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With marijuana legalization increasing, more research is being conducted on the multiple compounds in marijuana. Here are the CBD Medical Uses we find as the most helpful.

Among them are CBD.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the two major marijuana compounds. When isolated, CBD medical offers multiple medicinal benefits without the psychoactive effects.

CBD is found in cannabis and its sister plant, hemp.

CBD is commonly used for medicinal purposes, thanks to its healing benefits. The secret behind CBD healing is in our CB2 receptors that are found throughout our body.

Want to treat and prevent multiple ailments?

Here are 10 benefits of CBD medical marijuana.

1. CBD Medical Marijuana Restores Brain Function

For those who have current or are susceptible to brain ailments, CBD medical acts as a neuroprotective.

Many CB2 receptors are found in the brain — along with CB1 receptors, which is what psychoactive THC controls.

Both marijuana compounds help restore vital functions of the brain. For those who sustain Alzheimer’s or any sort of brain damage, marijuana helps repair cognitive function.

But for those who don’t desire the “high” from THC, CBD medical will still help restore cognition without the psychoactive effects.

This occurs on a cellular level. When CBD enters your system, the endocannabinoids attach to your brain cells with CB2 receptors.

These receptors control your cells and act as a protectant. As you continue administering CBD, these functions and the brain cell barriers increase in strength.

In addition to protecting your brain cells, CBD prevents excitotoxicity. This is when brain cell production is disrupted and your brain cells lose control. When CB2 receptors control your brain cells, brain function returns to normal.

CBD improves current neurodegenerative ailments — this includes epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.

CBD also prevents these ailments in the long-term.

2. CBD Fights Cancer

Oxidative stress is one of the main causes of cancer. When your cells endure oxidative stress, they develop free radicals. This causes your cells to be damaged or killed.

Oxidative stress causes a various amount of diseases — but one of the most prevalent ones is cancer.

To prevent this process, our body needs to produce antioxidants. Unfortunately, we don’t naturally produce enough to combat cancer.

So more antioxidants are required to fully combat cell oxidation.

CBD medical is a potent antioxidant. When your cells are damaged by free radicals, CBD can come in and repair the damage. CBD also supports the immune system, giving our body even more benefits against oxidative stress.

With cancer, in particular, CBD helps destroy existing cancer.

CBD medical disrupts the endoplasmic reticulum, pushing calcium in the cytosol. In other words, CBD kills cancer cells. CBD also breaks down the proteins and peptides in cancer cells so they don’t survive.

CBD also reduces cell cytotoxicity. When healthy cells endure cytotoxicity, these cells get destroyed. CBD helps protect healthy cells so they aren’t killed off. In addition, CBD prevents cancerous and toxic cells and blood vessels from growing.

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3. CBD Helps Reduce Pain and Inflammation

CB2 receptors are prevalent in our immune system and our nervous system.

Therefore, CBD medical significantly reduces pain and inflammation.

CBD reduces pain and inflammation on multiple levels. CBD can reduce minor pain and inflammation due to non-threatening injuries, such as cuts and scrapes.

But CBD can also reduce major pain and inflammation, even when they’re symptoms of major disorders.

CBD helps aid your muscular system, which treats pain from muscle fatigue and even disorders such as fibromyalgia. Because of CBD’s potent effects, it acts as a muscle relaxer and a painkiller.

As a painkiller, the CB2 receptors work with the brain cells and the cells in the central nervous system. CBD blocks the communication between both systems, so you don’t recognize the pain.

A similar process occurs when CBD interacts with your muscular system. When your muscles contract, your muscles communicate with nerve cells, telling your body you feel pain.

Since CB2 receptors are prevalent in your nerve cells, CB2 receptors block this communication.

In addition, CBD also prevents the inflammation associated with pain disorders.

Inflammation begins in your immune system, acting as a trigger to signal your body that there’s something wrong.

Since CB2 receptors are abundant in your immune system, CBD controls your immune system so it doesn’t cause inflammation.

4. Fights Epilepsy and Prevents Seizures

The story that put CBD medical in the limelight was the treatment of Charlotte Figi.

Charlotte has Dravet Syndrome, which is a severe form of epilepsy. This causes Charlotte to have up to hundreds of daily seizures. The Stanley Brothers created Charlotte’s Web, a high-CBD and very low-THC oil for Charlotte.

Her seizures reduced significantly — from hundreds to only a few each day.

In short, CBD oil saved Charlotte’s life.

Because of Charlotte’s success, CBD started to undergo more research.

Based on the findings, CBD is proven to reduce seizures by over 50%! Credible resources such as the American Epilepsy Society now consider CBD as an effective epilepsy treatment.

In this study, adults and children with epileptic disorders were given CBD and placebos. These patients attested no other medications worked for them.

162 patients were assigned to take 99% THC oil for 12 weeks.

The results showed the patients assigned CBD noticed an improvement in their epileptic symptoms, including seizure reduction. Monthly seizures reduced by about 37%, two patients reported they never experienced another seizure.

Since CBD doesn’t contain the psychoactive properties of THC, it’s safe for children with epilepsy.

5. CBD Kills Viruses

CB2 receptors are prevalent in your immune system. Therefore, they can control sicknesses — even before they fully develop. This is true for viral ailments. This is particularly true for hepatitis, which causes inflammation in the liver.

For hepatitis, CBD benefits hepatitis patients for multiple reasons.

First, the CB2 receptors strengthen immune cells, so they fight viral activity. And since CB2 receptors control the cells, this prevents good cells fighting each other — which is typical in autoimmune patients with hepatitis.

