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LOVE: The Sixth Limiting Factor

At Quantum 9 we provide consulting to cultivation centers that teach them art and techniques to growing cannabis. The goal is to produce healthy plants with high yields and potency. We pay attention to everything from the design of the cultivation center all the way down to the molecular and even vibrational level of cultivating cannabis.

As Ed Rosenthal teaches in his book, Marijuana Growers Handbook, there are five basic limiting factors to growing cannabis; water, light, temperature/humidity, CO2 and nutrients. There is another limiting factor that plays a part in the overall well being of your pant: love.

I understand that the notion of love playing a part in the physical results from your plant might seem far fetched, but it’s actually quite scientific. If you have any experience in cultivating marijuana, you know that the type of light you use plays a major role in the growth. The slight variance in the vibrational wave of light can be the difference between a good plant and an amazing plant.



Emotions are no different than light in that there are different vibration wavelengths for different emotions. Those vibrations don’t only change our personal behavior, but it also changes the molecular structure of physical matter. I saw the evidence by reading Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research on how emotions affect the molecular crystallization of water. Watch the video at the end of this post to see how water responds the emotion that was directed to it. It’s amazing.


There was another study done with the fermentation and decomposition of rice in water.

This is a photo of an experiment by two elementary school students. The rice the children repeated “thank you” to was nearly fermented and had a nice, mellow, malted rice aroma. The other jar of rice the children had repeated “you fool” to had rotted and turned black.


If water and the fermentation process respond to emotions this way, imagine how it would affect the growth and health of your plant. Most organic matter, including our bodies and cannabis, are made up of water. If the majority of our physical makeup is compiled of trillions of water molecules, you tell me which one of these building blocks would make a more healthy plant.

Some question this science or even deny it. I say one way or another you can’t lose. If truly loving your plant makes them healthier, bigger and more potent, then give them as much love as you can. If all of this is just hocus-pocus bullshit, at least you spent your time giving out as much love as you can. And that is undeniably good for your soul.


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