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The Top 10 Rolling Papers You Need to Try

Are you on the hunt for the best rolling papers you can find? Look no further. Here’s our list of the top 10 rolling papers you need to try.

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How to roll a joint

How can you possibly decide which rolling papers to choose when there are so many options?

Walk into your local smoke shop or dispensary and you’ll find a dozen brands on display. Type “rolling papers” into Amazon’s search box and 1,699 products appear.

While there is a constant debate over the best papers, it usually comes down to personal preference. What you like best is what’s best for you.

We’ve compiled this list of the top ten rolling papers so you don’t waste your time or money on papers you won’t like. But first, let’s discuss the different types of materials used to make papers. Each kind has unique characteristics.

Types of Rolling Papers

Rolling papers were invented in Alcoy, Spain in 1703 when people began to smoke tobacco. The very first ones were made from wood pulp. Today, there are a variety of different materials that are used.

Wood Pulp Rolling Papers

Originally, all papers were made from wood pulp. It’s the same material used to make cigarette papers, printer paper, boxes, etc. This type of rolling paper is easy to find.

They’re a good choice for someone who is learning to roll. The paper is a bit heavier and won’t wrinkle or tear easily.

Joints rolled in wood pulp papers will burn at a medium to fast rate, and stay lit — even in the wind. They burn bright, but also produce more ash.

Some papers are made of 100% wood pulp, while others are blended with flax. There are bleached and unbleached varieties. The whiter papers are bleached.

A downside to wood pulp rolling papers is that you can taste the paper — it often leaves an unpleasant aftertaste.

Wood pulp papers are inexpensive and easy to find, but they are a less healthy choice than others on the market. It’s important to note that the production process impacts the environment.


Hemp papers are relatively easy to roll. The texture makes it easy for the smoker to grip and roll. They come in several thicknesses.

Hemp rolling papers burn slow and stay lit. There is a mild musky or sweet taste to hemp papers.

Hemp papers most often are 100% hemp and most varieties are unbleached. This makes them the most environmentally conscious type of papers.


Rice papers are very thin and smooth. They’re made of processed rice, flax, and sugar. There may be other additives.

The lack of texture makes it harder to roll. Rice paper works best for experienced smokers. A tray can make rolling easier.

The payoff for using rice papers is they have the slowest burn rate and least amount of taste. All the flavor comes from the weed. If a joint made with rice paper isn’t constantly smoked, you’ll have to relight it.

Novelty Papers

There are many companies producing specialized papers for rolling joints. You can find papers flavored with everything from fruit to chocolate to brandy.

Some brands infuse their papers with gold flakes, artificial flavors, and medicinal hash oil. There’s even a transparent rolling paper made of cellulose.

Whether you use marijuana for medicinal or recreational reasons, you want to find the papers that enhance your smoke. Keep reading for our top ten rolling papers.

Try These Rolling Papers

1. RAW Organic 300’s

This unrefined natural product uses non-GMO hemp and natural gum. It’s made using sustainable methods. The ultra-thin papers produce a clean, natural light taste.

These papers are less processed, and so thin you can see through them. The unbleached fibers are translucent brown.

This RAW product comes in a pack of 300 leaves. Each paper is watermarked in a criss-cross pattern to help prevent runs and create a rolling paper that burns evenly.

It’s all natural, additive-free and 100% Vegan makeup will appeal to many smokers.

2. Juicy Jay’s Flavored Papers

These papers are triple-dipped to make the entire joint taste good, not just the tip. There are 30 flavors including mint chocolate, vanilla, blueberry, grape, candy, and brandy.

These papers are easy to roll. They’re made of hemp that’s infused with flavor.

Bright patterns are printed on the papers with non-toxic soy-based ink. Natural sugar is used for the gum seal. If you’re looking to enhance your weed with added flavor, try these.

They’re also available in pre-rolled cones.

3. Medicated Papers by Lift Tickets

Lift Tickets is a California dispensary. It claims to be the “world’s first and best cannabis flavored rolling paper made from 100% natural cannabis.”

This award-winning product comes infused with some of the industry’s best medicinal strains.

The papers are made of all natural hemp infused with flavored and/or medicinal hash oil. They come in single and double packs that are pre-rolled.

These papers are for anyone who wants to add a boost to their joints without handling hash oil, which can be messy.

They burn slowly and are easy to use. 100% natural hemp means these papers won’t impact the environment.

4. Randy’s Roots Wired Rolling Papers

The Roots papers are a line of hemp rolling papers from Randy’s. They’re made of 100% hemp paper. The hemp is thicker and produces a slow, even burn.

These vegan unbleached papers will appeal to organic lovers. It’s a more natural smoking experience because of the organic hemp and natural Arabic gum. There are no additives.

The Roots are perfect for rookie rollers because of the unique wire attached to the bottom edge of all Randy’s papers.

The wire supports the joint as you roll it. Joints turn out tight, strong and straight.

After the paper starts to burn, the wire can be bent into a handle, to solve the common problem of burning your fingers as the joint gets small.

Many people will toss the joint when it burns down to a roach. Wired rolling paper means you can smoke all your weed and save your fingers. No more burnt fingers or fumbling while passing.

