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Cannabis Oil: The 15 Surprising Benefits

Cannabis oil has been scientifically shown to have a variety of benefits. Discover the surprising improvements you could start experiencing with this oil today!

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In today’s article, we’ll be discussing fifteen exciting ways you can use cannabis oil to improve your life.

There are two very important things happening in the United States, today.

Firstly, the numbers of diseases like diabetes and cancer are on the rise.

And, secondly, the country is undergoing a marijuana renaissance. With states countrywide signing pro-weed bills, there’s a lot of great research coming out into the benefits of this robust plant.

And nowhere are we seeing more progress being made than in the world of cannabis oil.

marijuana oilOil Up, With CBD

Cannabis oil is a thick, amber resin that is extracted from the cannabis plant and used for a variety of purposes.

As a substance, it resembles a syrup, like a sticky resin or sap from a tree. The oil itself is rich in cannabinoids like THC and CBD, themselves the byproduct of the cannabis plant.

Before we continue, it may be important to notice one thing. Cannabis oil can be non-psychoactive, depending on its make and purity, even though it is derived from marijuana. What this means is that the effects most people associate with “being high” aren’t always part of using cannabis oil.

Cannabidiol extract is, for the most part, distinct from THC. It’s important to consult with your supplier, however, to know what kind you’ll be using.

Cannabis oil is an organic, easy-to-ingest product with a laundry list of medical and cosmetic benefits.

Helps Treat and Prevent Heart Disease

For many people, the days of heart disease being something rare or surprising are long gone.

Roughly one in every four American deaths is as a result of heart disease, with coronary heart disease being the most common type. And, while these numbers are unfortunate, they are becoming more and more common around the world.

Cannabis oil can help to promote heart health by balancing out negative oils, which build up and pass through your system.

More interesting is its ability to stimulate the antioxidant process. By doing this, this oil scrapes off excess cholesterol. This minimizes the damage caused by a clogged cardiovascular system, making it a heart-healthy decision.

Great For Treating and Moisturizing Skin

We live in a harsh time for people with sensitive, sickly, or oil-prone skin.

With so many pollutants in the air, water, and even our food, it can be difficult to keep your skin in good condition, even if you’re cautious.

And there’s the timeless issue of aging. For as long as anybody can remember, mankind has been preoccupied with wrinkles, dried skin, and blemishes from getting older.

Cannabis oil is a great stimulant for the shedding of dead skin cells. Along with this comes improved regrowth of skin, which, in turn, produces a more youthful, glowy look.

On a medical level, it’s been shown to produce great results with patients suffering from psoriasis and eczema.

marijuana for anxietyLowers Stress and Anxiety

The negative effects of anxiety have become more recognized in recent years. From work-related illnesses to the effects of divorce, moving, deaths in the family, and chronic illnesses, stress is a factor in all of our lives.

Anxiety is a feeling of helplessness and dread, and it’s actually quite common in modern society.

Cannabis oil is rich in many natural compounds which release pleasure hormones and help to relax the mind. These chemicals help to reduce stress and, as a result, bring about a sense of calm in the people using them.

A note on depression: this is a psychological condition that has become more prevalent than ever in recent years. CBD oil has an uplifting effect on its users, and depression is no exception.

The oil releases pleasure hormones, fighting the chemical effects of depression. With consistent, measurable results, it’s a safe treatment option that gets results.

PTSD Treatment

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a condition that can affect anybody. From military veterans to victims of crime or accidents, it’s a silent killer, and many people struggle to live with it, day-to-day.

It arises from going experiencing a life-threatening event and can have meaningful effects on the life of people, long after the event.

Researchers have found that cannabis oil has had positive effects in the treatment and soothing of PTSD. This is as a result of the cannabinoids in cannabis, which help to regulate the release of neurotransmitters. This doesn’t only release pleasure chemicals but establishes a baseline mood – a neutral, for users be able to live their lives.

Sleep Aid

As modern living becomes faster, more demanding, and more stressful, sleeplessness is one of the most common ailments out there.

Cannabis oil is gaining a lot of ground in treating this condition. Numerous studies have been conducted showing the efficacy of cannabinoids in aiding sleep.

Given its relaxing effect on the body and the mind, it should come as no surprise that cannabis helps to promote deep, healthy sleep. As the mind begins to let go of anxieties and obsessions, users can drift off to sleep.

Regarding sleep and comfort, CBD oil is a very effective pain reliever (as we will discuss, further on). For those struggling to sleep, a good pain reliever can mean not focussing on that backache or paying less attention to a lumpy mattress, even. Whatever the cause, without the pain, you’ll be able to sleep much easier.

Muscle Relaxant

Muscle pain can be a pervasive and debilitating condition to deal with.

It also affects more people than you’d expect. Athletes deal with it by choice, but for those dealing with fibromyalgia, it’s an unwelcome and, often, untreatable cloud over their days. It’s also a symptom of everything from rheumatoid arthritis to influenza, dystonia, and even Lyme disease.

Cannabis oil relieves muscle tension, making it easier to move, exercise and stay mobile.

Another avenue for this relaxing property is in the treatment of multiple sclerosis symptoms. Here, it is used on everything from simple muscle tightness to urinary incontinence.


By far the most common issue treated by the use of cannabis oil is a general spectrum of pain symptoms.

