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Pennsylvania Cannabis Standard Operating Procedures available from the Marijuana Consultants at Quantum 9

Are you in the process of submitting for a Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Grower and Processor License, a Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Dispensary Permit, or both to the Pennsylvania Department of Health?  Is this your first submission to the cannabis industry? The number of documents required for each submission can be quite overwhelming.  Thankfully your Pennsylvania Cannabis Consulting friends at Quantum 9 have done a vast majority of the legwork. 

Before reading further about the available Medical Marijuana SOP’s, please make sure to read the Pennsylvania Cannabis Consulting Application Checklist that is linked below.  This article has extremely vital information you don’t want to miss your submission.

Pennsylvania Cannabis Dispensary Application Checklist

Pennsylvania Standard Operating Procedures for Sale

Quantum 9 provides the following cannabis Standard Operating Procedures, Good Manufacturing/ Production Practices, Quality Assurance Documentation, Record Keeping Documentation, Sanitation, and Security Protocols.  Please contact Quantum 9 directly if you would like more information about our Medical Marijuana Document Set at or 888-716-0404.

Marijuana Consulting Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Organization SOPs

  • GMP_Cannabis Drying Curing Manicuring
  • GMP_Cultivation Manual
  • GMP_Grams To Shelf
  • GMP_Harvesting Best Practices
  • GMP_Incoming Plant Material Inspection Report
  • GMP_Labeling Packaging Storage
  • GMP_Log_Visitor Log
  • GMP_Pesticide Log Vertical
  • GMP_Plant Pest Scouting Report
  • GMP_Preventative Action Forms
  • GMP_Preventative Action Log
  • GMP_Record of Detected Matters Restricted Areas Form
  • QA_Foreign Matter Inspection
  • QA_GPP Integrated Pest Management Protocol
  • QA_GPP Media Selection
  • QA_Record of Detected Matters Perimeter Intrusion
  • QA_Record of Detected Matters Restricted Areas
  • QA_Shipping Record
  • SOP_Emergency Action Plan
  • SOP_Yellow Sticky Card Data

Pennsylvania Security SOP

  • SOP_Security Protocol

Pennsylvania Quality Control SOPs

  • QA_Adverse Reactions Procedures
  • QA_Air Filtration Protocol
  • QA_Cannabis Potency & Safety Analysis
  • QA_Corrective and Preventative Actions
  • QA_Environmental Controls
  • QA_Heavy Metals Testing
  • QA_Lot and Batch Release Log
  • QA_Master Recall Form
  • QA_Microbials Testing
  • QA_Microbiological Monitoring Program
  • QA_Moisture Content Analysis
  • QA_Pesticide Testing
  • QA_Product Return Log
  • QA_Product Return
  • QA_Quality Assurance Manual
  • QA_Recall Log
  • QA_Sample Collection
  • QA_Sanitation Program
  • QA_Storage Labeling Shipping
  • SOP_Communication to Medical Authority Form
  • SOP_Complaint Log
  • SOP_Complaints
  • SOP_Corrective Action Form
  • SOP_Corrective Action Log
  • SOP_Notice to State – Adverse Reaction
  • SOP_Notice to State – Recalls

Pennsylvania Waste Disposal SOPs

  • GMP_Cannabis Destruction
  • GMP_Medical Cannabis Waste Disposal Plan

Pennsylvania Retail Outlet/ Dispensary SOPs

  • GMP_Adverse Reaction Log
  • GMP_Adverse Reaction Record
  • GMP_Cancellation Notice
  • GMP_Certificate of Conformance
  • GMP_Master Recall Form
  • GMP_Product Return Log
  • GMP_Product Return
  • GMP_Training & Specialized Education
  • GMP_Training Agenda
  • QA_Registration Refusal Notice
  • SOP_Daily_Dispensary_Operations_Checklist
  • SOP_Dispensary Compliance 1 day training seminar Guide 1 of 2
  • SOP_Dispensary_Compliance_1 day_training_seminar_Guide_1 of 2
  • SOP_Dispensary Training
  • SOP_Dispensary_Daily_Weight_Checks
  • SOP_Dispensary_EAP
  • SOP_Dispensary_Weekly_Shake_Waste_Damage_Tracking_Form
  • SOP_End of Day Envelope Template
  • SOP_End_of_Day_Registers
  • SOP_Time Tracking_Form
  • SOP_Verbal Order Form
  • SOP_Compassionate_Care
  • SOP_Dispensing_Community_Benefits_Plan

Pennsylvania Alcohol and Drug-Free

  • SOP_ Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace Policy

Pennsylvania Employee Manuals, Handbooks, General SOPs

  • SOP_Employee Benefits
  • SOP_Employee Handbook Policies
  • S0P_Employee Orientation

Pennsylvania Recordkeeping SOPs

  • SOP_Physical_Inventory_Manual
  • SOP_Record Keeping User Manual

Pennsylvania Processor SOP

  • GMP_CO2_Operators_Manual

Please contact Quantum 9 directly if you would like more information about our Medical Marijuana Document Set at or 888-716-0404.

Marijuana Consultant Pennsylvania


Are you stressing to complete your Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Grower/Processor and/or Dispensary Application and want some last minute help from a top Pennsylvania Cannabis Consulting Firm? Contact Quantum 9 for last-minute assistance on your PA Grower/Processor and/or Dispensary Application submission for assistance on Grower/Processor questions 10-22  and Dispensary questions 10-17. It’s not too late to strengthen your submission, but don’t delay and call your Pennsylvania Dispensary Marijuana Consultants today.

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