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Thanks to the expostulation of four residents in British Columbia, a Canadian federal judge has deemed it legal for all medical marijuana patients in Canada to grow their own. A previous admonition by Vancouver’s Judge Michael Phelan had already allowed for some 28,000 patients to grow as long as they were licensed, but that didn’t include the rest of the patients who on Wednesday, Judge Phelan ‘s ruling declared their charter rights were contravened upon by the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations. During last year’s hearings, attorney John Conroy contended that the old regulations made medical marijuana unaffordable. This caused many lower-income patients to illegally grow or acquire cheaper product on the black market.

It may be a time to celebrate for thousands of patients. But the judge has given Canada’s liberal government 6 months to adapt their rules to the new injunction. Which means the new law will have no effect until the 6 months have passed. The ruling does not alter current recreational laws in any way. Despite the fact that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised legalization is the direction in which he eventually wishes to move.


Kirk Tousaw is a lawyer who represented the four patients who challenged the original regulations. He told the Vancouver Sun, “historic decision represents a nearly complete victory for patients using medical cannabis in Canada”. He also took to Twitter to celebrate!

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