CBD also reduces inflammation, which relieves multiple ailments associated with the liver. These benefits are prevalent for both hepatitis types B and C.

Keep in mind, you should not refrain from taking any vaccines or other medications.

Hepatitis and other viral disorders can be fatal if left untreated. CBD is a safe prescription drug alternative but is more effective when used with other medications. Use CBD along with other doctor-prescribed methods.

For those who are healthy, take CBD medical anyway. CBD helps build your immune system and fights viruses such as the common cold.

6. Reduces Blood Sugar

CBD medical helps reduce blood sugar in diabetes patients, but it also helps prevent the development of diabetes.

Diabetes is on the rise, and one of the main culprits is our sugar consumption. But CBD helps stabilize blood sugar, improves blood circulation, and lowers blood pressure.

Keep in mind — CBD is not an alternative to a diet and exercise regimen. If you have diabetes, take CBD while making healthy lifestyle changes.

Type one diabetes is a different story. Type one diabetes is usually caused by an autoimmune disorder, which attacks the islet cells in the pancreas. These are the cells that produce insulin.

While CBD isn’t a miracle cure for type one diabetes, it does help relieve the symptoms.

For example, joint and muscle pain is a common diabetes symptom. CBD interferes with nerve cell-to-cell communication, which results in pain loss.

Since CB2 receptors are prevalent in your immune system, CBD helps reduce the inflammation associated with diabetes. CB2 receptors also exist in your stomach and your intestines, which helps with gastrointestinal pain.

Even CBD improves restless leg syndrome, especially when you sleep. CBD has a natural sedative effect, so you fall asleep easier.

7. Stops Nicotine Addiction

Are you looking for a cigarette alternative?

Choose CBD medical.

CBD can cut cigarette and nicotine addiction. CBD can be administered in a variety of different forms, and a popular administration method is CBD oil as an inhalant.

This method is best for those who are looking to quit smoking cigarettes.

When a cigarette user craves a cigarette, they can smoke CBD oil instead. CBD will satisfy the urge to smoke and the user isn’t inhaling harmful ingredients such as nicotine.

For those who desire to quit smoking, CBD helps prevent nicotine cravings and prevents withdrawal symptoms.

Why does CBD help curb cigarette cravings?

Researchers don’t exactly know, but they’re assuming it has to do with CBD’s sedative effects.

Most cigarette users light up when they feel anxious. CBD helps calm the mind and prevent anxiety, so users don’t need to inhale nicotine to stay calm.

The added benefit of vaporizing CBD oil is vapor doesn’t contain the harmful effects of smoke.

The traditional marijuana consumption method is igniting the dry bud and inhaling the smoke. While this method isn’t severely dangerous, it’s not beneficial to your lungs.

Less heat is required for vapor, so the vape pen mechanisms don’t exert high heat on the CBD oil. This results in relaxed vapor which is safe for consumption.

8. Assists Mental Health Disorders

CBD medical helps relieve a myriad of mental health disorders, anywhere from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) to more severe mental disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

While THC is also prescribed because of its mental properties, CBD also benefits the mind.

All of the ailments CBD treats help calm your mind. Several health ailments cause anxiety: pain, high blood pressure, and uncontrollable nerve cells. Since CBD treats these physical issues, you’ll also receive the calming mental benefits.

Since CBD prevents anxiety, CBD helps treat mental disorders such as PTSD.

PTSD victims have reoccurring intrusive thoughts and nightmares due to past traumatic experiences. Since CBD also treats insomnia, PTSD patients can easily fall asleep with no nightmares.

Other anxiety disorders CBD treats include obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and social anxiety.

In addition to treating anxiety, CBD also treats depression. Some experts argue THC is more effective for depression patients because of its euphoric properties.

But some depressive patients enjoy the calming relief that CBD offers.

Schizophrenia is also a mental disorder that CBD treats. Schizophrenia affects several cognitive areas of the brain, which causes hallucinations and other uncontrollable mental ailments.

Since CBD strengthens brain cells, cognition in schizophrenia patients is improved.

9. Crohn’s Disease

Those who suffer from Crohn’s Disease can seek relief from CBD medical. Crohn’s Disease is an inflammatory bowel disease. It affects the lining of your digestive tract, resulting in intense stomach pain.

The reason why CBD is beneficial for Crohn’s Disease is obvious — its anti-inflammatory effects. CBD targets your immune cells, which fights any sign of inflammation.

There are also CB2 receptors in the stomach, which helps improve digestion.

Nerve cell communication prevents pain signals to the brain, so you don’t feel the stomach pain associated with Crohn’s Disease.

10. Prevents Insomnia

Insomnia is a common issue but is a very annoying one. CBD medical helps control all insomnia symptoms.

There are very few side effects associated with CBD, but a major one is fatigue and drowsiness. This side effect is exemplified if the CBD was extracted from an indica-dominant strain, which is the marijuana plant that induces sleepiness.

Fortunately, this is perfect for those who suffer from insomnia. Administration of CBD results in a full night’s sleep. It is a safe alternative to sleeping pills. CBD is also non-addictive and non-habit forming.

Use CBD Medical to Heal

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There are multiple medicinal uses for CBD. CBD may seem like a “miracle” medicine, but the science is pretty simple.

Our endocannabinoid system works with our most basic bodily functions: our cells. When the powerful benefits of CBD control our cells, we experience amazing healing. CBD also acts as a safer alternative to prescription medications.

CBD can help common ailments such as insomnia and generalized anxiety. But since CBD works on an immune and neuroprotective level, CBD can help treat major diseases such as epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease.

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