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On March 15, 2020, the NFL initiated a new marijuana policy. According to the new policy, players testing positive for marijuana will no longer be suspended from the league. This is a major change for the NFL. They have been notorious for their conservative operations in the past. Because of this, the new NFL marijuana policy could have serious effects on the cannabis industry and cannabis consulting.

NFL players and cannabis

NFL Players and Cannabis

A history of intolerance from the NFL

There is a long history between the NFL and the use of marijuana by its players. Professional athletes often face higher stress levels and high levels of pain due to injuries. For a long time, players have used marijuana to combat some of these issues.

The NFL has danced around issues regarding its players before. For example, football players are likely to suffer from head injuries. However, the NFL has been slow to admit this. In the past, the league was notoriously anti-marijuana.

The NFL historically punished players testing positive. For example, they would be suspended, fined, or sent to rehab. The NFL received backlash for punishing these players more harshly than players with domestic violence offenses.

A New NFL Marijuana Policy: Game Changer

The new, more tolerant policy is a game-changer for both players and the cannabis industry

On March 15, 2020, the NFL declared a new marijuana policy. This policy increases the legal amount of THC to 4 times the previous limit. It also loosens up on the penalties for positive test results over the legal limit.

With the enactment of this new policy, players will be able to use marijuana medically or recreationally. An institution like the NFL easing up on marijuana policies is a step in the right direction for the cannabis industry as well.


How Does the New NFL Marijuana Policy Affect the Cannabis Industry?

A Step in the Right Direction

The NFL made a big statement by changing its policy. Because of this, other big corporations may follow their footsteps. Similarly, retired players like Calvin Johnson are interested in investing in the cannabis industry.

Firstly, this adds cash flow to the industry. Secondly, it gives the industry a good rep.

People look up to retired superstars like Johnson. As players continue to invest in the industry, people will start to associate NFL players and cannabis. Public figures with large platforms come into the business and really make things shake!


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