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A Natural Approach: Cannabis Oil for Cancer Patients

Perhaps the best argument for legalizing medical marijuana is how it has helped cancer patients. See how using cannabis oil for cancer has changed lives.

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In 2016, more than 1.6 million people were diagnosed with cancer. We all know it to be a terrible experience for anyone to have to go through. It saps away a person’s energy as it weakens the body.  Such a diagnosis often leads to physical exhaustion and depression.

It’s made even worse when we realize that the only treatments available for cancer lead to even more problems and exhaustion for the patient. Most treatments involve killing off the cancerous cells in the body. Unfortunately, this involves killing off healthy cells at the same time.

No one wants to suffer. Luckily, there is a treatment available that can help ease that suffering. It is an all-natural supplement that can make a cancer patient’s days a little less painful and give them some relief from the disease ravaging their bodies.

We are talking about cannabis and cannabis oil for cancer patients.

The instant someone mentions cannabis or marijuana, judgment is passed. There is a stigma against cannabis use in any way or form. The fact remains that, regardless of any political statements or opinions, this drug can help relieve cancer symptoms. Some studies have shown that it might even lead towards curing it altogether.

We’ll be going through this in more detail so that you can understand just how much cannabis and its oil can help cancer patients.

Cannabis: A History

Cannabis usage, including cannabis oil for cancer patients, hasn’t always been the political debate that it is today. Centuries ago, it was widely used as a versatile and useful medication all over the world. There was no stigma against its use at that time. It was used by Americans and other countries all the same.

During the early 1900’s there were a few attempts to try and make cannabis illegal. Though these reasons were often due to prejudices against certain races and religions.

Although several states outlawed its use in their own states, Marijuana was officially outlawed 1937. Many different claims were made to persuade this law. Some claimed that the drug caused psychotic and violent behaviors, while other claims stated that it caused mental slowness.

However, there was no legitimate research made to back any of these claims. In fact, the American Medical Association even protested against the decision to make marijuana illegal.

But still, the law remains intact even today. There have been several pushes to remove the law, with a couple of states even legalizing it within their borders. 58% of Americans are in a favorable opinion about the legalization, but at the moment, it is still a big topic of political debates all over the country.

Regardless of all this, none of it changes the fact that cannabis oil for cancer is a helpful drug to help fight against cancer symptoms and the symptoms caused by its treatment.

What Are Cannabinoids?

Simply put, they are the medically active properties found inside of a cannabis plant.

In 1964, the first cannabinoid was identified (THC). This lead more research to be done in order to find 80 other types of cannabinoids, such as CBD.

Each cannabinoid has different medical effects and they can vary as far as how much of a “high” they give the user or how long the effect stays in your body. They can be used in different ways to better suit the user’s needs and the study of cannabinoids has helped find specific strains of cannabis that can deliver the best effects in the most helpful of ways.

A small known fact is that the human body actually makes its own version of cannabinoids. There are receptors for cannabinoids found within the entire body, and they can have a lot of powerful effects.

Unfortunately, illnesses and disease can cause them to become imbalanced. The addition of cannabis oil for cancer treatment can help bring back that lost balance.

cannabis oil for cancerCannabis is Not a Cure

Cannabis won’t cure cancer, but it does help in a lot of ways. When used in conjunction with the regular treatment regimens, it can be a powerful ally.

Recent studies done on small animals show promising results of cannabis inhibiting tumor cell growth.  Some studies even show that the treatment had killed off some of the cancerous cells without harming any of the healthy ones.

This is incredibly promising since, as we know, most cancer treatments cause the death of healthy cells alongside the sick ones. Having the potential for a cure that could spare healthy cells while killing the diseased cells would be a huge step in cancer treatments all over the world.

Now, these studies are still in an early developmental stage and it could be years before anything will happen because of them.

That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the many ways that cannabis oil for cancer can help us in the here and now.

Benefits of Cannabis Oil for Cancer Patients

Cannabis oil is an essential oil made from extracts of the cannabis plant. It is a potent way to take the drug and it can be taken orally and reacts with the body in much the same way as other oral applications, such as cannabis in food.

It can take a little longer for it to make its way through the body as opposed to inhaling the drug, but it carries with it the exact same kinds of benefits. People are having their lives changed just by the addition of this oil in their lives.

Increase and Regulation of Appetite

We all need food and energy to fuel our bodies. Getting enough calories every day is important for a person’s body to battle against any disease. This is especially important when battling against something as powerful and demanding as cancer.

However, cancer patients suffer frequently from being underweight due to their tumors essentially soaking up all of their caloric intakes. Tumors not only ravage against their bodies but also keep their bodies from getting the nutrients they need to keep going.

