for this years election. In a 5-2 judgment Thursday, October 27, 2016, the court agreed challengers of the original act, known as Issue 7. It would have allowed Arkansas medical cannabis patients with specific medical problems as well as a doctor’s referral to acquire cannabis from dispensaries.

Voters have been voting on the measure already in early voting. With election day now less than two weeks away and thousands of votes currently cast the Supreme Court has put cannabis in a very unusual situation. Voters will still have their chance to vote on the Arkansas medical marijuana ballot initiative in a competing measure to allow for medical marijuana. The proposition was among two medical marijuana proposals on the ballot. The judgment comes after more than 142,000 people have currently cast tallies with early voting. Early voting started Monday in Arkansas for the general election.

Arkansas Cannabis ConsultingArkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment “Issue 6”

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana “Issue 6” amendment is still on the ballot and can be voted in on November 8th.  While this is not the more popular amendment, it will still progress the Arkansas Medical Marijuana program.

What are the “Issue 6” highlights?

  • Eight (8) Cultivation/Grower Permits
  • 20 – 40 Dispensary Licenses
  • Anti-Monopoly Language (one license/permit of each max per company)
  • For-Profit Model

Arkansas Medical Cannabis Consulting

Are you an accredited investor, investment group, venture capitalists, or group of entrepreneurs looking to enter the Arkansas Medical Marijuana market and do not know where to start?  Quantum 9 has a cannabis permit application team comprised of FDA grant writers and project managers that excel in assisting applicants winning their medical cannabis licenses in emerging states, like Arkansas.  For more information about Quantum 9’s consulting services, please visit this page:

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