5. T. Ras Rolling Co. Corn Husk Papers

A family member who rolled joints in corn husks inspired the T. Ras Rolling Company from New York.

These papers are made of 100% corn husks and precut to size. They come in packages of 6 wraps and filters.

Each pack includes a spray bottle that’s used to moisten the entire paper before it’s rolled. This softens the husk and makes it pliable.

Corn husk papers burn slow and evenly. They have a neutral taste. The flavor of your herb comes through.

The husks are good for people who want to boost joints with extracts. The husks are strong enough to absorb the oils so they don’t drip or burn away.

This is an all natural tobacco-free wrap that’s easy to roll.

6. Zig Zag Ultra Thin

Zig Zag has been around for a long time because they’re reliable and consistent. The Ultra Thin is nearly see-through. It’s made of Gum Arabic pulp.

It burns slow and provides a clean smoke with little to no paper taste.

It doesn’t tear easily, so it’s a good choice for beginner rollers.

7. 24 Karat Gold by Shine

Have a special occasion that requires a fancier smoke? Try a handcrafted 24 karat gold edible rolling paper. You can choose gold or white gold.

These aren’t cheap, so hone your skills before you roll. FYI: Shine has pre-rolled cones that make rolling easy and luxurious.

The hemp-blended papers burn slowly so you can bling out longer. Each pack comes with a certificate of authenticity.

There are no FDA studies on these papers, so take edible gold at face value.

8. Trip2 Clear Papers

These transparent papers are made from cellulose and show off your herb in full view.

The strong paper won’t wrinkle. These papers are easy to roll but can be hard to see on dark surfaces.

Trip2 paper burns clean and slow. You can see the smoke travel inside the joint.

There’s no aftertaste. The rolling papers are ungummed. You simply lick, stick, and smoke.

The Trip2 generation is 100% tree free and is made from natural Asiatic Cotton Mollow.

These clear rolling papers are a fun novelty and great conversation starter. The new generation of environmentally conscious papers will broaden their appeal.

9. Urban Wraps

Want your joint to look like a cigarette? There’s a rolling paper for that.

Urban Wraps are printed with non-toxic soy ink to look like a regular cigarette.

They’re made from high-quality hemp for a clean, slow burn and no aftertaste.

The papers are thin and easy to roll for all skill levels.

When rolled properly, it will look like you’re smoking a tobacco cigarette. It’s a good choice for discrete smokers, although it can’t make your herb smell like tobacco.

10. OCB Premium King Size Papers and Tips

The king size version of these French rolling papers comes with a filter tip. The tip keeps stray weed from getting in your mouth. It also means you can say goodbye to burnt lips and fingertips.

The high-quality papers are made with natural Arabic Gum ingredients. They are easy to roll. They don’t tear or wrinkle.

The burn is slow and even, with no distinct taste. The only flavor you taste is from your weed.

Bonus: Blunt Wraps and Cones

Blunt wraps don’t fit the traditional definition of rolling papers, but they are an interesting part of the picture.

Wraps require the smoker to roll a joint in the same way you would with papers.

Blunt wraps used to be made from cigars or cigarillos. Smokers would remove the tobacco in the center of the cigar, replace it with weed and re-roll it.

Now you can buy blunt wraps. You just fill them and smoke.

Blunts offer random flavors depending on the cigar. They are easy for newbies because they give lots of leeway when rolling.

A rolling paper cone requires no rolling. You grind your bud and pack it in at the top of the cone.

Instead of manually rolling the joint, you fill the cone, twist it closed, and smoke it.

Many purists prefer rolling papers, but there are some reasons a pre-rolled cone can be useful.

If you want to control your dosage, pre-rolled cones will give you consistency. Or, if you suffer from joint pain or arthritis, a cone will be easier for you than rolling your own joint.

Another option is to purchase a rolling machine. Most machines are a piece of plastic or canvas wrapped around a couple of plastic rollers. They’re easy and quick to use, and allow you to make uniform, neatly rolled joints without paying extra for a pre-rolled cone.

Is it a Joint, Blunt or Spliff?

Let’s wrap up with some weed-smoking definitions.

Roll a joint in a light paper without nicotine additives. It’s a classic favorite of pot smokers everywhere. Modern additions to the joint include adding filters (handmade or store bought) to help smokers finish the entire joint without burning lips or fingers.

Wrap a blunt in tobacco leaves. The wrapper can be made from an inexpensive cigar or cigarillo or purchased.

Blunts combine nicotine and marijuana. Smokers get a buzz from two chemicals in the same way you would when drinking a beer while smoking a joint.

A spliff is a combination of tobacco and marijuana. It’s a milder high, that masks the smell of the weed with the tobacco smell.

rolling papers for weed

The Bottom Line

You have more choices than you’ll ever use when it comes to rolling papers.

Picking the perfect papers involves many factors. Use this guide to narrow your choices based on your skill level and desires.

Consider these four things when purchasing your papers:

  1. Rolling ease or difficulty
  2. Taste
  3. Burn Rate
  4. Environmental Impact

The truth is, the best rolling papers are the ones that enhance your smoke and make you happy. So, only you can decide.

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