Chemotherapy can also contribute to feelings of intense nausea, dysgeusia, and vomiting. All of these things only make the loss of appetite more severe.

Cannabis famously increases appetite. After all, who hasn’t ever heard a joke about “the munchies”?

But in cannabis oil for cancer patients, this quality means much more than just a bit of humor. It can be a life-changing blessing to regain your appetite and the ability to keep food down.

Not only does it help their bodies retain the nutrients and healthiness needed to fight, but it also can be a great relief in a mental way as well. Food is often a comfort and a big part of social gatherings and the like. Not being able to indulge can be a big mental drain for anyone.

Pain Suppression

Not only does chronic pain sap away a person’s energy, it can also keep them from wanting to leave their homes and have fun with friends or family. Cannabis oil for cancer pain has been shown to have surprising effects to keeping discomfort levels down.

Not only does it help on its own, but when combined with other pain suppressors, cannabis oil for cannabis patients works alongside with it. This creates a greater effect than either treatment would have been able to achieve on its own.

Poor Sleep

Dealing with poor sleep often makes pain levels skyrocket. It’s like a terrible cycle: a patient can’t sleep because of pain, but the pain feels worse because they haven’t slept well in a while. It continues on and on until the patient feels completely destroyed and weak.

Cannabis helps with that. Use of cannabis oil for cancer patients can help bring about relaxation during a rough time. It has properties in it can cause drowsiness in some people as well. Plus, as we explained above, cannabis acts as a pain suppression, which in turn can help a patient get a better night’s sleep in a more consistent manner.

Being completely rested has many great benefits on its own, all of which cannabis oil for cancer can help achieve.


Anxiety is often heightened when a person doesn’t get a regular night’s sleep. Plus, it is an understandable mental side-effect for someone to feel anxiety and stress when they are going through such a terrible diagnosis.  Cancer comes with a lot of stressors aside from its side effects. Medical bills can begin to mount, and the diagnosis is often felt by entire families through the many appointments and worrisome treatments.

Due to its calming effects, cannabis oil for cancer patients can also help against feelings of anxiety and stress. It is a strong anti-anxiety medication that can help in a number of different situations that the cancer patient may have to face.


Depression is another affliction that cancer patients generally have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. So many things contribute towards a heavy feeling of depression for anyone having to deal with so many different things every day.

Cannabis oil for cancer-induced depression isn’t quite as conclusive compared to other things we’ve mentioned, but that is mostly due to the fact the studies have varied in results. Some say that it can help against depressed symptoms, but others suggest it might make those feelings worse.

This is in part due to the fact that different people can be affected by cannabis in different ways. Because depression is such a personal feeling, it is a harder illness to treat.

However, it is worth mentioning that there is a possibility that it can help you against any depressive thoughts or feelings.

Misconceptions About Cannabis

Some people feel that it is the cause of accidents or violent tendencies, while others believe it to be a gateway drug to even stronger and more harmful drugs. Some people even think that a person could potentially overdose on cannabis.

There have been no deaths connected to cannabis overdose.

There are times when a person uses cannabis alongside other drugs which lead to their death, but on its own, it would take an incredibly large amount of THC for a person to die from cannabis. An amount so large that it would be virtually impossible to intake it.

However, you can have a panic attack due to consuming too much cannabis oil for cancer or for any other use. This is most frequent with new users who don’t know the correct consumption rates. It’s also a common problem for those who try edible cannabis for the first time and are not aware that it takes the body a much longer time to feel the effects through digesting than it does through inhaling.

This kind of “overdose” isn’t even remotely deadly. But it can cause you shortness of breath, increased heart rate, disorientation, or feelings or paranoia. Stop your intake as soon as you feel any of these symptoms.

You shouldn’t have any problems with dosage as long as you consult your doctor or a cannabis consulting service. They’ll be able to help you figure out the best way to consume the drug.

marijuana oil for cancerA Final Word on Cannabis Usage

Always look to professionals if you have any questions about the proper dosage of cannabis oil for any other purpose. It is better to ask and learn about the product before you put it in your body.

Cannabis can be a great asset for cancer patients suffering from their own symptoms and the symptoms caused by the treatment for their cancer. Your local doctor or a consulting service can see what can be done for your specific needs and situation.

You shouldn’t have to go through this alone. Especially not when there are ways to keep your suffering as low as possible.

Don’t be afraid to try this remedy. Political debates and opinions might make it feel like there is something inherently “wrong” with using a drug of any kind. But the studies and results of cannabis oil for cancer patients, in particular, have been a huge step in the right direction for many different cancer patients around the world.

It has helped many lives. Let it help you, too.

If you have any more questions or would like to learn more, please contact us. We’ll be here to help you.

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