MMPR Licensed Producer List

Many are asking where they can acquire legal medical cannabis under the new MMPR regulations in Canada. Look no further, here is a list of MMPR Licensed Producers from the Health Canada website.

MMPR licensed producer list

Below is the most recent list of approved Licensed Producers on the Health Canada website as of September 3, 2015.

List of Authorized Licensed Producers of dried marijuana under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations

Licensed producer

Province / Territory

License type

(plants / dried)

Date of initial licensing

License status

Contact information

ABcann Medicinals Inc.
ONCultivation OnlyMarch 21, 2014ValidN/A
Agripharm Corp.
ONCultivation and SaleDecember 11, 2014ValidN/A
ONCultivation and SaleMarch 24, 2014Valid1-844-427-4742
Aurora Cannabis Enterprises Inc.
ABCultivation OnlyFebruary 17, 2015ValidN/A
Bedrocan Canada Inc.
ONSale OnlyDecember 16, 2013Valid1-855-420-7887
Bedrocan Canada Inc. (2nd site)
ONCultivation and SaleFebruary 17, 2015Valid1-855-420-7887
Broken Coast Cannabis Ltd.
BCCultivation and SaleMarch 14, 2014Valid1-888-486-7579
Canna Farms Ltd.
BCCultivation and SaleJanuary 8, 2014Valid1-855-882-0988
CanniMed Ltd.
SKSale OnlySeptember 19, 2013Valid1-855-787-1577
CannTrust Inc.
ONCultivation and SaleJune 12, 2014Valid1-855-794-2266
Delta 9 Bio-Tech Inc.
MBCultivation and SaleMarch 18, 2014Valid1-855-245-1259
Emerald Health Botanicals Inc.
BCCultivation and SaleFebruary 5, 2014Valid1-800-757-3536
QCCultivation and SaleMarch 14, 2014Valid1-844-406-1852
In The Zone Produce Ltd.
BCCultivation OnlyFebruary 26, 2014Valid1-800-420-1707
KindCann Ltd.
ONCultivation OnlyAugust 26, 2015ValidN/A
MariCann Inc.
ONCultivation and SaleMarch 27, 2014Valid1-844-627-4226 (MARICANN)
MedReleaf Corp.
ONCultivation and SaleFebruary 14, 2014Valid1-855-4-Releaf (73-5323)
Mettrum Ltd.
ONCultivation and SaleNovember 1, 2013Valid1-844-638-8786 (METTRUM)
OrganiGram Inc.
NBCultivation and SaleMarch 26, 2014Valid1-855-961-9420
Prairie Plant Systems Inc.
SKCultivation OnlySeptember 19, 2013ValidN/A
RedeCan Pharm
ONCultivation and SaleJune 25, 2014Valid1-905-892-6788
Peace Naturals Project Inc
ONCultivation and SaleOctober 31, 2013Valid1-888-64-PEACE (73223)
BCCultivation and SaleMarch 24, 2014Valid1-844-TILRAY1 (845-7291)
Tweed Farms Inc.
ONCultivation and SaleAugust 8, 2014ValidN/A
Tweed Inc.
ONCultivation and SaleNovember 18, 2013Valid1-855-55-TWEED (89333)
Whistler Medical Marijuana Corp.
BCCultivation and SaleFebruary 26, 2014Valid1-604-962-3440

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