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With more and more states pushing to legalize medical and recreational marijuana, it is only the beginning for the cannabis industry.

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Marijuana Is Constantly Evolving

At Quantum 9, we think that everyone should have access to the plant. If one can responsibly make the choice of sipping a glass of wine, one should have the choice to consume cannabis. Medically or recreationally, marijuana is “Not Your Father’s Marijuana” and is no longer the same plant from 20 years ago.

Through scientific knowledge of the plant’s genetic makeup, cultivators are able to breed useful compounds during the curing (growing) process. With this, selling marijuana isn’t just selling weed.

4 Things To Know As A Marijuana Budtender

1.) Know who you are talking to

To create a welcoming and trusting environment, know what kind of patient or customer you’re… Meet them halfway. Ask questions. Let them know you’re listening and want to help provide… I find that people are naturally happy while coming into a dispensary. From there, it’s all about the experience.

From your 65-year-old grandma to the young hipster, know what side effects your customer is looking to derive. Once you have an idea, apply product knowledge thoughtfully and confidently. To do this, you must:

2.) Know your grow

What better way to know your products than to try it yourself? Product knowledge as a budtender can include taste, dosage amounts, on-set times, or even the difference between CBD and THC.

Currently, the cannabis industry is deviating away from categorizing cannabis through terms such as ‘indica’ and ‘sativa’. Instead, it’s important to familiarize physiological and psychological side effects with the product’s terpene profile. Though budtenders are in no sort doctors, it’s important to base product suggestions on the customers’ ailments and reason for consumption.

3.) It’s all about layering and add-ons

Once you’ve determined what kind of symptom relief your customer is looking for,

4.) Customer Service

If you’ve had any sort of customer service job before, you’re probably well aware of the many different types of customers in the world.

Additionally, budtenders are not doctors. Marijuana is a recommendation from a doctor, not a prescription from a doctor.


I hope you found this article helpful. To learn more about being a budtender, reach out to one of our cannabis consultants. 

Lea Oblena

About Lea Oblena

Lea Oblena worked on Quantum 9s Public Relations team and assisted with coverage of all matters cannabis including licensing, business, health, entertainment, and science. She graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a degree in Marketing and Public Relations.

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