For people in consistent pain, this symptom travels with them into all areas of their life, and reliable pain relief can be a godsend.

CBD oil is a fantastic pain reliever. A powerful anti-inflammatory, this oil is a great therapeutic agent, covering many disorders.

It’s useful to look at what CBD oil does to perform so well as an anti-inflammatory. The chief chemical in this oil helps to reduce the growth and mobilization of inflammation proteins and neutrophils.

So, while many assume CBD’s pain relief effects are a result of its relaxation properties, it’s more than that. As cannabis interacts with the proteins that cause inflammation and pain, it works against them, making it even more effective.

Helps To Alleviate Memory Loss and Paranoia

It’s typical among recreational users of marijuana to experience forgetfulness and paranoia. As with any other intoxicant, this is especially true with prolonged or intense usage.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, CBD oil is different in usage to “traditional” marijuana usage. It’s not typically psychoactive and doesn’t produce the same “foggy” effect in its users.

While many proponents of CBD’s use as a medical aid tend to shy away from associations with recreational drug use, it does have one application here.

Combining marijuana with CBD oil reduces THC’s intoxicating effects, like memory loss and paranoia. It’s also been shown to be effective at preventing the sleep-inducing effects, common to marijuana use.

And, it goes without saying, the people suffering from these side effects aren’t only recreational purveyors. For users who smoke marijuana for health reasons, a little cannabis oil can help to improve their quality of life.

cannabis oil for cancerShown To Have Positive Effects As A Cancer Treatment

If you’ve heard a buzz around the use of CBD oil in recent years, the chances are that it was around its use as a treatment in cancer patients.

Cannabis oil, as we’ve mentioned, has many curative effects on symptoms like pain, sleeplessness, and nausea. This alone has led to many patients using it as a treatment for years, already.

But the effects of this treatment on cancer seem, in recent studies, to have much more meaningful effects than previously thought. Shrinkage in cancerous tumors was found in patients as well as mice. With these findings came further mapping out of its curative properties by new and emerging medical teams. This, in turn, lay the foundation for future development, the results of which we’ll be seeing for years to come.

Effective Alzheimer’s Management

Cannabis oil helps to stop or slow down the amyloid plaques that play such a huge part in the development and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

There have been numerous studies into the hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease. In research performed on mice with symptoms of Alzheimer’s, the animals treated with CBD oil had fewer amyloid clumps. Additionally, they displayed improved learning abilities.

Studies into its effectiveness in humans have been relatively small, but there are hopes for its future in Alzheimer’s treatment.

Mitigates The Effects Of Hypersensitivity

Neuropathic pain is an unpleasant reaction to peripheral nerve problems.

These symptoms (general and localized pain) are linked to various ailments, from diabetes to spine injuries. Whatever the root cause, the symptoms are often the same, and almost always quite painful.

In medical studies into this kind of pain, researchers found the body released natural endocannabinoids, to stop pain. It was a biological response and proved to be a vital piece of insight into treating these symptoms. As a result of these findings, scientists conducted further research into its pain relief properties.

Hypersensitive patients, with symptoms so bad they struggled, daily, experienced marked pain relief.

Helps To Manage Seizures

Individuals and families struggling with the effects of seizures have begun waking up to the benefits of cannabis oil, as well.

Researchers and advocates have been introducing the compound into the medical regimes of patients of all ages. And the results have been overwhelmingly positive.

With more people purchasing medical marijuana countrywide, CBD oils are making strides in seizure treatment.

IBD Treatment

Inflammatory bowel diseases afflict as many as 1.6 million Americans, representing a complete spectrum of ages. It’s safe to say, then, that it’s one of the more common illnesses out there, and that many people would appreciate more effective treatment.

Cannabis compounds trigger biochemical changes in the gut. They bind especially well to specific receptors, effectively easing feelings of nausea and pain. They also engage immune cells, halting pro-inflammatory proteins and relieving pain.

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis Oil

Enhances Your Appetite

Cannabis oil has been shown to help promote digestion. This, in turn, streamlines weightloss, encouraging better health overall.

Marijuana has been known to produce this effect in patients, and CBD is much the same. It increases your appetite, helping to prevent excessive weight loss and associated sicknesses.

In addition to increased hunger, however, is its effect on your metabolism. As hunger increases, the body is able to process and metabolize food and nutrients quicker. This means better weight maintenance and, more importantly, fewer associated gastrointestinal pains.

Lastly, this cannabis product is an effective treatment for nausea, as well.

Lowers The Incidence Of Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases affecting Americans today.

The presence of cannabidiol in young, non-obese mice significantly reduced instances of diabetes.

Consistent marijuana use (and associated cannabis oil use) has been shown to lower fasting insulin levels. Additionally, lower weights are associated with decreased efficacy of diabetes in humans.

Better Living, With Cannabis Oil

The benefits of CBD oil in medical, lifestyle and cosmetic treatments have been well documented. With uses ranging from diets and skin treatments to diabetes remedies and even potential cancer relief, cannabis has a lot to offer.

And, with new developments being made every day, it’s safe to say these new and emerging remedies are the tip of the iceberg.

Interested in finding out more about CBD oil, marijuana, and weed culture? Take a look at some of our other articles, and start discovering a world of fascinating insights, today!


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